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    - New port: devel/dlangui · d25384d7
    acm authored
    Cross platform GUI for D. Widgets, layouts, styles, themes, unicode, i18n,
    OpenGL based acceleration
    - Crossplatform (Win32, OSX, Linux, FreeBSD and Android are supported in
      current version)
    - Mostly inspired by Android UI API (layouts, styles, two phase layout, ...)
    - Supports highly customizable UI themes and styles
    - Supports internationalization
    - Hardware acceleration using OpenGL (when built with version USE_OPENGL)
    - Fallback to pure Win32 API / SDL / X11 when OpenGL is not available (e.g.
      opengl dynamic library cannot be loaded)
    - Actually it's a port (with major refactoring) of GUI library for cross
      platform OpenGL based implementation of Cool Reader app project from C++.
    - Non thread safe - all UI operations should be preformed in single thread
    - Simple 3d engine - allows to embed 3D scenes within GUI
    WWW: https://github.com/buggins/dlangui