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    Add p5-Text-UnicodeBox 0.03 · 3a77ed4c
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    Text::UnicodeBox is a low level box drawing interface. You'll most likely want
    to use one of the higher level modules such as Text::UnicodeBox::Table.
    The unicode box symbol table is a fairly robust set of symbols that allow you to
    draw lines and boxes with monospaced fonts. This module allows you to focus on
    the content of the boxes you need to draw and mostly ignore how to draw a good
    looking box with proper connections between all the lines.
    The low level approach is line-based. A box object is created, add_line is
    called for each line of content you'd like to render, and render is called to
    complete the box.
    Output is built up over time, which allows you to stream the output rather then
    buffering it and printing it in one go.
    WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/Text-UnicodeBox