1. 06 May, 2016 22 commits
  2. 05 May, 2016 18 commits
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      Fix a regression regarding extraction of symlinks (regression tests added) · 224588df
      bapt authored
      Reported by:	gjb
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      Update pear.horde.org channel protocol · 6ddca077
      mm authored
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      Update to · 4b9c83a7
      bapt authored
      Revert 2 fixes that were actually coverity false positives
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      [bwn] Initial support for the v5 firmware · fad0c056
      adrian authored
      This is just to support the initial v5 firmware for one of the PHY-N
      NICs I'm going to do some development.
      It only pulls out the specific v5 mimo firmware for the BCM4312 NIC
      I am playing with; I'm adding it so we at least have the framework
      to pull things out of the v5 firmware.
      The existing NICs still use v4 firmware and I don't plan on changing
      that for some time as bwn(4) doesn't yet support the newer firmware API
      and descriptor layouts.
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      www/xombrero: unbreak; update to 1.6.4 · 3e49a985
      rm authored
      This patch is cherry-picked from 4 different PRs and one upstream bug report [1]
      Changes are:
      - fix build and runtime (based on [1]). I also tried patches and solutions from
        PR's, but they didn't worked for some reason
      - update to 1.6.4
      - convert to options helpers and add other simplifications to Makefile
      - sync installed files with Makefile, bundled into distribution
      - add upstream patch to fix some GTK3 warnings
      This was tested both at build and runtime with both GTK versions.
      Also HTML5 video playback was tested - there was a report that it doesn't work.
      [1] https://github.com/conformal/xombrero/issues/131
      PR:		192779 203939 205646 209301
      Submitted by:	various persons
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      - Update to 0.10.0 · f08481ad
      olivierd authored
      - Switch to PyPI.io host
      - Pass maintainership
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      devel/ace: 6.3.3 -> 6.3.4 · 390571db
      pi authored
      - ACE_SSL_Context::set_mode() can no longer be used to select a specific
        SSL/TLS protocol version, use ACE_SSL_Context::filter_versions() for that.
        This follows general advice by the OpenSSL project to go through
        SSL_CTX_set_options() to limit the list of protocols available. The purpose
        of ACE_SSL_Context::set_mode() is now limited to explicitly restricting
        behaviour to client or server (defaults to both).
      - Improve Oracle Studio support
      - CIAO and DAnCE are forked to their own github repositories
        and are not part anymore of the ACE+TAO release packages
      - Fixed several Coverity reported issues
      - Added ACE configuration for FACE safety profiles (see config-face-safety.h).
        FACE, or Future Airborne Capability Environment http://www.opengroup.org/face,
        specifies a restricted subset of OS functions and rules for controlling
        dynamic memory allocation.  When built in this configuration on a platform
        that supports it, ACE conforms to the FACE requirements.
      - ACE uses new netdb.h functions (getaddrinfo/getnameinfo) if they are
        available, in place of deprecated functions (gethostbyname/addr).
      PR:		209292
      Submitted by:	tkato432@yahoo.com
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      Fix error, which should fix the index too... · ad04d1f1
      matthew authored
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      Update to 1.7.20 · 1c38c2bd
      olivierd authored
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      Add option to allow compiling for www/rt44, and make that the default. · 74e9dead
      matthew authored
      (Except for www/p5-RT-Extension-SLA, as the SLA functionality is now
      an integral part of rt44)
      Refactor the option handling code.
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      lang/scala: 2.11.7 -> 2.11.8 · 6361099a
      pi authored
      PR:		209251
      Submitted by:	Jens Grassel <jan0sch@mykolab.com>
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      graphics/opencollada: Fix build with libc++ 3.8.0 · f3d8fd01
      pi authored
      PR:		208905
      Submitted by:	dim
      Approved by:	mva (maintainer timeout)
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      www/node010, node012, node4: fix CONFLICTS · 18eae5da
      pi authored
      - Forgot this in the last commit
      PR:		209215
      Submitted by:	Bradley T. Hughes <bradleythughes@fastmail.fm> (maintainer)
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      Update to (aka 1.8.0 rc1) · fe674a57
      bapt authored
      - Complete refactor of the package extraction:
        * safer: ensure that only what is in the plist is actually extracted
        * ensure the package can be properly on the filesystem before actually
          replacing the files
        * move atomicity to the package level meaning that in case of failure only
          the non upgraded packages has to be proceed not the entire upgrade process
        * in case of upgrade only extract the files that are unchanged
      - Now pre install script failure can properly be catched and stoping the onging
        process (at last!).
      - New mechanism in the library events to allow frontend to know what they should
        run in case of interruption
      - handle ^C proprely and cleanup ongoing procedure
      - lots of fixes of bugs reported by coverity
      - finish implementation of the 'vital' feature
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      databases/py-peewee: 2.3.1 -> 2.8.0 · 662a28c2
      pi authored
      PR:		208826
      Submitted by:	wen
      Approved by:	matthias@petermann-it.de (maintainer timeout)
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      x11-fonts/fira: 4.105 -> 4.106 · b512e2ea
      pi authored
      PR:		208670
      Submitted by:	rakuco
      Approved by:	horia@racoviceanu.com (maintainer timeout)