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      Import proposed fix from · 9b124abc
      Enji Cooper authored
      PR: 197060
      Original commit message:
      From 0e546407567ea858e261e72f75c5ed61e07d0ddf Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
      From: Julio Merino <jmmv@google.com>
      Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 18:10:11 -0500
      Subject: [PATCH] Fix atf-sh/atf_check_test:flush_stdout_on_death
      The test atf-sh/atf_check_test:flush_stdout_on_timeout was flaky as it
      was playing solely with time.  Fix this by making the test more robust
      and rename it while we are at it: there is nothing left about "timeouts"
      in this test, considering that ATF itself does not enforce deadlines
      any longer.
      Fixes FreeBSD PR 197060.
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      Import atf-0.21: · 94d25974
      Julio Merino authored
      Released on October 23rd, 2014.
      * Restored the atf(7) manual page to serve as a reference to all the other
        manual pages shipped by ATF.
      * Added the -s flag to atf-sh to support specifying the shell interpreter
        to be used.
      * Removed ATF_WORKDIR.  The only remaining consumers have been converted to
        use the standard TMPDIR environment variable.  As a benefit, and because
        Kyua forces the TMPDIR to live within the test case's work directory,
        any stale files left behind by ATF will be automatically cleaned up.
      * Documented the environment variables recognized by each component in the
        relevant manual pages.  This information was lost with the atf-config(1)
      * Added a new "require.diskspace" metadata property to test cases so that
        they can specify the minimum amount of disk space required for the test
        to run.
      * Renamed the atf-{c,c++,sh}-api(3) manual pages to atf-{c,c++,sh}(3) for
        discoverability purposes.  Symbolic links are provided for the time
        being to still make the old names visible.
      * Issue #5: Recommend the (expected, actual) idiom for calls to the test
        macros in the manual pages.
      * Issue #7: Stopped catching unhandled exceptions in atf-c++ tests.  This
        propagates the crash to the caller, which in turn allows it to obtain
        proper debugging information.  In particular, Kyua should now be able to
        extract a stacktrace pinpointing the problem.
      * Issue #8: Fixed atf-c/macros_test:use test failures spotted by the clang
        that ships with FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT.
      * Issue #12: Improved documentation of atf-sh(3) and atf-check(1) by better
        explaining how they relate to each other.
      * Issue #14: Stopped setting 'set -e' in atf-sh.  This setting was
        initially added as a way to enable a "strict" mode in the library and to
        make test cases fail fast when they run unprotected commands.  However,
        doing so in the library is surprising as the responsibility of enabling
        'set -e' should be on the user's code.  Also, 'set -e' introduces
        inconsistent behavior on subshells and users do not expect that.
      * Issue #15: Fixed atf_utils_{fork,wait} to support nested calls.
      * Issue #16: Fixed test failures (by removing a long-standing hack) on
        systems that lack \e support in printf(1).
      * Issue #19: Removed stale references to atf-config and atf-run.
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      Import atf-0.20: · 9b3afb9f
      Julio Merino authored
      Experimental version released on February 7th, 2014.
      This is the first release without the code for the deprecated tools.  If
      you require such code, please fetch a copy of the 0.19 release and extract
      the 'tools' directory for your own consumption.
      * Removed the deprecated tools.  This includes atf-config, atf-report,
        atf-run and atf-version.
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      Import atf-0.19: · 8fee91db
      Julio Merino authored
      Experimental version released on February 7th, 2014.
      This is the last release to bundle the code for the deprecated tools.
      The next release will drop their code and will stop worrying about
      backwards compatibility between the ATF libraries and what the old tools
      may or may not support.
      If you still require the old tools for some reason, grab a copy of the
      'tools' directory now.  The code in this directory is standalone and
      does not depend on any internal details of atf-c++ any longer.
      * Various fixes and improvements to support running as part of the FreeBSD
        test suite.
      * Project hosting moved from Google Code (as a subproject of Kyua) to
        GitHub (as a first-class project).  The main reason for the change is
        the suppression of binary downloads in Google Code on Jan 15th, 2014.
        See https://github.com/jmmv/atf/
      * Removed builtin help from atf-sh(1) and atf-check(1) for simplicity
        reasons.  In other words, their -h option is gone.
      * Moved the code of the deprecated tools into a 'tools' directory and
        completely decoupled their code from the internals of atf-c++.  The
        reason for this is to painlessly allow a third-party to maintain a
        copy of these tools after we delete them because upcoming changes to
        atf-c++ would break the stale tools.
  5. 16 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      Import atf-0.18: · bf351e29
      Julio Merino authored
      Experimental version released on November 16th, 2013.
      * Issue 45: Added require.memory support in atf-run for FreeBSD.
      * Fixed an issue with the handling of cin with libc++.
      * Issue 64: Fixed various mandoc formatting warnings.
      * X-NetBSD-PR bin/48284: Made atf-check flush its progress message to
        stdout so that an interrupted test case always shows the last message
        being executed.
      * X-NetBSD-PR bin/48285: Fixed atf_check examples in atf-sh-api(3).
      Approved by:	rpaulo (mentor)
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      Import atf-0.17: · b2b6e97c
      Julio Merino authored
      Experimental version released on February 14th, 2013.
      * Added the atf_utils_cat_file, atf_utils_compare_file,
        atf_utils_copy_file, atf_utils_create_file, atf_utils_file_exists,
        atf_utils_fork, atf_utils_grep_file, atf_utils_grep_string,
        atf_utils_readline, atf_utils_redirect and atf_utils_wait utility
        functions to atf-c-api.  Documented the already-public
        atf_utils_free_charpp function.
      * Added the cat_file, compare_file, copy_file, create_file, file_exists,
        fork, grep_collection, grep_file, grep_string, redirect and wait
        functions to the atf::utils namespace of atf-c++-api.  These are
        wrappers around the same functions added to the atf-c-api library.
        ATF_REQUIRE_MATCH_MSG macros to atf-c to simplify the validation of a
        string against a regular expression.
      * Miscellaneous fixes for manpage typos and compilation problems with
      * Added caching of the results of those configure tests that rely on
        executing a test program.  This should help crossbuild systems by
        providing a mechanism to pre-specify what the results should be.
      * X-NetBSD-PR bin/45690: Make atf-report convert any non-printable
        characters to a plain-text representation (matching their
        corresponding hexadecimal entities) in XML output files.  This is to
        prevent the output of test cases from breaking xsltproc later.
      Note that this import, compared to the one for 0.16, brings in all the
      files that are part of the release.  This is to follow the Subversion
      Primer guidelines, which mention that all files should be imported first
      and only dropped when merging into contrib/atf/.
      Approved by:	rpaulo (mentor)
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