Commit 743fa232 authored by zeising's avatar zeising
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Add entry for the recently moved devel/lfc -> devel/lfcbase

Reminded by:	kwm (again)
parent 7428aed5
......@@ -4271,3 +4271,4 @@ x11-wm/transset-df|x11-wm/transset|2013-05-20|Project was renamed
print/yatex-xemacs||2013-05-21|Removed: obsolete
devel/php5-phing|devel/pear-phing|2013-05-21|Replaced by devel/pear-phing
emulators/hfsutils|sysutils/hfsutils|2013-05-23|Moved to a better category
devel/lfc|devel/lfcbase|2013-05-23|Rename to avoid package conflicts
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