Commit 1cbceb42 authored by tobik's avatar tobik
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devel/jline: Remove custom plist target

Output is basically the same as you'd get with makeplist.
parent 2f165f12
......@@ -40,17 +40,4 @@ do-install:
# Next rule is for maintainer use only: Automatically (re)create the pkg-plist.
@test -e ${CONFIGURE_COOKIE} || { \
${ECHO_MSG} >&2 "do 'make configure' first!"; exit 64; }
${ECHO_CMD} "%%JAVAJARDIR%%/jline.jar" >>${PLIST}
( \
cd ${WRKSRC} || exit; \
${FIND} ./apidocs ./examples -type f | ${SORT}; \
${ECHO_CMD} "./examples/"; \
${ECHO_CMD} "./examples/"; \
) | ${SED} -e 's/\.\//%%DOCSDIR%%\//' -e 's/^/%%PORTDOCS%%/' >>${PLIST}
.include <>
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