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    Kyua (pronounced Q.A.) is a testing framework for both developers and
    users.  Kyua is different from most other testing frameworks in that it
    puts the end user experience before anything else.  There are multiple
    reasons for users to run the tests themselves, and Kyua ensures that
    they can do so in the most convenient way.
    At the moment, Kyua is focused on implementing a solid foundation and a
    powerful command-line tool to run tests implemented with the Automated
    Testing Framework (ATF).  Later on, Kyua will also provide a set of
    language bindings (C, C++ and shell, at the least) to ease the
    implementation of test cases in a variety of programming languages.
    In effect, Kyua is intended to be a replacement for ATF.
    WWW: https://code.google.com/p/kyua/
    PR:		ports/177641
    Submitted by:	asomers
    Reviewed by:	Garrett Cooper <yaneurabeya@gmail.com>