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    [NEW] devel/dia2code+:Complete rewrite of dia2code in C++ · ddfaafaf
    bofh authored
    Dia2Code is a small utility used to generate code from a Dia diagram.
    Dia is a program to make diagrams (ports/graphics/dia)
      - Reads UML diagrams.
      - Can handle UML - Generalization, UML - Realization and UML - Implements.
      - Selective code generation.
      - User-defined output directory.
      - Stereotype handling: interfaces, abstract classes.
      - "Import" and "include" based on the parent classes, the type of
        attributes and return type of methods if they're declared in the same
      - Support for JavaBeans(tm): will create automagically methods to access
        and modify each attribute.
    This is a complete rewrite of dia2code in C++ contributed by Vincent Le
    WWW: http://dia2code.sourceforge.net/
    Limit devel/dia2code PORTSCOUT within 0.X.X versions only