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    [NEW] devel/euca2ools: Eucalyptus Command Line Tools · 81ebf497
    koobs authored
    Euca2ools are command line tools used to interact with Amazon Web
    Services (AWS) as well as other services that are compatible with AWS,
    such as Eucalyptus.  They aim to use the same input as similar tools
    provided by AWS for each service individually along with several
    enhancements that make them easier to use against both AWS and
    Euca2ools provide the functionality of AWS's REST-based and Query-based
    APIs for the following services:
    - Auto Scaling               (commands start with "euscale")
    - CloudFormation             (commands start with "euform")
    - CloudWatch                 (commands start with "euwatch")
    - EC2                        (commands start with "euca")
    - Elastic Load Balancing     (commands start with "eulb")
    - IAM                        (commands start with "euare")
    WWW: https://github.com/eucalyptus/euca2ools