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      Add rubygem-xdg4 4.5.0 (copied from rubygem-xdg) · cd4fee49
      sunpoet authored
      - Add PORTSCOUT
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      Add rubygem-un 0.1.0 · fba83feb
      sunpoet authored
      un.rb provides utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/un
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      Add rubygem-tsort 0.1.0 · 8693b686
      sunpoet authored
      TSort implements topological sorting using Tarjan's algorithm for strongly
      connected components.
      TSort is designed to be able to be used with any object which can be interpreted
      as a directed graph.
      TSort requires two methods to interpret an object as a graph, tsort_each_node
      and tsort_each_child:
      - tsort_each_node is used to iterate for all nodes over a graph.
      - tsort_each_child is used to iterate for child nodes of a given node.
      The equality of nodes are defined by eql? and hash since TSort uses Hash
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/tsort
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      Add rubygem-tracer 0.1.1 · 0f510dbc
      sunpoet authored
      Tracer outputs a source level execution trace of a Ruby program.
      It does this by registering an event handler with Kernel#set_trace_func for
      processing incoming events. It also provides methods for filtering unwanted
      trace output (see Tracer.add_filter, Tracer.on, and Tracer.off).
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/tracer
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      Add rubygem-tmpdir 0.1.1 · cc76f821
      sunpoet authored
      Dir.mktmpdir creates a temporary directory. The directory is created with 0700
      Application should not change the permission to make the temporary directory
      accessible from other users.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/tmpdir
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      Add rubygem-time 0.1.0 · 6750b58b
      sunpoet authored
      When 'time' is required, Time is extended with additional methods for parsing
      and converting Times.
      This library extends the Time class with the following conversions between date
      strings and Time objects:
      - date-time defined by RFC 2822
      - HTTP-date defined by RFC 2616.
      - dateTime defined by XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes (ISO 8601)
      - various formats handled by Date._parse
      - custom formats handled by Date._strptime
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/time
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      Add rubygem-tempfile 0.1.1 · 0a7d8e9f
      sunpoet authored
      Tempfile is a utility class for managing temporary files. When you create a
      Tempfile object, it will create a temporary file with a unique filename. A
      Tempfile objects behaves just like a File object, and you can perform all the
      usual file operations on it: reading data, writing data, changing its
      permissions, etc. So although this class does not explicitly document all
      instance methods supported by File, you can in fact call any File instance
      method on a Tempfile object.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/tempfile
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      Add rubygem-syslog 0.1.0 · 4192e802
      sunpoet authored
      Syslog is a simple wrapper for the UNIX syslog system calls that might be handy
      if you're writing a server in Ruby.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/syslog
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      Add rubygem-shell 0.8.1 · 3a18383c
      sunpoet authored
      Shell implements an idiomatic Ruby interface for common UNIX shell commands.
      It provides users the ability to execute commands with filters and pipes, like
      sh/csh by using native facilities of Ruby.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/shell
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      Add rubygem-set 1.0.1 · 9da90862
      sunpoet authored
      This library provides the Set class, which deals with a collection of unordered
      values with no duplicates. It is a hybrid of Array's intuitive inter-operation
      facilities and Hash's fast lookup.
      The method to_set is added to Enumerable for convenience.
      Set implements a collection of unordered values with no duplicates. This is a
      hybrid of Array's intuitive inter-operation facilities and Hash's fast lookup.
      Set is easy to use with Enumerable objects (implementing each). Most of the
      initializer methods and binary operators accept generic Enumerable objects
      besides sets and arrays. An Enumerable object can be converted to Set using the
      to_set method.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/set
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      Add rubygem-prettyprint 0.1.0 · 211354fe
      sunpoet authored
      PrettyPrint implements a pretty printing algorithm. It finds line breaks and
      nice indentations for grouped structure.
      By default, the class assumes that primitive elements are strings and each byte
      in the strings have single column in width. But it can be used for other
      situations by giving suitable arguments for some methods:
      - newline object and space generation block for PrettyPrint.new
      - optional width argument for PrettyPrint#text
      - PrettyPrint#breakable
      There are several candidate uses:
      - text formatting using proportional fonts
      - multibyte characters which has columns different to number of bytes
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/prettyprint
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      Add rubygem-pathname 0.1.0 · cdaf4d3a
      sunpoet authored
      Pathname represents the name of a file or directory on the filesystem, but not
      the file itself.
      The pathname depends on the Operating System: Unix, Windows, etc. This library
      works with pathnames of local OS, however non-Unix pathnames are supported
      A Pathname can be relative or absolute. It's not until you try to reference the
      file that it even matters whether the file exists or not.
      Pathname is immutable. It has no method for destructive update.
      The goal of this class is to manipulate file path information in a neater way
      than standard Ruby provides. The examples below demonstrate the difference.
      All functionality from File, FileTest, and some from Dir and FileUtils is
      included, in an unsurprising way. It is essentially a facade for all of these,
      and more.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/pathname
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      Add rubygem-optparse 0.1.0 · 6de60765
      sunpoet authored
      OptionParser is a class for command-line option analysis. It is much more
      advanced, yet also easier to use, than GetoptLong, and is a more Ruby-oriented
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/optparse
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      Add rubygem-open3 0.1.1 · 84e9aeb7
      sunpoet authored
      Open3 gives you access to stdin, stdout, and stderr when running other programs.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/open3
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      Add rubygem-io-wait 0.1.0 · c31f6299
      sunpoet authored
      io-wait provides the feature for waiting until IO is readable or writable
      without blocking.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/io-wait
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      Add rubygem-io-nonblock 0.1.0 · 674fa8df
      sunpoet authored
      io-nonblock enables non-blocking mode with IO class.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/io-nonblock
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      Add rubygem-find 0.1.0 · f728e310
      sunpoet authored
      The Find module supports the top-down traversal of a set of file paths.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/find
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      Add rubygem-fiddle 1.0.7 · 0400f9bf
      sunpoet authored
      Fiddle is an extension to translate a foreign function interface (FFI) with
      It wraps libffi, a popular C library which provides a portable interface that
      allows code written in one language to call code written in another language.
      WWW: https://github.com/ruby/fiddle