1. 21 Jul, 2013 31 commits
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      Add new port: devel/ahven · 074ed681
      marino authored
      Avhen is a testing framework for the Ada programming language.  It has
      functional similarities to JUnit and AUnit.
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      Add new port: lang/adacontrol · a658efed
      marino authored
      Adacontrol is a tool that analyzes language constructs in Ada programs.  It
      can be used as a standalone tool, or integrated into other tools.  An
      example of integration can be seen with the upcoming devel/ahven port.
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      Add new port: textproc/adabrowse · 43565853
      marino authored
      Adabrowse is an Ada to HTML generator typically used to generate
      documentation.  It is a dependency for some Ada ports documentation
      options, such as the coming upgrade for security/libsparkcrypto port.
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      Add new port: lang/asis · 4d8074dc
      marino authored
      This is ASIS, the Ada Semantic Interface Specification.
      ASIS is tightly coupled with lang/gcc-aux and must be built with the same
      sources.  For this reason, ASIS will not work with other Ada compilers,
      including GNAT GPL (lang/gnat).
      ASIS is a dependency of several upcoming Ada ports.
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      Add new port: lang/gnat_util · 7ca256c3
      marino authored
      There are a number of GNAT tools that have to be build using the same
      exact sources as the compiler that it serves.  Two examples of this are
      GPRbuild and ASIS.  The latter is an important component of several other
      language semantic tools.
      Accordingly, a separate port is being created to build a static library
      that need these compiler sources.  Incidentally, diverging sources is the
      reason devel/gprbuild-aux stopped building after lang/gcc-aux was upgraded.
      With this new scheme, this type of failure should no longer occur.
      This is a dependency of the upcoming lang/asis port, and must be specified
      as a build dependency by any port that needs ASIS.
      Approved by: 	bapt (mentor)
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      - Update to 2.4.11 · f160aa33
      bdrewery authored
        * Speedup and simplify pkgng usage by not populating pkgdb.db
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      - Update to 1.8.42 · 6134177d
      nivit authored
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      - Update to 2.3.2 · 3a592f67
      swills authored
      - Remove unnecessary dependencies
      - Correct dependencies (mysql, rmagick)
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      Re-add dns/dnsperf and update to · 171a3152
      hrs authored
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      Add new port: textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-adadomain · 5f05f300
      marino authored
      This sphinx module supports the Ada language.
      This is a dependency of the upcoming devel/ahven port.
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      devel/gps: Add multijob support · 6b67b709
      marino authored
      This is a big port that takes a lot of time to build, so enabling multijob
      support is a big win.  As with other Ada programs, the "-j" configuration
      argument cannot be passed to the Makefile.  The multijob support is enabled
      through the PROCESSORS environment variable.  These requirement necessitate
      a custom do-build target.
      Some minor portlint cleanup is done as well.
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      x11-toolkits/gtkada: Improve multijob support · 7c26fb3c
      marino authored
      The first attempt at supporting multiple jobs resulting in reimplementing
      the MAKE_JOBS_NUMBER determining with "!=" operator.  Portlint doesn't
      like that and it's not even necessary.  By overriding the do-build target,
      the "-j" parameter is shielding from the makefile and the number of jobs
      is passed to gprbuild via the PROCESSORS environment variable.
      USE_GMAKE was also converted to USES+= gmake.
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      lang/gcc-aux: bug fixes · 5f29cf4b
      marino authored
      This change covers:
        1) portlint cleanup
        2) Support for bootstrapping on DragonFly 3.5+
        3) Removal of uneeded shared library version specifications
        4) USES+= gmake
        5) Splits out version to separate makefile for Ada framework
        6) Fixes typo that caused DragonFly to use mktemp
        7) Adds aggregate array index fix from gcc 4.8
        8) NetBSD lstdc++ fixes were pulled in from diff reneration
        9) c++ testsuite diff was corrected (how it was committed wrong is unknown)
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      databases/slony1: Limit to pgsql version 9.1 and below · 6b26462e
      marino authored
      Slony1 will not build on PostgreSQL 9.2, so indicate this in the makefile.
      Users should migrate to version 2 (databases/slonyIv2) as version 1.2
      is no longer maintained.
      PR:		ports/179958
      Submitted by:	marino
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor), maintainer
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      Maintainer's email address bounces. While here, add expiration date · 4b873b38
      linimon authored
      since it does not build.
      Note: a 1.0 release has been available for over a year.
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      Set USE_GCC= any on i386 as clang there doesn't like · 9e4d4193
      nox authored
      src/post/deinterlace/plugins/greedy2frame_template_sse2.c .
      Submitted by:	pointyhat via miwi
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      Update libevent-hiphop to support hiphop-php 2.1 · d5539792
      mm authored
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      Make sure that the option to build with graphics is turned off, just as in · e1781249
      rene authored
      astro/boinc-setiathome-enhanced.  This fixes the build of
      astro/boinc-astropulse when built against this port.
      Bump PORTREVISION to make sure that the patched sources are picked up by
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      screenFetch is a "Bash Screenshot Information Tool". This handy Bash script can · bf8dfe8c
      jgh authored
      be used to generate one of those nifty terminal theme information + ASCII
      distribution logos you see in everyone's screenshots nowadays. It will
      auto-detect your distribution and display an ASCII version of that
      distribution's logo and some valuable information to the right. There are
      options to specify no ascii art, colors, taking a screenshot upon displaying
      info, and even customizing the screenshot command! This script is very easy to
      add to and can easily be extended.
      WWW: https://github.com/KittyKatt/screenFetch
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      - update to 0.7.0 · 09d668b0
      jgh authored
      - issue #21 was fixed locally via console or via terminal emulator
        however issues exists if using a standard remote session is being
        investigated: http://code.google.com/p/jvmtop/issues/detail?id=21
      - add in post-install message noting to user to use jvmtop under a terminal
        emulation program ( sysutils/tmux or sysutils/screen )
      From Changelog:
      - New Feature: jvmtop does now include a sampling-based CPU Profiler
      - jvmtop does now support FreeBSD, fixing the issue #21 and issue #22
      - refresh rate can now be configured, using argument --delay <interval>
        minor fixes
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      devel/concurrencykit: Update to 0.2.20 · 43694f3a
      koobs authored
      - Update to 0.2.20
      - Use PLIST_SUB for shared library version in pkg-plist
      - Update pkg-plist and Makefile.man
      - Support for Intel TSX extensions (ck_pr_rtm)
      - Support for lock elision
      - A ck_hs_move operation
      - Support for reader-writer cohort locks
      Release Announcement:
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      - migrate USE_GMAKE and USE_PKGCONFIG to USES framework · de4e06a2
      jgh authored
      Approved by:	maintainer (swills@)
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      - Update to 1.1.0 · 9a77dfaf
      swills authored
      - Trim header
      - Pet portlit (a bit)
      PR:		ports/180469
      Submitted by:	lwhsu
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      Make MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE. · d9d53e8f
      vanilla authored
      Obtained from:	miwi@
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      - Fix group permissions · 5e1d6982
      swills authored
      PR:		ports/180379
      Reported by:	romain
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      - Update to 3.2.9 · 135ac1e7
      swills authored
      - Security: CVE-2013-4717, CVE-2013-4718
      PR:		ports/180477
      Submitted by:	"Mikhail T." <m.tsatsenko@gmail.com> (maintainer)
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      - Update to 0.11.4 · 9b4226b0
      swills authored
      PR:		ports/180671
      Submitted by:	Daniel Lin <linpct@gmail.com> (maintainer)
  2. 20 Jul, 2013 9 commits