Commit f8aedfec authored by Alexander Motin's avatar Alexander Motin
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ig4: Add PCI IDs for Intel Alder Lake I2C controller.

Submitted by:	Dmitry Luhtionov <>
MFC after:	2 weeks

(cherry picked from commit e8e8d229)
parent 447d2569
......@@ -144,6 +144,26 @@ static int ig4iic_pci_detach(device_t dev);
#define PCI_CHIP_GEMINILAKE_I2C_5 0x31b68086
#define PCI_CHIP_GEMINILAKE_I2C_6 0x31b88086
#define PCI_CHIP_GEMINILAKE_I2C_7 0x31ba8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_0 0x51e88086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_1 0x51e98086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_2 0x51ea8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_3 0x51eb8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_4 0x51c58086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_5 0x51c68086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_6 0x51d88086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_7 0x51d98086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_0 0x7acc8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_1 0x7acd8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_2 0x7ace8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_3 0x7acf8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_4 0x7afc8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_5 0x7afd8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_0 0x54e88086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_1 0x54e98086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_2 0x54ea8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_3 0x54eb8086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_4 0x54c58086
#define PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_5 0x54c68086
struct ig4iic_pci_device {
uint32_t devid;
......@@ -230,6 +250,26 @@ static struct ig4iic_pci_device ig4iic_pci_devices[] = {
{ PCI_CHIP_GEMINILAKE_I2C_5, "Intel Gemini Lake I2C Controller-5", IG4_GEMINILAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_GEMINILAKE_I2C_6, "Intel Gemini Lake I2C Controller-6", IG4_GEMINILAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_GEMINILAKE_I2C_7, "Intel Gemini Lake I2C Controller-7", IG4_GEMINILAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_0, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-0", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_1, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-1", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_2, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-2", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_3, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-3", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_4, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-4", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_5, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-5", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_6, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-6", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_P_I2C_7, "Intel Alder Lake-P I2C Controller-7", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_0, "Intel Alder Lake-S I2C Controller-0", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_1, "Intel Alder Lake-S I2C Controller-1", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_2, "Intel Alder Lake-S I2C Controller-2", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_3, "Intel Alder Lake-S I2C Controller-3", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_4, "Intel Alder Lake-S I2C Controller-4", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_S_I2C_5, "Intel Alder Lake-S I2C Controller-5", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_0, "Intel Alder Lake-M I2C Controller-0", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_1, "Intel Alder Lake-M I2C Controller-1", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_2, "Intel Alder Lake-M I2C Controller-2", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_3, "Intel Alder Lake-M I2C Controller-3", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_4, "Intel Alder Lake-M I2C Controller-4", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
{ PCI_CHIP_ALDERLAKE_M_I2C_5, "Intel Alder Lake-M I2C Controller-5", IG4_TIGERLAKE},
static int
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