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      Bring in USB4BSD, Hans Petter Selasky rework of the USB stack · eabe30fc
      Alfred Perlstein authored
      that includes significant features and SMP safety.
      This commit includes a more or less complete rewrite of the *BSD USB
      stack, including Host Controller and Device Controller drivers and
      updating all existing USB drivers to use the new USB API:
      1) A brief feature list:
        - A new and mutex enabled USB API.
        - Many USB drivers are now running Giant free.
        - Linux USB kernel compatibility layer.
        - New UGEN backend and libusb library, finally solves the "driver
          unloading" problem. The new BSD licensed libusb20 library is fully
          compatible with libusb-0.1.12 from sourceforge.
        - New "usbconfig" utility, for easy configuration of USB.
        - Full support for Split transactions, which means you can use your
          full speed USB audio device on a high speed USB HUB.
        - Full support for HS ISOC transactions, which makes writing drivers
          for various HS webcams possible, for example.
        - Full support for USB on embedded platforms, mostly cache flushing
          and buffer invalidating stuff.
        - Safer parsing of USB descriptors.
        - Autodetect of annoying USB install disks.
        - Support for USB device side mode, also called USB gadget mode,
          using the same API like the USB host side. In other words the new
          USB stack is symmetric with regard to host and device side.
        - Support for USB transfers like I/O vectors, means more throughput
          and less interrupts.
        - ... see the FreeBSD quarterly status reports under "USB project"
      2) To enable the driver in the default kernel build:
      2.a) Remove all existing USB device options from your kernel config
      2.b) Add the following USB device options to your kernel configuration
      # USB core support
      device          usb2_core
      # USB controller support
      device		usb2_controller
      device		usb2_controller_ehci
      device		usb2_controller_ohci
      device		usb2_controller_uhci
      # USB mass storage support
      device		usb2_storage
      device		usb2_storage_mass
      # USB ethernet support, requires miibus
      device		usb2_ethernet
      device		usb2_ethernet_aue
      device		usb2_ethernet_axe
      device		usb2_ethernet_cdce
      device		usb2_ethernet_cue
      device		usb2_ethernet_kue
      device		usb2_ethernet_rue
      device		usb2_ethernet_dav
      # USB wireless LAN support
      device		usb2_wlan
      device		usb2_wlan_rum
      device		usb2_wlan_ral
      device		usb2_wlan_zyd
      # USB serial device support
      device		usb2_serial
      device		usb2_serial_ark
      device		usb2_serial_bsa
      device		usb2_serial_bser
      device		usb2_serial_chcom
      device		usb2_serial_cycom
      device		usb2_serial_foma
      device		usb2_serial_ftdi
      device		usb2_serial_gensa
      device		usb2_serial_ipaq
      device		usb2_serial_lpt
      device		usb2_serial_mct
      device		usb2_serial_modem
      device		usb2_serial_moscom
      device		usb2_serial_plcom
      device		usb2_serial_visor
      device		usb2_serial_vscom
      # USB bluetooth support
      device		usb2_bluetooth
      device		usb2_bluetooth_ng
      # USB input device support
      device		usb2_input
      device		usb2_input_hid
      device		usb2_input_kbd
      device		usb2_input_ms
      # USB sound and MIDI device support
      device		usb2_sound
      2) To enable the driver at runtime:
      2.a) Unload all existing USB modules. If USB is compiled into the
      kernel then you might have to build a new kernel.
      2.b) Load the "usb2_xxx.ko" modules under /boot/kernel having the same
      base name like the kernel device option.
      Submitted by: Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at c2i dot net
      Reviewed by: imp, alfred