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- Update to 05_20140216


  * A new numeric escape sequence for string literals has been
    introduced. A backslash followed by an integer literal and a
    semicolon is interpreted as character with the specified ordinal
    number. E.g.: "abc\128;def". With the old numeric escape sequence
    this would be "abc\128\def". Terminating the escape sequence
    with ; instead of \ improves the readability, especially when
    escape sequences follow each other. Instead of "\8\\12\\7\8\9\\\"
    it is now possible to write "\8;\12;\7;8\9;\\" The old escape
    sequence is still supported, but it is deprecated and should not
    be used. Future versions will warn about the deprecated escape
  * The conversion functions 'bytes' and 'bytes2Int' in bytedata.s7c
    have been improved to support all combinations of signedness and
  * The functions bStriBe and bStriLe have been removed from
    bstring.s7i. The function 'bytes' in bytedata.s7c can be used as
  * Checks for lowestSetBit and UNSIGNED conversions with the
    functions 'bytes' and 'bytes2Int' have been added to chkint.sd7.
  * Checks for UNSIGNED conversions with the functions 'bytes' and
    'bytes2BigInt' have been added to chkbig.sd7.
  * Checks for the function rand have been added to chkset.sd7.
  * The parser has been improved to write error messages when the
    source file contains unexpected UTF-8 continuation bytes, solitary
    UTF-8 start bytes, extended control codes from the C1 set or an
    UTF-16 byte order mark.
  * In tar.s7i the functions getoct, putspc and putoct have been
    improved. The computation of the size of padding data has also
    been improved.
  * The compiler has been improved to optimize string initialisations
    with the function strZero. StrZero creates a string of arbitrary
    length with '\0;' (zero) bytes.
  * The compiler has been improved to optimize integer exponentiation
    (action INT_POW). Now the multiplication pattern is determined at
    compile time and the number of multiplications is reduced.
  * The performance of the function setCard in set_rtl.c has been
    improved by a factor of 2.5.
  * The performance of the function setRand in set_rtl.c has been
    improved by a factor of 2.3.
  * Loop unrolling inspired by Duff's device has been introduced in
    striutl.h. The unrolling is used for tight loops which copy byte
    data to Seed7 strings in fil_rtl.c, soc_rtl.c and bst_rtl.c. The
    performance improvement has been verified with gcc and valgrind.
  * The example program err.sd7, which checks compile time error
    messages, has been improved.
  * The old way to store the data of constant bigIntegers has been
    removed from compiler and runtime library.
  * The buffers used in intRadix and intRadixPow2 (file int_rtl.c) have
    been enlarged to fit for the most negative number with a base of 2.
  * In itflib.c the functions itf_cpy and itf_cpy2 have been fixed to
    work correctly, when the destination is converted from a struct to
    an interface.
  * In traceutl.c the tracing of characters has been improved in the
    functions prot_char, prot_os_stri, prot_stri_unquoted and
  * In ut8_rtl.c the function ut8Getc has been improved to use smarter
    checks for ranges of characters.
  * The deprecated variant of the function str, which has a second
    parameter to specify a numeric base, has been removed. The
    operators radix and RADIX can be used instead.
  * Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the new
    INT_BYTES_LE_2_INT. The functions intBytesBe, int_bytesBe,
    intBytesLe, int_bytesLe, intBytesBe2Int, int_bytesBe2Int,
    intBytesLe2Int and int_bytesLe2Int have been added.
  * Support for the actions BIG_CLIT, INT_TO_BSTRI_BE, INT_TO_BSTRI_LE,
    INT_BYTES_BE_2_UINT and INT_BYTES_LE_2_UINT has been removed from
    interpreter and compiler. The functions bigImport, bigCLit,
    big_clit, intToBStriBe, int_toBStriBe, intToBStriLe, int_toBStriLe,
    intBytesBe2UInt, int_bytes_be_2_uint, intBytesLe2UInt and
    int_bytes_le_2_uint have been removed.
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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# $FreeBSD$
DISTVERSION= 05_20140202
DISTVERSION= 05_20140216
SHA256 (seed7_05_20140202.tgz) = 6691216f7651d10a9006857a9eb19633ef0a1b3e89a3b014ae718ff77c55f4f1
SIZE (seed7_05_20140202.tgz) = 2028658
SHA256 (seed7_05_20140216.tgz) = ce4043b6cc1c42137a16c644de87fe98d5968c43b8d98f9885f58b7a203bd316
SIZE (seed7_05_20140216.tgz) = 2050022
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