1. 19 Oct, 2014 28 commits
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      KDE/FreeBSD team presents KDE SC 4.14.2 and KDE Workspace 4.11.13! · 25c68bc4
      makc authored
      USE_KDE4=kdehier component has been deprecated, new components added:
       baloo			- Baloo core libraries
       baloo-widgets		- Baloo widgets library
       kfilemetadata		- KDE library for extracting file metadata
      New ports:
        graphics/kqtquickcharts	- QtQuick plugin to render interactive charts
        misc/artikulate		- Pronunciation trainer for KDE
      				(not usable currently, links to both
      				GStreamer 1.x and 0.10.x via dependencies)
        sysutils/baloo[-widgets]	- KDE framework for searching and
      				managing user metadata
        sysutils/kfilemetadata	- Library for extracting file metadata
      l10n ports:
      - Farsi (Persian) and Indonesian translations has been readded
      - Vietnamese didn't pass threshold for inclusion into release
      - switch dependency from math/eigen2 to math/eigen3
      - add PYKDE option for updating supernovae data
      - update dependencies: add libkgapi and baloo,
        remove now needless clucene, link-grammar, strigi
      - add patch to fix build with gcc42
      - update COMMENT and description for all KDE PIM ports
      - remove BROKEN, it builds with ruby 2.x now
      - add patch to disable memory-hungry build of the kate tests [1]
      - add dependency on graphics/libkscreen
      - add optional dependency on lang/luajit for LuaJIT backend
      - fix gfortran detection [2]
      - adapt to new pkg world. Now the purpose of kdehier4 only
        to link some stuff between KDE4_PREFIX and LOCALBASE.
      - switch dependency from math/eigen2 to math/eigen3
      - add dependence on science/chemical-mime-data
      - switch dependency from math/eigen2 to math/eigen3
      among other changes:
      - drop deprecated USE_KDE4=kdehier
      - drop @dirrm from plist
      - clean up pkg-descr
      - convert to options helpers
      - other portlint fixes
      The area51 repository features commits by alonso, rakuco and myself.
      PR:		187150 [1]
      Reported by:	pe.freethread@live.com
      Patch by:	Tobias Berner <tcberner@gmail.com>
      PR:		180674 [2]
      Reported by:	torsten.eichstaedt@web.de
      PR:		194316
      Exp-run:	antoine
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      Fix packaging · 2cd94a0c
      antoine authored
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      Merge from KDE/FreeBSD in preparation for KDE SC 4.14: · aec730b6
      makc authored
      common changes:
      - don't use deprecated USE_KDE4=kdehier
      - drop deprecated @dirrmtry and use absolute path instead of @cwd
      - Update to 1.13.0
      - add upstream patch to really avoid building Akonadi's unit tests
      - update to 0.5.1
      - update to 2.2.0
      - update to 0.5.3
      multimedia/phonon and multimedia/phonon-designerplugin:
      - update to 4.8.1
      - update to 4.8.0
      - switch from GStreamer 0.10.x to 1.x
      - update to 0.8.0
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      Allow staging as a regular user · 649d7362
      antoine authored
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      - Convert ports from dns/, editors/ and emulators/ to new · 68713e63
      mva authored
      Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
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      - Allow staging as a regular user · 4448b190
      antoine authored
      - Bump portrevision as some files were not packaged with intended owner
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      www/py-cssmin: update to 0.2.0 · 82369cb3
      rm authored
      - update to 0.2.0
      - remove patch, applied upstream
      - reset maintainership by maintainer's request
      PR:		194454
      Submitted by:	rm (myself)
      Approved by:	loader@freebsdmall.com (maintainer)
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      - Allow staging as a regular user · cde32ada
      antoine authored
      - Bump portversion as some directories were not packaged with intended owner
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      - Update from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2 · 58fe626f
      danilo authored
      - Add desktop icon
      - Take maintainership
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      deskutils/kchmviewer-kde4: · 5301a7d0
      makc authored
      - update to 7.1
      - amend COMMENT
      - add dependence on archivers/libzip
      - switch to out-of-source build
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      Add new port net-im/qTox: · 2c63233f
      makc authored
      Qt 5 based Tox client
      WWW: https://wiki.tox.im/QTox
      PR:		194010 (based on)
      Submitted by:	yuri@rawbw.com
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      - Update from 2.9.2 to 2.9.4 · 357e9f13
      danilo authored
      - Add desktop icon
      - Take maintainership
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      Update cad/elmerfem to 20141015 snapshot. · caf2e1de
      thierry authored
      This brings many small fixes.
      While here drop the autoconf support since we are using the CMake branch.
      PR:		ports/194410
      Submitted by:	pfg@ (maintainer)
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      - Add X265 knob (default off) for X.265 (HEVC) encoding support using · ee394e9c
      nox authored
        Example usage:  (-c:a libfdk_aac needs FDK_AAC knob too)
      	ffmpeg -i $inputvideofile -c:a libfdk_aac -b:a 64k -c:v libx265 -x265-params crf=31 $outputfile.mkv
        This can now be played back by at least ffplay (needs SDL knob),
        vlc, mplayer, mpv, xine.  (and gives a nice reduction in file size.)
      No objection from:	multimedia@ list
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      - update to 1.5.19 · ea3aa6fb
      dinoex authored
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      - Add Apple's gperf enhancements (GPLv2) · d00d967c
      dinoex authored
      PR:		193964
      Submitted by:	Pedro F. Giffuni
      Obtained from:	http://opensource.apple.com/source/gperf/gperf-9/patches/
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      - Un-break build for non-standard OPTION VCHKPW · 6628699f
      riggs authored
      PR:		193851
      Submitted by:	uffe@uffe.org (maintainer)
      MFH:		2014Q4
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      - Add new port: textproc/rubygem-text · 690c3186
      tota authored
        A collection of text algorithms: Levenshtein, Soundex, Metaphone,
        Double Metaphone, Porter Stemming
        WWW: https://github.com/threedaymonk/text
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      security/wpa_supplicant: Fix build on FreeBSD 11 · 27c723e3
      marino authored
      On FreeBSD 11, the wpa_supplicant couldn't find the readline headers.
      It turns out that Mk/Uses/readline.mk only augments LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS,
      but wpa_supplicant needs -I${LOCALBASE}/include add to CFLAGS.  To fix
      FreeBSD build, augment CFLAGS with value of CPPFLAGS in the makefile.
      This wasn't an issue on DragonFly.  Apparently wpa_supplicant found the
      readline compatibility headers of libedit and used those instead.
      reported by:	pkg-fallout
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      - Convert ports from databases/ and deskutils/ to new USES=python · d4e0b55e
      mva authored
      Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
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      - Convert ports from cad/, chinese/, comms/ and converters/ to new · dc3d0650
      mva authored
      Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
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      - Convert ports from benchmarks/ and biology/ to new USES=python · f0650650
      mva authored
      Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
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      - Convert ports from audio/ to new USES=python · 9fbc579d
      mva authored
      Reviewed by:	portmgr (implicit)
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      - Update to version 1.16.0 · ebd90c47
      mva authored
      This version provides
        * additional and improved effects
        * high- and band-pass EFX filters
        * improved resampling support
        * improved audio back-end support
        * a GUI configuration utility (based on QT)
        * and lots of other features: http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html
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      - Update to 0.5.9 · 4ee2e1c4
      ashish authored
      - Add diff to remove ldconfig, which is GNU/Linux compatible
      - Add diff to explicitly check for threaded Boehm GC to avoid breaking when
        both threaded, and non-threaded versions are installed
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      devel/rubygem-nprogress-rails: update to · b5fb33d5
      swills authored
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      devel/p5-Test-Net-RabbitMQ: update to 0.10 · d57e38d5
      swills authored
  2. 18 Oct, 2014 12 commits