Commit e12a0ffe authored by Kyle Evans's avatar Kyle Evans
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makesyscalls: rip out arbitrary command execution

This was previously needed only for CloudABI, which used it to generate
its capenabled from syscalls.master.  CloudABI was removed in
cf0ee873, so we don't need to support this anymore.  Others looking
to do similar things should come up with a more integrated technique,
such as a .conf flag or pattern/glob support.  brooks suggests that it
could be done in modern makesyscalls.lua by adding a config flag to
specify always-on/initial flags (CAPENABLED).

Reviewed by:	brooks, imp
MFC after:	never
Differential Revision:
parent 340e009e
......@@ -195,19 +195,6 @@ local function trim(s, char)
return s:gsub("^" .. char .. "+", ""):gsub(char .. "+$", "")
-- We have to io.popen it, making sure it's properly escaped, and grab the
-- output from the handle returned.
local function exec(cmd)
cmd = cmd:gsub('"', '\\"')
local shcmd = "/bin/sh -c \"" .. cmd .. "\""
local fh = io.popen(shcmd)
local output = fh:read("a")
return output
-- config looks like a shell script; in fact, the previous
-- script actually sourced it in. It had a pretty common format, so we should
-- be fine to make various assumptions
......@@ -240,8 +227,9 @@ local function process_config(file)
key = trim(key)
value = trim(value)
local delim = value:sub(1,1)
if delim == '`' or delim == '"' then
if delim == '"' then
local trailing_context
-- Strip off the key/value part
trailing_context = nextline:sub(kvp:len() + 1)
-- Strip off any trailing comment
......@@ -253,26 +241,7 @@ local function process_config(file)
abort(1, "Malformed line: " .. nextline)
if delim == '`' then
-- Command substition may use $1 and $2 to mean
-- the syscall definition file and itself
-- respectively. We'll go ahead and replace
-- $[0-9] with respective arg in case we want to
-- expand this in the future easily...
value = trim(value, delim)
for capture in value:gmatch("$([0-9]+)") do
capture = tonumber(capture)
if capture > #arg then
abort(1, "Not enough args: " ..
value = value:gsub("$" .. capture,
value = exec(value)
elseif delim == '"' then
value = trim(value, delim)
-- Strip off potential comments
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