Commit dcf2dfed authored by Randall Stewart's avatar Randall Stewart
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tcp: unloading a module that is set to default should error.

I just discovered that the return of the EBUSY error was incorrectly
rigged so that you could unload a CC module that was set to default.
Its supposed to be an EBUSY error. Make it so.

Reviewed by: Michael Tuexen
Sponsored by: Netflix Inc.
Differential Revision:
parent fe96f62d
......@@ -246,14 +246,13 @@ cc_deregister_algo(struct cc_algo *remove_cc)
STAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE(funcs, &cc_list, entries, tmpfuncs) {
if (funcs == remove_cc) {
if (cc_check_default(remove_cc)) {
err = EBUSY;
/* Add a temp flag to stop new adds to it */
funcs->flags |= CC_MODULE_BEING_REMOVED;
remove_cc->flags |= CC_MODULE_BEING_REMOVED;
err = tcp_ccalgounload(remove_cc);
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