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Rework PY_FLAVOR to always work.

Before this, it could have been set to the current flavor of the port
that may not have been related to Python at all.

This of course never came up during development because at that time,
the only flavors were the Python flavors.

Reported by:	dbn
Sponsored by:	Absolight
parent 488e89aa
......@@ -463,11 +463,12 @@ PKGNAMESUFFIX= ${PYTHON_PKGNAMESUFFIX}
# To avoid having dependencies with @ and empty flavor:
.if empty(FLAVOR)
PY_FLAVOR= ${PYTHON_VERSION:S/^python/py/:S/.//}
# _PYTHON_VERSION is either set by (first that matches):
# - If using Python flavors, from the current Python flavor
# - If using a version restriction (USES=python:3.4+), from the first
# acceptable default Python version.
# Pass PYTHON_VERSION down the dependency chain. This ensures that
# port A -> B -> C all will use the same python version and do not
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