1. 04 Oct, 2021 13 commits
    • Mark Johnston's avatar
      gmultipath tests: Re-enable the failloop test in CI · 69f7649b
      Mark Johnston authored
      PR:		258763
      MFC after:	2 weeks
      Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
    • Mark Johnston's avatar
      libctf: Improve check for duplicate SOU definitions in ctf_add_type() · 105fd928
      Mark Johnston authored
      When copying a struct or union from one CTF container to another,
      ctf_add_type() checks whether it matches an existing type in the
      destination container.  It does so by looking for a type with the same
      name and kind as the new type, and if one exists, it iterates over all
      members of the source type and checks whether a member with matching
      name and offset exists in the matched destination type.  This can
      produce false positives, for example because member types are not
      compared, but this is not expected to arise in practice.  If the match
      fails, ctf_add_type() returns an error.
      The procedure used for member comparison breaks down in the face of
      anonymous struct and union members.  ctf_member_iter() visits each
      member in the source definition and looks up the corresponding member in
      the desination definition by name using ctf_member_info(), but this
      function will descend into anonymous members and thus fail to match.
      Fix the problem by introducing a custom comparison routine which does
      not assume member names are unique.  This should also be faster for
      types with many members; in the previous scheme, membcmp() would perform
      a linear scan of the desination type's members to perform a lookup by
      name.  The new routine steps through the members of both types in a
      single loop.
      PR:		258763
      MFC after:	2 weeks
      Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
    • Andrew Turner's avatar
      Add the missing license to gic_if.m · 507a22be
      Andrew Turner authored
      Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
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    • Baptiste Daroussin's avatar
      ncurses: fix path where to find curses.h at bootstrap · 27803b54
      Baptiste Daroussin authored
      after the split, curses.h is now generated by tinfo Makefile, but
      still used for a file generated in ncurses lib. Adjust the path to
      make sure curses.h is always found
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    • Baptiste Daroussin's avatar
      bsdinstall: reduce overlinking · 19deec3b
      Baptiste Daroussin authored
      both distextract and distfetch does not directly use ncurses,
      or figpart, drop their direct link to those libs
    • Baptiste Daroussin's avatar
    • Baptiste Daroussin's avatar
      ncurses: split libtinfo from libncurses · 396851c2
      Baptiste Daroussin authored
      many external program expects libncurses to not be provided as a single
      library. Instead of fixing all ports, distribute ncurses the way
      upstream distributes it
      Turn libncursesw.so into a ldscript which will link automatically as
      needed to libtinfow so so this change is seamless at compile time.
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32098
    • Hans Petter Selasky's avatar
      UPDATING: Update notes about new mixer(8) utility. · 8bc5971b
      Hans Petter Selasky authored
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D31636
      Sponsored by:	NVIDIA Networking
    • Stefan Eßer's avatar
      contrib/bc: temporarily disconnect the tests for 5.0.2 · f774652b
      Stefan Eßer authored
      The tests that come with version 5.0.2 have been extended to cover the
      line editing functions. It has been found that these tests generate
      false negative results in FreeBSD, most likely due to an issue in the
      pexpect functionality used.
      These history tests are skipped on systems that do not have python and
      py-pexpect installed (and thus are unlikely to cause CI test failures),
      but in order to not cause irritating failures on systems were these
      packages are in fact installed, I temporarily disconnect them.
      I had planned to skip this version due to the issue with the history
      tests, but some committer has asked me to go ahead since the currently
      used version 5.0.0 contains a macro name that collides with a project
      he is working on.
      No MFC of this version is planned. A version 5.0.3 is expected to be
      released soon, and that version will allow to reconnect the tests and
      will be MFCed.
    • Stefan Eßer's avatar
      contrib/bc: remove files ommitted from the release · ea31d1a5
      Stefan Eßer authored
      A number of files have been removed from the release distribution of
      this bc implementation. They were mostly relevant for pre release
      testing and benchmarking to identify regressions. The Markdown
      sources of the man pages are only relevant for combinations of build
      options not used in FreeBSD and need non-default conversion tools
      (available as ports in FreeBSD).
      All the omitted files can be found in the upstream git repository,
      and they are fetched when building this software as a port. But they
      have never been used in the FreeBSD base system.
    • Stefan Eßer's avatar
      vendor/bc: update to upstream version 5.0.2 · 662087df
      Stefan Eßer authored
      (cherry picked from commit a60ef180)
  2. 03 Oct, 2021 10 commits
    • Colin Percival's avatar
      loader bcache: Allow readahead up to 256 kB I/Os · 248682a5
      Colin Percival authored
      Prior to this commit, the loader would perform readaheads of up to
      128 kB; when booting on a UFS filesystem this resulted in a series
      of 160 kB reads (32 kB request + 128 kB readahead).
      This commit allows readaheads to be longer, subject to a total I/O
      size limit of 256 kB; i.e. 32 kB read requests will have added
      readaheads of up to 224 kB.
      In my testing on an EC2 c5.xlarge instance, this change reduces the
      boot time by roughly 80 ms.
      Reviewed by:	tsoome
      MFC after:	1 week
      Sponsored by:	https://www.patreon.com/cperciva
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32251
    • Colin Percival's avatar
      loader bcache: Track unconsumed readahead · 04b9b7c5
      Colin Percival authored
      The loader bcache attempts to determine whether readahead is useful,
      increasing or decreasing its readahead length based on whether a
      read could be serviced out of the cache.  This resulted in two
      unfortunate behaviours:
      1. A series of consecutive 32 kB reads are requested and bcache
      performs 16 kB readaheads.  For each read, bcache determines that,
      since only the first 16 kB is already in the cache, the readahead
      was not useful, and keeps the readahead at the minimum (16 kB) level.
      2. A series of consecutive 32 kB reads are requested and bcache
      starts with a 32 kB readahead resulting in a 64 kB being read on
      the first request.  The second 32 kB request can be serviced out of
      the cache, and bcache responds by doubling its readahead length to
      64 kB.  The third 32 kB request cannot be serviced out of the cache,
      and bcache reduces its readahead length back down to 32 kB.
      The first syndrome converts a series of 32 kB reads into a series of
      (misaligned) 32 kB reads, while the second syndrome converts a series
      of 32 kB reads into a series of 64 kB reads; in both cases we do not
      increase the readahead length to its limit (currently 128 kB) no
      matter how many consecutive read requests are made.
      This change avoids this problem by tracking the "unconsumed
      readahead" length; readahead is deemed to be useful (and the
      read-ahead length is potentially increased) not only if a request was
      completely serviced out of the cache, but also if *any* of the request
      was serviced out of the cache and that length matches the amount of
      unconsumed readahead.  Conversely, we now only reduce the readahead
      length in cases where there was unconsumed readahead data.
      In my testing on an EC2 c5.xlarge instance, this change reduces the
      boot time by roughly 120 ms.
      Reviewed by:	imp, tsoome
      MFC after:	1 week
      Sponsored by:	https://patreon.com/cperciva
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32250
    • Colin Percival's avatar
      loader: Refactor readahead adjustment in bcache · b841148b
      Colin Percival authored
      While I'm here, add an explanatory comment.
      No functional change intended.
      Reviewed by:	imp, tsoome (previous version)
      MFC after:	1 week
      Sponsored by:	https://patreon.com/cperciva
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32249
    • Jessica Clarke's avatar
      pci_pci: Support growing bus ranges in bus_adjust_resource for NEW_PCIB · 31776afd
      Jessica Clarke authored
      This is the same underlying problem as 26245980, just for bus ranges
      rather than windows. SiFive's HiFive Unmatched has the following
        Root Port <---> Bridge <---> Bridge <-+-> Bridge <---> (Unused)
         (pcib0)        (pcib1)      (pcib2)  |   (pcib3)
                                              +-> Bridge <---> xHCI
                                              |   (pcib4)
                                              +-> Bridge <---> M.2 E-key
                                              |   (pcib5)
                                              +-> Bridge <---> M.2 M-key
                                              |   (pcib6)
                                              +-> Bridge <---> x16 slot
      If a device is plugged into the x16 slot that itself has a bridge, such
      as many graphics cards, we currently fail to allocate a bus number for
      its child bus (and so pcib_attach_child skips adding a child bus for
      further enumeration) as, when the new child bridge attaches, it attempts
      to allocate a bus number from its parent (pcib7) which in turn attempts
      to grow its own bus range by calling bus_adjust_resource on its own
      parent (pcib2) whose bus rman cannot accommodate the request and needs
      to itself be extended by calling its own parent (pcib1). Note that
      pcib3-7 do not face the same issue when they attach since pcib1 ends up
      managing bus numbers 1-255 from the beginning and so never needs to grow
      its own range.
      Reviewed by:	jhb, mav
      MFC after:	1 week
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32011
    • Jessica Clarke's avatar
      riscv: Add vt and kbdmux to GENERIC for video console support · 2404f03f
      Jessica Clarke authored
      No in-tree drivers are supported for RISC-V (given it supports UEFI we
      could enable the EFI framebuffer, but U-Boot has very limited hardware
      support and EDK2 remains a work in progress), but drm-kmod exists with
      drivers for video cards that can be used with the HiFive Unmatched.
      Reviewed by:	imp, jhb
      MFC after:	1 week
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32001
    • Jessica Clarke's avatar
      LinuxKPI: Add more #ifdef VM_MEMATTR_WRITE_COMBINING guards · 8167c92f
      Jessica Clarke authored
      One of the three uses is already guarded; this guards the remaining ones
      to support architectures like riscv that do not provide write-combining,
      and is needed to build drm-kmod on riscv.
      Reviewed by:	hselasky, manu
      MFC after:	1 week
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D31999
    • Jessica Clarke's avatar
      libgcc_s: Export 64-bit int to 128-bit float functions · 70475688
      Jessica Clarke authored
      The corresponding 32-bit int and 128-bit int functions were added in
      790a6be5, as were all combinations of the float to int functions,
      but these two were overlooked. __floatditf is needed to build curl for
      riscv as there's a signed 64-bit int to 128-bit float conversion in
      lib/progress.c's trspeed as of 7.77.0.
      Reviewed by:	dim
      MFC after:	1 week
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D31997
    • Jessica Clarke's avatar
      riscv: Add a stub pmap_change_attr implementation · 1be2e16d
      Jessica Clarke authored
      pmap_change_attr is required by drm-kmod so we need the function to
      exist. Since the Svpbmt extension is on the horizon we will likely end
      up with a real implementation of it, so this stub implementation does
      all the necessary page table walking to validate the input, ensuring
      that no new errors are returned once it's implemented fully (other than
      due to out of memory conditions when demoting L2 entries) and providing
      a skeleton for that future implementation.
      Reviewed by:	markj
      MFC after:	1 week
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D31996
    • Kyle Evans's avatar
      vfs: remove dead fifoop VOP_KQFILTER implementations · 6b88668f
      Kyle Evans authored
      These began to become obsolete in d6d64f0f (r137739) and the deal
      was later sealed in 003e18ae (r137801) when vfs.fifofs.fops was
      dropped and vop-bypass for pipes became mandatory.
      PR:		225934
      Suggested by:	markj
      Reviewe by:	kib, markj
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D32270
    • Alexander Motin's avatar
      sleepqueue(9): Remove sbinuptime() from sleepq_timeout(). · 6df1359e
      Alexander Motin authored
      Callout c_time is always bigger or equal than the scheduled time.  It
      is also smaller than sbinuptime() and can't change while the callback
      is running.  So we reliably can use it instead of sbinuptime() here.
      In case there was a race and the callout was rescheduled to the later
      time, the callback will be called again.
      According to profiles it saves ~5% of the timer interrupt time even
      with fast TSC timecounter.
      MFC after:	1 month
  3. 02 Oct, 2021 17 commits