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    Update Sphinx · 36c42ca3
    dbaio authored
    - Repocopy textproc/py-sphinx to textproc/py-sphinx18
      Update it to 1.8.5 (latest version from 1.8.X).
      This version supports Python 2 and 3.
      Add test target.
    - textproc/py-sphinx: Update to 3.0.2
      Python 3 only (3.5+).
      Add test target.
    - Mk/Uses/python.mk: Add PY_SPHINX
      Shared macro to use with flavors and not break
      ports with USES=python (all versions).
      Python >=3.5  --> textproc/py-sphinx (v3.0.2)
      Python < 3.5  --> textproc/py-sphinx18 (v1.8.5)
      All ports that uses sphinx were changed to use the new variable
      ${PY_SPHINX} in the dependency line, exceptions:
        * Ports that fails to build with sphinx 3.0.2 because of code.
          They are pointing to textproc/py-sphinx18 directly.
          There aren't many ports.
        * Ports that doesn't know Python flavors.
    - Add several patches to fix Sphinx consumers
      The most common issues are related with pkg-plist, the output
      files from Sphinx changes between versions, keep this dynamically
      is the better approach.
      This will save time in future sphinx updates.
    PR:		245629
    Exp-run by:	antoine