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Mk/Use/ Do not surround package list entries in quotes

When python package lists are generated by distutils, any file entry that
includes a space will be surrounded in double quotes.  This is unnecessary
and causes problems elsewhere such as when stripping ${PREFIX} for staging
or checking the package list in stage-qa.

PR:		248981
Approved by:	kevans, portmgr (mat), python (koobs)
Differential Revision:
parent f15a24d6
...@@ -596,7 +596,8 @@ _RELLIBDIR= ${PYTHONPREFIX_LIBDIR:S;${PREFIX}/;;} ...@@ -596,7 +596,8 @@ _RELLIBDIR= ${PYTHONPREFIX_LIBDIR:S;${PREFIX}/;;}
_USES_stage+= 934:add-plist-pymod _USES_stage+= 934:add-plist-pymod
add-plist-pymod: add-plist-pymod:
@${SED} -e 's|^${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/||' \ @${SED} -e 's|^"\(.*\)"$$|\1|' \
-e 's|^${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/||' \
-e 's|^${PREFIX}/||' \ -e 's|^${PREFIX}/||' \
-e 's|^\(man/.*man[0-9]\)/\(.*\.[0-9]\)$$|\1/\2.gz|' \ -e 's|^\(man/.*man[0-9]\)/\(.*\.[0-9]\)$$|\1/\2.gz|' \
-e 's|^\(share/man/.*man[0-9]\)/\(.*\.[0-9]\)$$|\1/\2.gz|' \ -e 's|^\(share/man/.*man[0-9]\)/\(.*\.[0-9]\)$$|\1/\2.gz|' \
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