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    Add a patch for memcached to ccache along with a slave devel/ccache-memcached port. · 80fbb61f
    bdrewery authored
    This patch is not safe for WITH_CCACHE_BUILD support yet as that causes all
    ports to depend on devel/ccache.  Enabling that patch would then cause the
    new devel/libmemcached dependency to require devel/ccache which is a cyclic
    dependency.  The autoconf dependency also causes issues.
    Add a devel/ccache-memcached slave port that would allow a user to use
    the ccache+memcached package manually with ports without WITH_CCACHE_BUILD.
    This patch comes from https://github.com/ccache/ccache/pull/58 and has been
    an ongoing effort over a few years to be merged into the mainline of ccache.
    Documenation for it can be found in the MANUAL file at:
    Sponsored by:	Dell EMC Isilon