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    Uses/python.mk: Clarify language, messaging and usage for <version-spec> · d6e2ebce
    koobs authored
    Make it clear that <version-spec> is a declarative not imperative
    specification to declare what version of Python a port or software
    *supports*, not the versions it should *use*.
    The version that gets selected is a function of Python.mk, DEFAULT_VERSIONS
    which change over time, and can be overridden or otherwise set by the user.
    While I'm here, add a special note about bare USES=python (without a
    <version-spec>), which is likely to be deprecated at some point down the
    line. In the meantime, describe what the semantics of not specifying a
    <version-spec> entails, and encourage minimisation of its use where
    Approved by:	koobs (python, maintainer)