1. 11 Jan, 2011 9 commits
  2. 10 Jan, 2011 22 commits
  3. 09 Jan, 2011 9 commits
    • Doug Barton's avatar
      Revert part of r217071 so that us mere mortals can clearly see · 54570c50
      Doug Barton authored
      what this bit of code is intended to do. :)
      Approved by:	imp
    • Juli Mallett's avatar
      Now that we correctly enable rx interrupts on all cores, performance has gotten · 987da28e
      Juli Mallett authored
      quite awful, because e.g. 4 packets will come in and get processed on 4
      different cores at the same time, really battling with the TCP stack quite
      painfully.  For now, just run one task at a time.
      This gets performance up in most cases to where it was before the correctness
      fixes that got interrupts to run on all cores (except in high-load TCP transmit
      cases where all we're handling receive for is ACKs) and in some cases it's
      better now.  What would be ideal would be to use a more advanced interrupt
      mitigation strategy and possibly to use different workqueue groups per port for
      multi-port systems, and so on, but this is a fine stopgap.
    • Juli Mallett's avatar
      o) Remove some unused local definitions of IP protocol numbers. · 529fb140
      Juli Mallett authored
      o) Use CPU_FOREACH rather than a miscrafted for loop with an off-by-one to
         enable workq interrupts on all cores.
    • Jilles Tjoelker's avatar
      sh: Follow-up to r216743, grabstackblock() can be replaced with stalloc(). · 33a84133
      Jilles Tjoelker authored
      grabstackblock() was used only once (but it is a very often executed piece
      of code).
    • Giorgos Keramidas's avatar
      regression/date: unset all LC_xxx vars and set LANG/LC_ALL · 50ffd2d6
      Giorgos Keramidas authored
      When running with a custom locale setup, it's easy to confuse the
      date regression tests and cause them to fail, e.g. when LANG='C'
      but LC_ALL='el_GR.UTF-8'.  Set LC_ALL to 'C', which overrides all
      other LC_xxx options, to avoid this sort of problem.
      Reviewed by:	uqs, edwin
    • Ed Schouten's avatar
      Add missing __dead2 to __assert(). · 62779d80
      Ed Schouten authored
      __assert() is called when an assertion fails. After printing an error
      message, it will call abort(). abort() never returns, hence it has the
      __dead2 attribute. Also add this attribute to __assert().
      MFC after:	3 weeks
    • Jilles Tjoelker's avatar
      sh: Remove special %builtin PATH entry. · 4b45b49a
      Jilles Tjoelker authored
      All builtins are now always found before a PATH search.
      Most ash derivatives have an undocumented feature where the presence of an
      entry "%builtin" in $PATH will cause builtins to be checked at that point of
      the PATH search, rather than before looking at any directories as documented
      in the man page (very old versions do document this feature).
      I am removing this feature from sh, as it complicates the code, may violate
      expectations (for example, /usr/bin/alias is very close to a forkbomb with
      PATH=/usr/bin:%builtin, only /usr/bin/builtin not being another link saves
      it) and appears to be unused (all the %builtin google code search finds is
      in some sort of ash source code).
      Note that aliases and functions took and take precedence above builtins.
      Because aliases work on a lexical level they can only ever be overridden on
      a lexical level (quoting or preceding 'builtin' or 'command'). Allowing
      override of functions via PATH does not really fit in the model of sh and it
      would work differently from %builtin if implemented.
      Note: POSIX says special builtins are found before functions. We comply to
      this because we do not allow functions with the same name as a special
      Silence from:	freebsd-hackers@ (message sent 20101225)
      Discussed with:	dougb
    • Bjoern A. Zeeb's avatar
      MfP4 CH=185246 [1]: · 9269189f
      Bjoern A. Zeeb authored
        Add FEATURE() to announce optional VIMAGE.
      MFC after:	3 days
      [1] for the moment put it in vnet.c.
    • Gavin Atkinson's avatar
      Add support for the Zeagle N2iTion3 Dive Computer to uplcom(4). This brings · c6ac426d
      Gavin Atkinson authored
      the list of supported devices in sync with kernel.org git revision
      f36ecd5de93e4c85a9e3d25100c6e233155b12e5, and OpenBSD uplcom.c r1.54