Commit 0549c87a authored by osa's avatar osa
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Update the distinfo file, I forgot to update it

when I did the recent update of www/unit* ports.
parent 811bc0d6
TIMESTAMP = 1612537322
SHA256 (unit-1.22.0.tar.gz) = d244e99ab7ff81c2926bdb97dd7d38e54a3361c7b8d3097e7dfbb2d155306b4b
SIZE (unit-1.22.0.tar.gz) = 824763
TIMESTAMP = 1616938809
SHA256 (unit-1.23.0.tar.gz) = 40df5c5c4132bf9ca15fa82edfe0cc0daae488c2f473d6d27706d537b5859b42
SIZE (unit-1.23.0.tar.gz) = 830417
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