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      Initial support for bhyve save and restore. · 483d953a
      John Baldwin authored
      Save and restore (also known as suspend and resume) permits a snapshot
      to be taken of a guest's state that can later be resumed.  In the
      current implementation, bhyve(8) creates a UNIX domain socket that is
      used by bhyvectl(8) to send a request to save a snapshot (and
      optionally exit after the snapshot has been taken).  A snapshot
      currently consists of two files: the first holds a copy of guest RAM,
      and the second file holds other guest state such as vCPU register
      values and device model state.
      To resume a guest, bhyve(8) must be started with a matching pair of
      command line arguments to instantiate the same set of device models as
      well as a pointer to the saved snapshot.
      While the current implementation is useful for several uses cases, it
      has a few limitations.  The file format for saving the guest state is
      tied to the ABI of internal bhyve structures and is not
      self-describing (in that it does not communicate the set of device
      models present in the system).  In addition, the state saved for some
      device models closely matches the internal data structures which might
      prove a challenge for compatibility of snapshot files across a range
      of bhyve versions.  The file format also does not currently support
      versioning of individual chunks of state.  As a result, the current
      file format is not a fixed binary format and future revisions to save
      and restore will break binary compatiblity of snapshot files.  The
      goal is to move to a more flexible format that adds versioning,
      etc. and at that point to commit to providing a reasonable level of
      compatibility.  As a result, the current implementation is not enabled
      by default.  It can be enabled via the WITH_BHYVE_SNAPSHOT=yes option
      for userland builds, and the kernel option BHYVE_SHAPSHOT.
      Submitted by:	Mihai Tiganus, Flavius Anton, Darius Mihai
      Submitted by:	Elena Mihailescu, Mihai Carabas, Sergiu Weisz
      Relnotes:	yes
      Sponsored by:	University Politehnica of Bucharest
      Sponsored by:	Matthew Grooms (student scholarships)
      Sponsored by:	iXsystems
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D19495
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