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Remove the GUIDELINES file, which is replaced by section 4.3 of the

handbook a long time ago.

Add a small README.  It just refers refers people to section 4.2 and
4.3 of the handbook for now.  It will be replaced with the all-dancing
all-singing complete subdirectory-describin', tellin'-the-user-exactly-
what-to-do version after 2.1 is out and I get some time!
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This is the FreeBSD Ports Collection. Please refer to the FreeBSD
Handbook on what to do with them.
The FreeBSD Handbook is available from
(that's the version on your machine) and
for the latest version from FreeBSD-current.
The section "The Ports Collection" will tell you how to use the
ports/packages and "Porting Applications" describes how you can
contribute to the ports collection.
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