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Add devel/cloudabi-compiler-rt.

This is the last port that is needed to have a working C toolchain for
CloudABI. C++ still requires libc++, libc++abi and libunwind. These will
be added later.

As mentioned in the comments, we don't use CMake to build compiler-rt,
as this is too hard in this specific instance. CMake sort of depends on
compiler-rt to be present, which is a bit weird.

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:	bapt
parent ede2bb7d
......@@ -250,6 +250,7 @@
SUBDIR += clojure-cider
SUBDIR += cloudabi-binutils
SUBDIR += cloudabi-cloudlibc
SUBDIR += cloudabi-compiler-rt
SUBDIR += cmake
SUBDIR += cmake-fedora
SUBDIR += cmake-gui
# Created by: Ed Schouten <>
# $FreeBSD$
PORTNAME= compiler-rt
COMMENT= Compiler runtime library for CloudABI
BUILD_DEPENDS= x86_64-unknown-cloudabi-ar:${PORTSDIR}/devel/cloudabi-binutils \
x86_64-unknown-cloudabi-cc:${PORTSDIR}/lang/cloudabi-clang \
USES= tar:xz
PLIST_FILES= x86_64-unknown-cloudabi/lib/libcompiler_rt.a
# Do not use the CMake build rules provided by compiler-rt. The CMake build
# rules shipped with compiler-rt depend both on a standard C++ library and a
# compiler that can generate working executables. In our case we are not
# capable of generating executables, for the reason that we need an installed
# copy of compiler-rt.
# Fall back to generating the object files and the library manually.
SRCFILES= absvdi2.c absvsi2.c absvti2.c adddf3.c addsf3.c addtf3.c \
addvdi3.c addvsi3.c addvti3.c ashldi3.c ashlti3.c ashrdi3.c \
ashrti3.c clear_cache.c clzdi2.c clzsi2.c clzti2.c cmpdi2.c \
cmpti2.c comparedf2.c comparesf2.c ctzdi2.c ctzsi2.c ctzti2.c \
divdc3.c divdf3.c divdi3.c divmoddi4.c divmodsi4.c divsc3.c \
divsf3.c divsi3.c divtf3.c divti3.c divxc3.c \
enable_execute_stack.c extendhfsf2.c extendsfdf2.c ffsdi2.c \
ffsti2.c fixdfdi.c fixdfsi.c fixdfti.c fixsfdi.c fixsfsi.c \
fixsfti.c fixunsdfdi.c fixunsdfsi.c fixunsdfti.c fixunssfdi.c \
fixunssfsi.c fixunssfti.c fixunsxfdi.c fixunsxfsi.c \
fixunsxfti.c fixxfdi.c fixxfti.c floatsidf.c floatsisf.c \
floattidf.c floattisf.c floattixf.c floatunsidf.c \
floatunsisf.c floatuntidf.c floatuntisf.c floatuntixf.c \
int_util.c lshrdi3.c lshrti3.c moddi3.c modsi3.c modti3.c \
muldc3.c muldf3.c muldi3.c mulodi4.c mulosi4.c muloti4.c \
mulsc3.c mulsf3.c multf3.c multi3.c mulvdi3.c mulvsi3.c \
mulvti3.c mulxc3.c negdf2.c negdi2.c negsf2.c negti2.c \
negvdi2.c negvsi2.c negvti2.c paritydi2.c paritysi2.c \
parityti2.c popcountdi2.c popcountsi2.c popcountti2.c \
powidf2.c powisf2.c powitf2.c powixf2.c subdf3.c subsf3.c \
subtf3.c subvdi3.c subvsi3.c subvti3.c trampoline_setup.c \
truncdfhf2.c truncdfsf2.c truncsfhf2.c ucmpdi2.c ucmpti2.c \
udivdi3.c udivmoddi4.c udivmodsi4.c udivmodti4.c udivsi3.c \
udivti3.c umoddi3.c umodsi3.c umodti3.c x86_64/floatdidf.c \
x86_64/floatdisf.c x86_64/floatdixf.c x86_64/floatundidf.S \
x86_64/floatundisf.S x86_64/floatundixf.S
.for f in ${SRCFILES}
${LOCALBASE}/bin/x86_64-unknown-cloudabi-cc -O2 \
-c -o ${WRKSRC}/$f.o ${WRKSRC}/$f
cd ${WRKSRC}; ${LOCALBASE}/bin/x86_64-unknown-cloudabi-ar -rcs \
libcompiler_rt.a ${SRCFILES:S/$/.o/}
@${MKDIR} ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX}/x86_64-unknown-cloudabi/lib/
${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/libcompiler_rt.a \
.include <>
SHA256 (compiler-rt-0.240389.tar.xz) = 1df516ee4a9662e261458f69018b3c44e3c3d18702e1e90234478c00ad14c5eb
SIZE (compiler-rt-0.240389.tar.xz) = 1182404
The compiler-rt library provides fallback routines for mathematical
functions that are not implemented in hardware. For example, when
compiling for a 32-bit target, converting a double to a 64-bit unsigned
integer is compiling into a runtime call to the "__fixunsdfdi" function.
This library is a prerequisite for having a working CloudABI toolchain,
as Clang attempts to link this library into executables unconditionally.
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