Commit 6a6abf0a authored by bdrewery's avatar bdrewery
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ports_env: Fix OPSYS not being exported.

This was causing excessive 'uname -s' executions during Poudriere dependency
calculations.  The reasoning is due to HAVE_COMPAT_IA32_KERN having a newline
quoted at the end of it as '\ ' by bmake:

  # make -f Mk/ -V 'HAVE_COMPAT_IA32_KERN=${HAVE_COMPAT_IA32_KERN:Q}' | cat -v

This resulted in the following being executed:


With hat:	portmgr
parent e4a90ce1
......@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ export_ports_env() {
# Bring in all the vars, but not empty ones.
eval $(${MAKE} -f ${PORTSDIR}/Mk/ ${make_cmd} \
USES="${uses}" | grep -v '=$')
USES="${uses}" | grep -v '=$' | sed -e 's,\\ $,,')
for var in ${export_vars}; do
# Export and display non-empty ones. This is not redundant
# with above since we're looping on all vars here; do not
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