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Import zstd 1.4.8

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v1.4.8 (Dec 18, 2020)
hotfix: wrong alignment of an internal buffer
v1.4.7 (Dec 16, 2020)
perf: stronger --long mode at high compression levels, by @senhuang42
perf: stronger --patch-from at high compression levels, thanks to --long improvements
perf: faster dictionary compression at medium compression levels, by @felixhandte
perf: small speed & memory usage improvements for ZSTD_compress2(), by @terrelln
perf: improved fast compression speeds with Visual Studio, by @animalize
cli : Set nb of threads with environment variable ZSTD_NBTHREADS, by @senhuang42
cli : accept decompressing files with *.zstd suffix
cli : provide a condensed summary by default when processing multiple files
cli : fix : stdin input no longer confused as user prompt
cli : improve accuracy of several error messages
api : new sequence ingestion API, by @senhuang42
api : shared thread pool: control total nb of threads used by multiple compression jobs, by @marxin
api : new ZSTD_getDictID_fromCDict(), by @LuAPi
api : zlibWrapper only uses public API, and is compatible with dynamic library, by @terrelln
api : fix : multithreaded compression has predictable output even in special cases (see #2327) (issue not accessible from cli)
api : fix : dictionary compression correctly respects dictionary compression level (see #2303) (issue not accessible from cli)
build: fix cmake script when using path with spaces, by @terrelln
build: improved compile-time detection of aarch64/neon platforms, by @bsdimp
build: Fix building on AIX 5.1, by @likema
build: compile paramgrill with cmake on Windows, requested by @mirh
doc : clarify repcode updates in format specification, by @felixhandte
fix : Always return dstSize_tooSmall when that is the case
fix : Fix ZSTD_initCStream_advanced() with static allocation and no dictionary
perf: Improve small block decompression speed by 20%+, by @terrelln
perf: Reduce compression stack usage by 1 KB, by @terrelln
perf: Improve decompression speed by improving ZSTD_wildcopy, by @helloguo (#2252, #2256)
perf: Improve histogram construction, by @cyan4973 (#2253)
cli : Add --output-dir-mirror option, by @xxie24 (#2219)
cli : Warn when (de)compressing multiple files into a single output, by @senhuang42 (#2279)
cli : Improved progress bar and status summary when (de)compressing multiple files, by @senhuang42 (#2283)
cli : Call stat less often, by @felixhandte (#2262)
cli : Allow --patch-from XXX and --filelist XXX in addition to --patch-from=XXX and --filelist=XXX, by @cyan4973 (#2250)
cli : Allow --patch-from to compress stdin with --stream-size, by @bimbashrestha (#2206)
api : Do not install zbuff.h, since it has long been deprecated, by @cyan4973 (#2166).
api : Fix ZSTD_CCtx_setParameter() with ZSTD_c_compressionLevel to make 0 mean default level, by @i-do-cpp (#2291)
api : Rename ZSTDMT_NBTHREADS_MAX to ZSTDMT_NBWORKERS_MAX, by @marxin (#2228).
build: Install pkg-config file with CMake and MinGW, by @tonytheodore (#2183)
build: Install DLL with CMake on Windows, by @BioDataAnalysis (#2221)
build: Fix DLL install location with CMake, by @xantares and @bimbashrestha (#2186)
build: Add ZSTD_NO_UNUSED_FUNCTIONS macro to hide unused functions
build: Add ZSTD_NO_INTRINSICS macro to avoid explicit intrinsics
build: Add STATIC_BMI2 macro for compile time detection of BMI2 on MSVC, by @Niadb (#2258)
build: Fix -Wcomma warnings, by @cwoffenden
build: Remove distutils requirement for meson build, by @neheb (#2197)
build: Fix cli compilation with uclibc
build: Fix cli compilation without st_mtime, by @ffontaine (#2246)
build: Fix shadowing warnings in library
build: Fix single file library compilation with Enscripten, by @yoshihitoh (#2227)
misc: Improve single file library and include dictBuilder, by @cwoffenden
misc: Allow compression dictionaries with missing symbols
misc: Add freestanding translation script in contrib/freestanding_lib
misc: Collect all of zstd's libc dependencies into zstd_deps.h
doc : Add ZSTD_versionString() to manual, by @animalize
doc : Fix documentation for ZSTD_CCtxParams_setParameter(), by @felixhandte (#2270)
v1.4.5 (May 22, 2020)
fix : Compression ratio regression on huge files (> 3 GB) using high levels (--ultra) and multithreading, by @terrelln
perf: Improved decompression speed: x64 : +10% (clang) / +5% (gcc); ARM : from +15% to +50%, depending on SoC, by @terrelln
perf: Automatically downsizes ZSTD_DCtx when too large for too long (#2069, by @bimbashreshta)
......@@ -24,7 +85,7 @@ misc: Edit-distance match finder in contrib/
doc : Improved beginner docs
doc : New issue templates for zstd
v1.4.4 (Nov 6, 2019)
perf: Improved decompression speed, by > 10%, by @terrelln
perf: Better compression speed when re-using a context, by @felixhandte
perf: Fix compression ratio when compressing large files with small dictionary, by @senhuang42
......@@ -51,18 +112,18 @@ pack: modified pkgconfig, for better integration into openwrt, requested by @neh
misc: Improved documentation : ZSTD_CLEVEL, DYNAMIC_BMI2, ZSTD_CDict, function deprecation, zstd format
misc: fixed educational decoder : accept larger literals section, and removed UNALIGNED() macro
v1.4.3 (Aug 20, 2019)
bug: Fix Dictionary Compression Ratio Regression by @cyan4973 (#1709)
bug: Fix Buffer Overflow in legacy v0.3 decompression by @felixhandte (#1722)
build: Add support for IAR C/C++ Compiler for Arm by @joseph0918 (#1705)
v1.4.2 (Jul 26, 2019)
bug: Fix bug in zstd-0.5 decoder by @terrelln (#1696)
bug: Fix seekable decompression in-memory API by @iburinoc (#1695)
misc: Validate blocks are smaller than size limit by @vivekmg (#1685)
misc: Restructure source files by @ephiepark (#1679)
v1.4.1 (Jul 20, 2019)
bug: Fix data corruption in niche use cases by @terrelln (#1659)
bug: Fuzz legacy modes, fix uncovered bugs by @terrelln (#1593, #1594, #1595)
bug: Fix out of bounds read by @terrelln (#1590)
......@@ -92,7 +153,7 @@ build: Visual Studio: fix linking by @absotively (#1639)
build: Fix MinGW-W64 build by @myzhang1029 (#1600)
misc: Expand decodecorpus coverage by @ephiepark (#1664)
v1.4.0 (Apr 17, 2019)
perf: Improve level 1 compression speed in most scenarios by 6% by @gbtucker and @terrelln
api: Move the advanced API, including all functions in the staging section, to the stable section
api: Make ZSTD_e_flush and ZSTD_e_end block for maximum forward progress
......@@ -129,7 +190,7 @@ misc: Optimize dictionary memory usage in corner cases
misc: Improve the dictionary builder on small or homogeneous data
misc: Fix spelling across the repo by @jsoref
v1.3.8 (Dec 28, 2018)
perf: better decompression speed on large files (+7%) and cold dictionaries (+15%)
perf: slightly better compression ratio at high compression modes
api : finalized advanced API, last stage before "stable" status
......@@ -151,14 +212,14 @@ doc : clarified, by @ulikunitz
misc: fixed zstdgrep, returns 1 on failure, by @lzutao
misc: NEWS renamed as CHANGELOG, in accordance with fboss
v1.3.7 (Oct 20, 2018)
perf: slightly better decompression speed on clang (depending on hardware target)
fix : performance of dictionary compression for small input < 4 KB at levels 9 and 10
build: no longer build backtrace by default in release mode; restrict further automatic mode
build: control backtrace support through build macro BACKTRACE
misc: added man pages for zstdless and zstdgrep, by @samrussell
v1.3.6 (Oct 6, 2018)
perf: much faster dictionary builder, by @jenniferliu
perf: faster dictionary compression on small data when using multiple contexts, by @felixhandte
perf: faster dictionary decompression when using a very large number of dictionaries simultaneously
......@@ -172,7 +233,7 @@ build: Read Legacy format is limited to v0.5+ by default. Can be changed at comp
doc : updated to match wording in IETF RFC 8478
misc: tests/paramgrill, a parameter optimizer, by @GeorgeLu97
v1.3.5 (Jun 29, 2018)
perf: much faster dictionary compression, by @felixhandte
perf: small quality improvement for dictionary generation, by @terrelln
perf: slightly improved high compression levels (notably level 19)
......@@ -187,7 +248,7 @@ build: make and make all are compatible with -j
doc : clarify, updated for IETF RFC process
misc: pzstd compatible with reproducible compilation, by @lamby
v1.3.4 (Mar 27, 2018)
perf: faster speed (especially decoding speed) on recent cpus (haswell+)
perf: much better performance associating --long with multi-threading, by @terrelln
perf: better compression at levels 13-15
......@@ -205,7 +266,7 @@ build: VS2017 scripts, by @HaydnTrigg
misc: all /contrib projects fixed
misc: added /contrib/docker script by @gyscos
v1.3.3 (Dec 21, 2017)
perf: faster zstd_opt strategy (levels 16-19)
fix : bug #944 : multithreading with shared ditionary and large data, reported by @gsliepen
cli : fix : content size written in header by default
......@@ -217,7 +278,7 @@ api : change : when setting `pledgedSrcSize`, use `ZSTD_CONTENTSIZE_UNKNOWN` mac
build: fix : compilation under rhel6 and centos6, reported by @pixelb
build: added `check` target
v1.3.2 (Oct 10, 2017)
new : long range mode, using --long command, by Stella Lau (@stellamplau)
new : ability to generate and decode magicless frames (#591)
changed : maximum nb of threads reduced to 200, to avoid address space exhaustion in 32-bits mode
......@@ -240,7 +301,7 @@ example : added streaming_memory_usage
license : changed /examples license to BSD + GPLv2
license : fix a few header files to reflect new license (#825)
v1.3.1 (Aug 21, 2017)
New license : BSD + GPLv2
perf: substantially decreased memory usage in Multi-threading mode, thanks to reports by Tino Reichardt (@mcmilk)
perf: Multi-threading supports up to 256 threads. Cap at 256 when more are requested (#760)
......@@ -255,7 +316,7 @@ new : contrib/adaptive-compression, I/O driven compression strength, by Paul Cru
new : contrib/long_distance_matching, statistics by Stella Lau (@stellamplau)
updated : contrib/linux-kernel, by Nick Terrell (@terrelln)
v1.3.0 (Jul 6, 2017)
cli : new : `--list` command, by Paul Cruz
cli : changed : xz/lzma support enabled by default
cli : changed : `-t *` continue processing list after a decompression error
......@@ -270,7 +331,7 @@ tools : decodecorpus can generate random dictionary-compressed samples, by Paul
new : contrib/seekable_format, demo and API, by Sean Purcell
changed : contrib/linux-kernel, updated version and license, by Nick Terrell
v1.2.0 (May 5, 2017)
cli : changed : Multithreading enabled by default (use target zstd-nomt or HAVE_THREAD=0 to disable)
cli : new : command -T0 means "detect and use nb of cores", by Sean Purcell
cli : new : zstdmt symlink hardwired to `zstd -T0`
......@@ -292,7 +353,7 @@ build: enabled Multi-threading support for *BSD, by Baptiste Daroussin
tools: updated Paramgrill. Command -O# provides best parameters for sample and speed target.
new : contrib/linux-kernel version, by Nick Terrell
v1.1.4 (Mar 18, 2017)
cli : new : can compress in *.gz format, using --format=gzip command, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
cli : new : advanced benchmark command --priority=rt
cli : fix : write on sparse-enabled file systems in 32-bits mode, by @ds77
......@@ -308,7 +369,7 @@ build : improved cmake script, by @Majlen
build : added -Wformat-security flag, as recommended by Padraig Brady
doc : new : educational decoder, by Sean Purcell
v1.1.3 (Feb 7, 2017)
cli : zstd can decompress .gz files (can be disabled with `make zstd-nogz` or `make HAVE_ZLIB=0`)
cli : new : experimental target `make zstdmt`, with multi-threading support
cli : new : improved dictionary builder "cover" (experimental), by Nick Terrell, based on prior work by Giuseppe Ottaviano.
......@@ -324,7 +385,7 @@ API : fix : all symbols properly exposed in libzstd, by Nick Terrell
build : support for Solaris target, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
doc : clarified specification, by Sean Purcell
v1.1.2 (Dec 15, 2016)
API : streaming : decompression : changed : automatic implicit reset when chain-decoding new frames without init
API : experimental : added : dictID retrieval functions, and ZSTD_initCStream_srcSize()
API : zbuff : changed : prototypes now generate deprecation warnings
......@@ -341,7 +402,7 @@ zlib_wrapper : added support for gz* functions, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
install : better compatibility with FreeBSD, by Dimitry Andric
source tree : changed : zbuff source files moved to lib/deprecated
v1.1.1 (Nov 2, 2016)
New : command -M#, --memory=, --memlimit=, --memlimit-decompress= to limit allowed memory consumption
New : doc/zstd_manual.html, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
Improved : slightly better compression ratio at --ultra levels (>= 20)
......@@ -352,7 +413,7 @@ Changed : zstd_errors.h is now installed within /include (and replaces errors_pu
Updated man page
Fixed : zstd-small, zstd-compress and zstd-decompress compilation targets
v1.1.0 (Sep 28, 2016)
New : contrib/pzstd, parallel version of zstd, by Nick Terrell
added : NetBSD install target (#338)
Improved : speed for batches of small files
......@@ -366,7 +427,7 @@ Fixed : compatibility with OpenBSD, reported by Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado (
Fixed : compatibility with Hurd, by Przemyslaw Skibinski (#365)
Fixed : zstd-pgo, reported by octoploid (#329)
v1.0.0 (Sep 1, 2016)
Change Licensing, all project is now BSD, Copyright Facebook
Small decompression speed improvement
API : Streaming API supports legacy format
......@@ -375,7 +436,7 @@ CLI supports legacy formats v0.4+
Fixed : compression fails on certain huge files, reported by Jesse McGrew
Enhanced documentation, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
v0.8.1 (Aug 18, 2016)
New streaming API
Changed : --ultra now enables levels beyond 19
Changed : -i# now selects benchmark time in second
......@@ -384,7 +445,7 @@ Fixed : speed regression on specific patterns (#272)
Fixed : support for Z_SYNC_FLUSH, by Dmitry Krot (#291)
Fixed : ICC compilation, by Przemyslaw Skibinski
v0.8.0 (Aug 2, 2016)
Improved : better speed on clang and gcc -O2, thanks to Eric Biggers
New : Build on FreeBSD and DragonFly, thanks to JrMarino
Changed : modified API : ZSTD_compressEnd()
......@@ -397,17 +458,17 @@ Modified : minor compression level adaptations
Updated : compression format specification to v0.2.0
changed : zstd.h moved to /lib directory
v0.7.5 (Aug 1, 2016)
Transition version, supporting decoding of v0.8.x
v0.7.4 (Jul 17, 2016)
Added : homebrew for Mac, by Daniel Cade
Added : more examples
Fixed : segfault when using small dictionaries, reported by Felix Handte
Modified : default compression level for CLI is now 3
Updated : specification, to v0.1.1
v0.7.3 (Jul 9, 2016)
New : compression format specification
New : `--` separator, stating that all following arguments are file names. Suggested by Chip Turner.
New : `ZSTD_getDecompressedSize()`
......@@ -419,18 +480,18 @@ fixed : multi-blocks decoding with intermediate uncompressed blocks, reported by
modified : removed "mem.h" and "error_public.h" dependencies from "zstd.h" (experimental section)
modified : legacy functions no longer need magic number
v0.7.2 (Jul 4, 2016)
fixed : ZSTD_decompressBlock() using multiple consecutive blocks. Reported by Greg Slazinski.
fixed : potential segfault on very large files (many gigabytes). Reported by Chip Turner.
fixed : CLI displays system error message when destination file cannot be created (#231). Reported by Chip Turner.
v0.7.1 (Jun 23, 2016)
fixed : ZBUFF_compressEnd() called multiple times with too small `dst` buffer, reported by Christophe Chevalier
fixed : dictBuilder fails if first sample is too small, reported by Руслан Ковалёв
fixed : corruption issue, reported by cj
modified : checksum enabled by default in command line mode
v0.7.0 (Jun 17, 2016)
New : Support for directory compression, using `-r`, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
New : Command `--rm`, to remove source file after successful de/compression
New : Visual build scripts, by Christophe Chevalier
......@@ -443,7 +504,7 @@ API : support for custom malloc/free functions
New : controllable Dictionary ID
New : Support for skippable frames
v0.6.1 (May 13, 2016)
New : zlib wrapper API, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
New : Ability to compile compressor / decompressor separately
Changed : new lib directory structure
......@@ -453,103 +514,103 @@ Fixed : null-string roundtrip (#176)
New : benchmark mode can select directory as input
Experimental : midipix support, VMS support
v0.6.0 (Apr 13, 2016)
Stronger high compression modes, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
API : ZSTD_getFrameParams() provides size of decompressed content
New : highest compression modes require `--ultra` command to fully unleash their capacity
Fixed : zstd cli return error code > 0 and removes dst file artifact when decompression fails, thanks to Chip Turner
v0.5.1 (Feb 18, 2016)
New : Optimal parsing => Very high compression modes, thanks to Przemyslaw Skibinski
Changed : Dictionary builder integrated into libzstd and zstd cli
Changed (!) : zstd cli now uses "multiple input files" as default mode. See `zstd -h`.
Fix : high compression modes for big-endian platforms
New : zstd cli : `-t` | `--test` command
v0.5.0 (Feb 5, 2016)
New : dictionary builder utility
Changed : streaming & dictionary API
Improved : better compression of small data
v0.4.7 (Jan 22, 2016)
Improved : small compression speed improvement in HC mode
Changed : `zstd_decompress.c` has ZSTD_LEGACY_SUPPORT to 0 by default
fix : bt search bug
v0.4.6 (Jan 13, 2016)
fix : fast compression mode on Windows
New : cmake configuration file, thanks to Artyom Dymchenko
Improved : high compression mode on repetitive data
New : block-level API
New : ZSTD_duplicateCCtx()
v0.4.5 (Dec 18, 2015)
new : -m/--multiple : compress/decompress multiple files
v0.4.4 (Dec 14, 2015)
Fixed : high compression modes for Windows 32 bits
new : external dictionary API extended to buffered mode and accessible through command line
new : windows DLL project, thanks to Christophe Chevalier
v0.4.3 :
v0.4.3 (Dec 7, 2015)
new : external dictionary API
new : zstd-frugal
v0.4.2 :
v0.4.2 (Dec 2, 2015)
Generic minor improvements for small blocks
Fixed : big-endian compatibility, by Peter Harris (#85)
v0.4.1 (Dec 1, 2015)
Fixed : ZSTD_LEGACY_SUPPORT=0 build mode (reported by Luben)
removed `zstd.c`
v0.4.0 (Nov 29, 2015)
Command line utility compatible with high compression levels
Removed zstdhc => merged into zstd
Added : ZBUFF API (see zstd_buffered.h)
Rolling buffer support
v0.3.6 (Nov 10, 2015)
small blocks params
v0.3.5 (Nov 9, 2015)
minor generic compression improvements
v0.3.4 (Nov 6, 2015)
Faster fast cLevels
v0.3.3 (Nov 5, 2015)
Small compression ratio improvement
v0.3.2 (Nov 2, 2015)
Fixed Visual Studio
v0.3.1 :
v0.3.1 (Nov 2, 2015)
Small compression ratio improvement
v0.3 (Oct 30, 2015)
HC mode : compression levels 2-26
v0.2.2 (Oct 28, 2015)
Fix : Visual Studio 2013 & 2015 release compilation, by Christophe Chevalier
v0.2.1 (Oct 24, 2015)
Fix : Read errors, advanced fuzzer tests, by Hanno Böck
v0.2.0 (Oct 22, 2015)
**Breaking format change**
Faster decompression speed
Can still decode v0.1 format
v0.1.3 (Oct 15, 2015)
fix uninitialization warning, reported by Evan Nemerson
v0.1.2 (Sep 11, 2015)
frame concatenation support
v0.1.1 (Aug 27, 2015)
fix compression bug
detects write-flush errors
v0.1.0 (Aug 25, 2015)
first release
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ possible.
## Our Development Process
New versions are being developed in the "dev" branch,
or in their own feature branch.
When they are deemed ready for a release, they are merged into "master".
When they are deemed ready for a release, they are merged into "release".
As a consequences, all contributions must stage first through "dev"
or their own feature branch.
......@@ -126,6 +126,20 @@ just `contrib/largeNbDicts` and nothing else, you can run:
scan-build make -C contrib/largeNbDicts largeNbDicts
### Pitfalls of static analysis
`scan-build` is part of our regular CI suite. Other static analyzers are not.
It can be useful to look at additional static analyzers once in a while (and we do), but it's not a good idea to multiply the nb of analyzers run continuously at each commit and PR. The reasons are :
- Static analyzers are full of false positive. The signal to noise ratio is actually pretty low.
- A good CI policy is "zero-warning tolerance". That means that all issues must be solved, including false positives. This quickly becomes a tedious workload.
- Multiple static analyzers will feature multiple kind of false positives, sometimes applying to the same code but in different ways leading to :
+ torteous code, trying to please multiple constraints, hurting readability and therefore maintenance. Sometimes, such complexity introduce other more subtle bugs, that are just out of scope of the analyzers.
+ sometimes, these constraints are mutually exclusive : if one try to solve one, the other static analyzer will complain, they can't be both happy at the same time.
- As if that was not enough, the list of false positives change with each version. It's hard enough to follow one static analyzer, but multiple ones with their own update agenda, this quickly becomes a massive velocity reducer.
This is different from running a static analyzer once in a while, looking at the output, and __cherry picking__ a few warnings that seem helpful, either because they detected a genuine risk of bug, or because it helps expressing the code in a way which is more readable or more difficult to misuse. These kind of reports can be useful, and are accepted.
## Performance
Performance is extremely important for zstd and we only merge pull requests whose performance
landscape and corresponding trade-offs have been adequately analyzed, reproduced, and presented.
......@@ -369,7 +383,7 @@ CI tests run every time a pull request (PR) is created or updated. The exact tes
that get run will depend on the destination branch you specify. Some tests take
longer to run than others. Currently, our CI is set up to run a short
series of tests when creating a PR to the dev branch and a longer series of tests
when creating a PR to the master branch. You can look in the configuration files
when creating a PR to the release branch. You can look in the configuration files
of the respective CI platform for more information on what gets run when.
Most people will just want to create a PR with the destination set to their local dev
......@@ -8,6 +8,9 @@
# You may select, at your option, one of the above-listed licenses.
# ################################################################
# verbose mode (print commands) on V=1 or VERBOSE=1
Q = $(if $(filter 1,$(V) $(VERBOSE)),,@)
PRGDIR = programs
BUILDIR = build
......@@ -28,9 +31,9 @@ VOID = /dev/null
ifneq (,$(filter Windows%,$(TARGET_SYSTEM)))
EXT =.exe
EXT =.exe
## default: Build lib-release and zstd-release
......@@ -46,8 +49,8 @@ allmost: allzstd zlibwrapper
# skip zwrapper, can't build that on alternate architectures without the proper zlib installed
.PHONY: allzstd
allzstd: lib-all
$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) all
$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) all
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) all
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) all
.PHONY: all32
......@@ -55,18 +58,19 @@ all32:
$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) all32
.PHONY: lib lib-release libzstd.a
lib-all : lib
lib lib-release lib-all :
@$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@
.PHONY: zstd zstd-release
zstd zstd-release:
@$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
cp $(PRGDIR)/zstd$(EXT) .
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
$(Q)ln -sf $(PRGDIR)/zstd$(EXT) zstd$(EXT)
.PHONY: zstdmt
@$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
cp $(PRGDIR)/zstd$(EXT) ./zstdmt$(EXT)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
$(Q)cp $(PRGDIR)/zstd$(EXT) ./zstdmt$(EXT)
.PHONY: zlibwrapper
zlibwrapper: lib
......@@ -75,16 +79,16 @@ zlibwrapper: lib
## test: run long-duration tests
.PHONY: test
test: MOREFLAGS += -g -Werror
MOREFLAGS="$(MOREFLAGS)" $(MAKE) -j -C $(PRGDIR) allVariants
$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) $@
ZSTD=../../programs/zstd $(MAKE) -C doc/educational_decoder test
ZSTD=../../programs/zstd $(MAKE) -C doc/educational_decoder $@
## shortest: same as `make check`
.PHONY: shortest
$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) $@
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) $@
## check: run basic tests for `zstd` cli
.PHONY: check
......@@ -97,10 +101,10 @@ automated_benchmarking:
.PHONY: benchmarking
benchmarking: automated_benchmarking
## examples: build all examples in `/examples` directory
## examples: build all examples in `examples/` directory
.PHONY: examples
examples: lib
CPPFLAGS=-I../lib LDFLAGS=-L../lib $(MAKE) -C examples/ all
$(MAKE) -C examples all
## manual: generate API documentation in html format
.PHONY: manual
......@@ -117,6 +121,7 @@ man:
contrib: lib
$(MAKE) -C contrib/pzstd all
$(MAKE) -C contrib/seekable_format/examples all
$(MAKE) -C contrib/seekable_format/tests test
$(MAKE) -C contrib/largeNbDicts all
cd contrib/single_file_libs/ ; ./
cd contrib/single_file_libs/ ; ./
......@@ -127,17 +132,18 @@ cleanTabs:
.PHONY: clean
@$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C $(ZWRAPDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C examples/ $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C contrib/gen_html $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C contrib/pzstd $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C contrib/seekable_format/examples $@ > $(VOID)
@$(MAKE) -C contrib/largeNbDicts $@ > $(VOID)
@$(RM) zstd$(EXT) zstdmt$(EXT) tmp*
@$(RM) -r lz4
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(TESTDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(ZWRAPDIR) $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C examples/ $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C contrib/gen_html $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C contrib/pzstd $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C contrib/seekable_format/examples $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C contrib/seekable_format/tests $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C contrib/largeNbDicts $@ > $(VOID)
$(Q)$(RM) zstd$(EXT) zstdmt$(EXT) tmp*
$(Q)$(RM) -r lz4
@echo Cleaning completed
......@@ -161,7 +167,7 @@ EGREP = egrep $(EGREP_OPTIONS)
## list: Print all targets and their descriptions (if provided)
.PHONY: list
@TARGETS=$$($(MAKE) -pRrq -f $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)) : 2>/dev/null \
$(Q)TARGETS=$$($(MAKE) -pRrq -f $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)) : 2>/dev/null \
| awk -v RS= -F: '/^# File/,/^# Finished Make data base/ {if ($$1 !~ "^[#.]") {print $$1}}' \
| $(EGREP) -v -e '^[^[:alnum:]]' | sort); \
{ \
......@@ -176,13 +182,13 @@ list:
.PHONY: install armtest usan asan uasan
@$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@
@$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
.PHONY: uninstall
@$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@
@$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(ZSTDDIR) $@
$(Q)$(MAKE) -C $(PRGDIR) $@
.PHONY: travis-install
......@@ -176,6 +176,12 @@ Going into `build` directory, you will find additional possibilities:
You can build the zstd binary via buck by executing: `buck build programs:zstd` from the root of the repo.
The output binary will be in `buck-out/gen/programs/`.
## Testing
You can run quick local smoke tests by executing the `` script from the `src/tests` directory.
Two env variables `$ZSTD_BIN` and `$DATAGEN_BIN` are needed for the test script to locate the zstd and datagen binary.
For information on CI testing, please refer to
## Status
Zstandard is currently deployed within Facebook. It is used continuously to compress large amounts of data in multiple formats and use cases.
......@@ -187,7 +193,7 @@ Zstandard is dual-licensed under [BSD](LICENSE) and [GPLv2](COPYING).
## Contributing
The "dev" branch is the one where all contributions are merged before reaching "master".
If you plan to propose a patch, please commit into the "dev" branch, or its own feature branch.
Direct commit to "master" are not permitted.
The `dev` branch is the one where all contributions are merged before reaching `release`.
If you plan to propose a patch, please commit into the `dev` branch, or its own feature branch.
Direct commit to `release` are not permitted.
For more information, please read [CONTRIBUTING](
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ They consist of the following tests:
Long Tests
Long tests run on all commits to `master` branch,
Long tests run on all commits to `release` branch,
and once a day on the current version of `dev` branch,
on TravisCI.
They consist of the following tests: