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      Import wpa_supplicant / hostapd 2.0. · 5e2639d5
      Rui Paulo authored
      2013-01-12 - v2.0
      	* added AP-STA-DISCONNECTED ctrl_iface event
      	* improved debug logging (human readable event names, interface name
      	  included in more entries)
      	* added number of small changes to make it easier for static analyzers
      	  to understand the implementation
      	* added a workaround for Windows 7 Michael MIC failure reporting and
      	  use of the Secure bit in EAPOL-Key msg 3/4
      	* fixed number of small bugs (see git logs for more details)
      	* changed OpenSSL to read full certificate chain from server_cert file
      	* nl80211: number of updates to use new cfg80211/nl80211 functionality
      	  - replace monitor interface with nl80211 commands
      	  - additional information for driver-based AP SME
      	* EAP-pwd:
      	  - fix KDF for group 21 and zero-padding
      	  - added support for fragmentation
      	  - increased maximum number of hunting-and-pecking iterations
      	* avoid excessive Probe Response retries for broadcast Probe Request
      	  frames (only with drivers using hostapd SME/MLME)
      	* added preliminary support for using TLS v1.2 (CONFIG_TLSV12=y)
      	* fixed WPS operation stopping on dual concurrent AP
      	* added wps_rf_bands configuration parameter for overriding RF Bands
      	  value for WPS
      	* added support for getting per-device PSK from RADIUS Tunnel-Password
      	* added support for libnl 3.2 and newer
      	* increased initial group key handshake retransmit timeout to 500 ms
      	* added a workaround for 4-way handshake to update SNonce even after
      	  having sent EAPOL-Key 3/4 to avoid issues with some supplicant
      	  implementations that can change SNonce for each EAP-Key 2/4
      	* added a workaround for EAPOL-Key 4/4 using incorrect type value in
      	  WPA2 mode (some deployed stations use WPA type in that message)
      	* added a WPS workaround for mixed mode AP Settings with Windows 7
      	* changed WPS AP PIN disabling mechanism to disable the PIN after 10
      	  consecutive failures in addition to using the exponential lockout
      	* added support for WFA Hotspot 2.0
      	  - GAS/ANQP advertisement of network information
      	  - disable_dgaf parameter to disable downstream group-addressed
      	* simplified licensing terms by selecting the BSD license as the only
      	* EAP-SIM: fixed re-authentication not to update pseudonym
      	* EAP-SIM: use Notification round before EAP-Failure
      	* EAP-AKA: added support for AT_COUNTER_TOO_SMALL
      	* EAP-AKA: skip AKA/Identity exchange if EAP identity is recognized
      	* EAP-AKA': fixed identity for MK derivation
      	* EAP-AKA': updated to RFC 5448 (username prefixes changed); note: this
      	  breaks interoperability with older versions
      	* EAP-SIM/AKA: allow pseudonym to be used after unknown reauth id
      	* changed ANonce to be a random number instead of Counter-based
      	* added support for canceling WPS operations with hostapd_cli wps_cancel
      	* fixed EAP/WPS to PSK transition on reassociation in cases where
      	  deauthentication is missed
      	* hlr_auc_gw enhancements:
      	  - a new command line parameter -u can be used to enable updating of
      	    SQN in Milenage file
      	  - use 5 bit IND for SQN updates
      	  - SQLite database can now be used to store Milenage information
      	* EAP-SIM/AKA DB: added optional use of SQLite database for pseudonyms
      	  and reauth data
      	* added support for Chargeable-User-Identity (RFC 4372)
      	* added radius_auth_req_attr and radius_acct_req_attr configuration
      	  parameters to allow adding/overriding of RADIUS attributes in
      	  Access-Request and Accounting-Request packets
      	* added support for RADIUS dynamic authorization server (RFC 5176)
      	* added initial support for WNM operations
      	  - BSS max idle period
      	  - WNM-Sleep Mode
      	* added new WPS NFC ctrl_iface mechanism
      	  - removed obsoleted WPS_OOB command (including support for deprecated
      	    UFD config_method)
      	* added FT support for drivers that implement MLME internally
      	* added SA Query support for drivers that implement MLME internally
      	* removed default ACM=1 from AC_VO and AC_VI
      	* changed VENDOR-TEST EAP method to use proper private enterprise number
      	  (this will not interoperate with older versions)
      	* added hostapd.conf parameter vendor_elements to allow arbitrary vendor
      	  specific elements to be added to the Beacon and Probe Response frames
      	* added support for configuring GCMP cipher for IEEE 802.11ad
      	* added support for 256-bit AES with internal TLS implementation
      	* changed EAPOL transmission to use AC_VO if WMM is active
      	* fixed EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS/FAST server to validate TLS Message Length
      	  correctly; invalid messages could have caused the hostapd process to
      	  terminate before this fix [CVE-2012-4445]
      	* limit number of active wildcard PINs for WPS Registrar to one to avoid
      	  confusing behavior with multiple wildcard PINs
      	* added a workaround for WPS PBC session overlap detection to avoid
      	  interop issues with deployed station implementations that do not
      	  remove active PBC indication from Probe Request frames properly
      	* added support for using SQLite for the eap_user database
      	* added Acct-Session-Id attribute into Access-Request messages
      	* fixed EAPOL frame transmission to non-QoS STAs with nl80211
      	  (do not send QoS frames if the STA did not negotiate use of QoS for
      	  this association)
      2012-05-10 - v1.0
      	* Add channel selection support in hostapd. See hostapd.conf.
      	* Add support for IEEE 802.11v Time Advertisement mechanism with UTC
      	  TSF offset. See hostapd.conf for config info.
      	* Delay STA entry removal until Deauth/Disassoc TX status in AP mode.
      	  This allows the driver to use PS buffering of Deauthentication and
      	  Disassociation frames when the STA is in power save sleep. Only
      	  available with drivers that provide TX status events for Deauth/
      	  Disassoc frames (nl80211).
      	* Allow PMKSA caching to be disabled on the Authenticator. See
      	  hostap.conf config parameter disable_pmksa_caching.
      	* atheros: Add support for IEEE 802.11w configuration.
      	* bsd: Add support for setting HT values in IFM_MMASK.
      	* Allow client isolation to be configured with ap_isolate. Client
      	  isolation can be used to prevent low-level bridging of frames
      	  between associated stations in the BSS. By default, this bridging
      	  is allowed.
      	* Allow coexistance of HT BSSes with WEP/TKIP BSSes.
      	* Add require_ht config parameter, which can be used to configure
      	  hostapd to reject association with any station that does not support
      	  HT PHY.
      	* Add support for writing debug log to a file using "-f" option. Also
      	  add relog CLI command to re-open the log file.
      	* Add bridge handling for WDS STA interfaces. By default they are
      	  added to the configured bridge of the AP interface (if present),
      	  but the user can also specify a separate bridge using cli command
      	* hostapd_cli:
      	  - Add wds_bridge command for specifying bridge for WDS STA
      	  - Add relog command for reopening log file.
      	  - Send AP-STA-DISCONNECTED event when an AP disconnects a station
      	    due to inactivity.
      	  - Add wps_config ctrl_interface command for configuring AP. This
      	    command can be used to configure the AP using the internal WPS
      	    registrar. It works in the same way as new AP settings received
      	    from an ER.
      	  - Many WPS/WPS ER commands - see WPS/WPS ER sections for details.
      	  - Add command get version, that returns hostapd version string.
      	* WNM: Add BSS Transition Management Request for ESS Disassoc Imminent.
      	  Use hostapd_cli ess_disassoc (STA addr) (URL) to send the
      	  notification to the STA.
      	* Allow AP mode to disconnect STAs based on low ACK condition (when
      	  the data connection is not working properly, e.g., due to the STA
      	  going outside the range of the AP). Disabled by default, enable by
      	  config option disassoc_low_ack.
      	* Add WPA_IGNORE_CONFIG_ERRORS build option to continue in case of bad
      	  config file.
      	* WPS:
      	  - Send AP Settings as a wrapped Credential attribute to ctrl_iface
      	    in WPS-NEW-AP-SETTINGS.
      	  - Dispatch more WPS events through hostapd ctrl_iface.
      	  - Add mechanism for indicating non-standard WPS errors.
      	  - Change concurrent radio AP to use only one WPS UPnP instance.
      	  - Add wps_check_pin command for processing PIN from user input.
      	    UIs can use this command to process a PIN entered by a user and to
      	    validate the checksum digit (if present).
      	  - Add hostap_cli get_config command to display current AP config.
      	  - Add new hostapd_cli command, wps_ap_pin, to manage AP PIN at
      	    runtime and support dynamic AP PIN management.
      	  - Disable AP PIN after 10 consecutive failures. Slow down attacks
      	    on failures up to 10.
      	  - Allow AP to start in Enrollee mode without AP PIN for probing,
      	    to be compatible with Windows 7.
      	  - Add Config Error into WPS-FAIL events to provide more info
      	    to the user on how to resolve the issue.
      	  - When controlling multiple interfaces:
      	     - apply WPS commands to all interfaces configured to use WPS
      	     - apply WPS config changes to all interfaces that use WPS
      	     - when an attack is detected on any interface, disable AP PIN on
      	       all interfaces
      	* WPS ER:
      	  - Show SetSelectedRegistrar events as ctrl_iface events.
      	  - Add special AP Setup Locked mode to allow read only ER.
      	    ap_setup_locked=2 can now be used to enable a special mode where
      	    WPS ER can learn the current AP settings, but cannot change them.
      	* WPS 2.0: Add support for WPS 2.0 (CONFIG_WPS2)
      	  - Add build option CONFIG_WPS_EXTENSIBILITY_TESTING to enable tool
      	    for testing protocol extensibility.
      	  - Add build option CONFIG_WPS_STRICT to allow disabling of WPS
      	  - Add support for AuthorizedMACs attribute.
      	* TDLS:
      	  - Allow TDLS use or TDLS channel switching in the BSS to be
      	    prohibited in the BSS, using config params tdls_prohibit and
      	* EAP server: Add support for configuring fragment size (see
      	  fragment_size in hostapd.conf).
      	* wlantest: Add a tool wlantest for IEEE802.11 protocol testing.
      	  wlantest can be used to capture frames from a monitor interface
      	  for realtime capturing or from pcap files for offline analysis.
      	* Interworking: Support added for 802.11u. Enable in .config with
      	  CONFIG_INTERWORKING. See hostapd.conf for config parameters for
      	* Android: Add build and runtime support for Android hostapd.
      	* Add a new debug message level for excessive information. Use
      	  -ddd to enable.
      	* TLS: Add support for tls_disable_time_checks=1 in client mode.
      	* Internal TLS:
      	  - Add support for TLS v1.1 (RFC 4346). Enable with build parameter
      	  - Add domainComponent parser for X.509 names
      	* Reorder some IEs to get closer to IEEE 802.11 standard. Move
      	  WMM into end of Beacon, Probe Resp and (Re)Assoc Resp frames.
      	  Move HT IEs to be later in (Re)Assoc Resp.
      	* Many bugfixes.
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