1. 30 May, 2015 5 commits
  2. 29 May, 2015 20 commits
  3. 28 May, 2015 15 commits
    • Brooks Davis's avatar
      Revert r102953 · c0f9cb13
      Brooks Davis authored
      The bitfile padding was always unallocated on real-world FreeBSD systems and
      depended on the assumption that (abs(sizeof(long) - sizeof(char*)) <= 32).
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D2667
      Reviewed by:	eadler
      Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
    • John Baldwin's avatar
      Create a separate kobj interface for leaf-driver PCI IOV methods. · f3bb9251
      John Baldwin authored
      Leaf drivers should not import the PCI bus interface to add IOV handling.
      Instead, move the IOV client methods to a separate kobj interface.
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D2584
      Reviewed by:	rstone
    • Pedro F. Giffuni's avatar
      Provide VOP_GETPAGES_ASYNC() for extfs. · e54a659a
      Pedro F. Giffuni authored
      Merge the filesystem specific part from r274914 to ext2fs.
      I only did regular testing with the change but UFS and our ext2fs
      are similar enough that the code should just work with the new
      Discussed with:	glebius
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Report the MTU consistently as specified in · c913390d
      Michael Tuexen authored
      Thanks to Irene Ruengeler for helping me to fix this bug.
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Take source and destination address into account when determining · 0818979a
      Michael Tuexen authored
      the scope.
      This fixes a problem when a client with a global address
      connects to a server with a private address.
      Thanks to Irene Ruengeler in helping me to find the issue.
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Retire SCTP_DONT_DO_PRIVADDR_SCOPE which was never defined. · d60568d7
      Michael Tuexen authored
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Fix a bug where messages would not be sent in SHUTDOWN_RECEIVED state. · 70fa550b
      Michael Tuexen authored
      This problem was reported by Mark Bonnekessel and Markus Boese.
      Thanks to Irene Ruengeler for helping me to fix the cause of
      the problem. It can be tested with the following packetdrill script:
      +0.0 socket(..., SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_SCTP) = 3
      +0.0 fcntl(3, F_GETFL) = 0x2 (flags O_RDWR)
      +0.0 fcntl(3, F_SETFL, O_RDWR|O_NONBLOCK) = 0
      // Check the handshake with an empty(!) cookie
      +0.1 connect(3, ..., ...) = -1 EINPROGRESS (Operation now in progress)
      +0.0 > sctp: INIT[flgs=0, tag=1, a_rwnd=..., os=..., is=..., tsn=0, ...]
      +0.1 < sctp: INIT_ACK[flgs=0, tag=2, a_rwnd=10000, os=1, is=1, tsn=0, STATE_COOKIE[len=4, val=...]]
      +0.0 > sctp: COOKIE_ECHO[flgs=0, len=4, val=...]
      +0.1 < sctp: COOKIE_ACK[flgs=0]
      +0.0 getsockopt(3, SOL_SOCKET, SO_ERROR, [0], [4]) = 0
      +0.0 write(3, ..., 1024) = 1024
      +0.0 > sctp: DATA[flgs=BE, len=1040, tsn=0, sid=0, ssn=0, ppid=0]
      +0.0 write(3, ..., 1024) = 1024 // Pending due to Nagle
      +0.0 < sctp: SHUTDOWN[flgs=0, cum_tsn=0]
      +0.0 > sctp: DATA[flgs=BE, len=1040, tsn=1, sid=0, ssn=1, ppid=0]
      +0.0 < sctp: SACK[flgs=0, cum_tsn=1, a_rwnd=10000, gaps=[], dups=[]] // Do we need another SHUTDOWN here?
      +0.0 > sctp: SHUTDOWN_ACK[flgs=0]
      +0.0 < sctp: SHUTDOWN_COMPLETE[flgs=0]
      +0.0 close(3) = 0
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Stephen McConnell's avatar
      The wrong commit message was given with r283632. This is the correct message. · a2c14879
      Stephen McConnell authored
      - Updated all files with 2015 Avago copyright, and updated LSI's copyright
      - Changed all of the PCI device strings from LSI to Avago Technologies (LSI).
      - Added a sysctl variable to control how StartStopUnit behavior works. User can
        select to spin down disks based on if disk is SSD or HDD.
      - Inquiry data is required to tell if a disk will support SSU at shutdown or
        not. Due to the addition of mpssas_async, which gets Advanced Info but not
        Inquiry data, the setting of supports_SSU was moved to the
        mpssas_scsiio_complete function, which snoops for any Inquiry commands. And,
        since disks are shutdown as a target and not a LUN, this process was
        simplified by basing it on targets and not LUNs.
      - Added a sysctl variable that sets the amount of time to retry after sending a
        failed SATA ID command. This helps with some bad disks and large disks that
        require a lot of time to spin up. Part of this change was to add a callout to
        handle timeouts with the SATA ID command. The callout function is called
        mpssas_ata_id_timeout(). (Fixes PR 191348)
      - Changed the way resets work by allowing I/O to continue to devices that are
        not currently under a reset condition. This uses devq's instead of simq's and
        makes use of the MPSSAS_TARGET_INRESET flag. This change also adds a function
        called mpssas_prepare_tm().
      - Some changes were made to reduce code duplication when getting a SAS address
        for a SATA disk.
      - Fixed some formatting and whitespace.
      - Bump version of mps driver to
      PR:		191348
      Reviewed by:	ken, scottl
      Approved by:	ken, scottl
      MFC after:	1 week
    • Stephen McConnell's avatar
      The wrong commit message was given with r283632. To get the correct commit · c91d307f
      Stephen McConnell authored
      message synced to the changes in r283632, those changes are now backed out.
      Another commit will be done that is exactly the same as r283632 except it will
      have to correct commit message.
      Approved by:	ken, scottl, asomers, gibbs
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Use macros for overhead in a consistent way. No functional change. · 1c7db386
      Michael Tuexen authored
      Thanks to Irene Ruengeler for suggesting the change.
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Neel Natu's avatar
      Fix non-deterministic delays when accessing a vcpu that was in "running" or · 248e6799
      Neel Natu authored
      "sleeping" state. This is done by forcing the vcpu to transition to "idle"
      by returning to userspace with an exit code of VM_EXITCODE_REQIDLE.
      MFC after:      2 weeks
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Some more debug info cleanup. · ba785902
      Michael Tuexen authored
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Patrick Kelsey's avatar
      Provide an unambiguous description of the potential hazard in calling · e5315a56
      Patrick Kelsey authored
      pthread_setspecific(3) from a key destructor.
      Reviewed by: jhb
      Approved by: jmallett (mentor)
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Fix and cleanup the debug information. This has no user-visible changes. · b7d130be
      Michael Tuexen authored
      Thanks to Irene Ruengeler for proving a patch.
      MFC after: 3 days
    • Michael Tuexen's avatar
      Address some compiler warnings. No functional change. · 548f47a8
      Michael Tuexen authored
      MFC after: 3 days