Commit f9a20086 authored by Mark Johnston's avatar Mark Johnston
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Fix the definition of td_startzero after r333466.

parent 7fbf5118
......@@ -254,8 +254,8 @@ struct thread {
u_char td_lend_user_pri; /* (t) Lend user pri. */
/* Cleared during fork1() */
#define td_startzero td_flags
u_char td_epochnest; /* (k) Private thread epoch nest counter */
#define td_startzero td_epochnest
u_char td_epochnest; /* (k) Epoch nest counter. */
int td_flags; /* (t) TDF_* flags. */
int td_inhibitors; /* (t) Why can not run. */
int td_pflags; /* (k) Private thread (TDP_*) flags. */
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