1. 24 Feb, 2021 30 commits
  2. 23 Feb, 2021 10 commits
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      - Update to 3.3.5 · 72a971b2
      wen authored
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      Update CMake's FreeBSD pkg(8) generator · b3083be7
      adridg authored
      There is an OPTION CPACK for CMake that enables a FreeBSD pkg(8)
      generator: after building anything CMake-based, `cpack -G FREEBSD`
      gives you a a ready-to-go installable package.
      Well, assuming you turn the option on, and the bugs in the generator
      are fixed. Which this patch does. I've tried it with supertux2
      and some other bits and pieces and the patch is in a MR upstream.
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      science/afni: Update to 21.0.09 · d2ec4218
      nc authored
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      multimedia/aegisub: Fix build on 12.2 · 001f0f4e
      lwhsu authored
      PR:		253735
      Submitted by:	Olga Smirnova <mistresssilvara@hotmail.com>
      MFH:		2021Q1
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      sysutils/dunst: Update to 1.6.1 · 7de00f3a
      dmgk authored
      Changes:	https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dunst-project/dunst/master/CHANGELOG.md
      PR:		253805
      Submitted by:	jbeich
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      sysutils/restic: Update to 0.12.0 · bc6ad20b
      rhurlin authored
      Changelog: https://github.com/restic/restic/releases/tag/v0.12.0
      PR:		253772
      Submitted by:	Greg Fitzgerald <gregf@beastie.tech> (maintainer)
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      Bump devel/qt5-core PORTREVISION to force a rebuild · 574e67fa
      adridg authored
      This follows up changes to qt-dist.mk, and builds a new qt5-core.
      The new package will get a new pkg install and deinstall script
      which will clean up existing qconfig-modules which may have gathered
      hundreds of update lines over the years of Qt5.
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      Re-work Qt5 install- and deinstall scripts. · 907ca859
      adridg authored
      Qt5 packages *together* manage a header file qconfig-modules.h which
      `#includes` other headers. A given Qt5 package may get a line in there,
      or it might not: that depends on package settings.
      On installing a package, add the line (if needed), on deinstall, remove
      the line (if it was there). There's a tricky case, too: upgrading
      a package that *had* a line, but no longer has one. That behaves like
      deinstall. Previously we used @postexec and @postunexec lines, but
      these were fragile in their own special way. See the linked PRs for
      examples -- or tcberner's comment that his qconfig-modules.h file
      *was* a screenful, and is now much shorter (and alphabetical, too!)
      An additional complication comes from needing to update qtchooser,
      *if* it is installed and *if* the package needs it. There was another
      set of @postexec lines for that.
      Migrate all the update logic to a shell script (there already was one
      for deinstall, now make it do triple-duty). From the template file,
      `pkg-change.in`, we generate a pkg-install and a pkg-deinstall
      script that does the right thing.
      PR:		253356 253360
      Reported by:	Nimaje on IRC
      Reviewed by:	tcberner
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      Update to 13.0.1 · f0ed9cd9
      krion authored
      Submitted by:	maintainer
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      devel/shiboken2: depend on correct llvm port · 1b712a71
      cmt authored
      between shiboken2's build system picking the highest versioned
      llvm-config available and pkg registering a dependency on the
      highest versioned libclang.so available, we need to
      - pass the correct llvm-config via cmake variable and not via
        environment, as the environment variable is not used by
        shiboken's build system
      - specify the dependency on libclang.so with it's version number; and
        to avoid breaking (or requiring manual intervention) with the next
        LLVM_DEFAULT switch, extract that version number from LLVM_DEFAULT
        in a way that should be working for llvm versions from 6 to 59
        (unless we choose to change our llvm port naming scheme), which
        seems to give us some safety margin.
      PR:		253749
      Approved by:	lbartoletti (kde@)