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Mention the WEB based ports interface and clarify some of the text.

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This is the FreeBSD Ports Collection. Please refer to the FreeBSD
Handbook on what to do with them.
This is the FreeBSD Ports Collection. For an easy to use
WEB-based interface to it, please see:
The FreeBSD Handbook is available from
For general information on the ports collection, please see the
FreeBSD Handbook which is available from:
(that's the version on your machine) and
(if you installed the doc distribution on your machine)
for the latest version from FreeBSD-current.
for the latest official version from FreeBSD-current.
The section "The Ports Collection" will tell you how to use the
ports/packages and "Porting Applications" describes how you can
contribute to the ports collection.
ports and packages and the "Porting Applications" section
describes how one can contribute to the ports collection.
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