1. 21 Jun, 2021 4 commits
    • Colin Percival's avatar
      stand/common: Add support for timestamp logging (tslog) · c8dfc327
      Colin Percival authored
      This adds tslog_init, which allocates a 2MB buffer for recording
      timestamped events; and tslog_publish, which takes the buffer and
      passes it to the kernel as a "preloaded module".  These functions
      will be used in a later commit.
      Reviewed by:	kevans
    • Colin Percival's avatar
      libsa: Add support for timestamp logging (tslog) · e193d3ba
      Colin Percival authored
      At present this only supports x86, due to the use of the rdtsc
      instruction; and is inert unless a buffer is allocated and passed to
      the tslog code (which will be done by a future commit).
      Reviewed by:	kevans
    • Colin Percival's avatar
      stand/common: Add file_addbuf() · 60a978be
      Colin Percival authored
      This provides an interface for a memory buffer to be passed from the loader
      to the kernel as a "preloaded module".
      Reviewed by:	kevans
    • Warner Losh's avatar
      cam: Set the CAM_QOS_VALID when valid · 4afa62be
      Warner Losh authored
      When the elapsed time of the operation is complete and stored in the QOS
      field, set the CAM_QOS_VALID bit.  In iosched, test to make sure it's
      set before using it.
      Sponsored by:		Netflix
  2. 20 Jun, 2021 3 commits
    • Mike Karels's avatar
      genet: Fix potential crash during attach · 13604fb0
      Mike Karels authored
      As pointed out in the bug, the genet driver (RPi4 Ethernet) was
      attaching the interrupts before the data structures were fully
      initialized, causing a crash if an interrupt came in during the
      attach.  Fix by reordering code blocks.
      PR:		256334
      Reported by:	< ghuckriede at blackberry.com >
      Reviewed by:	< ghuckriede at blackberry.com > (informally)
      MFC after:	3 days
    • Martin Matuska's avatar
    • Martin Matuska's avatar
      zfs: merge openzfs/zfs@c4c162c1e (master) into main · 0d8fe237
      Martin Matuska authored
      Notable upstream pull request merges:
        #12054 Avoid deadlock when removing L2ARC devices under I/O
        #12172 Use wmsum for arc, abd, dbuf and zfetch statistics
        #12221 vdev_draid_min_asize() ignores reserved space
      Obtained from:	OpenZFS
      OpenZFS commit:	c4c162c1
  3. 19 Jun, 2021 33 commits