Commit da52fc46 authored by Ceri Davies's avatar Ceri Davies
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ipfw.8: there never was a "skip-action" action

It was renamed during review of D1776 but this entry slipped through.

PR:		243284
Reported by:
Obtained from:	Chad Jacob Milios <>
parent 7a4a5200
.\" $FreeBSD$
.Dd January 13, 2023
.Dd January 25, 2023
.Dt IPFW 8
......@@ -4631,7 +4631,7 @@ Bear in mind that this is example only and it is not very useful by itself.
On way out, after all checks place this rules:
.Dl "ipfw add allow record-state skip-action"
.Dl "ipfw add allow record-state defer-action"
.Dl "ipfw add nat 1"
And on way in there should be something like this:
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