1. 27 Mar, 2013 34 commits
  2. 26 Mar, 2013 6 commits
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      In validate target, use unexpand and sed to make sure that we are using · 8d1afddb
      delphij authored
      consistent space style.
      Reviewed by:	stas, simon
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      Pyobfsproxy is a pluggable transport proxy written in Python. Its architecture · 40c639a4
      cs authored
      is similar to the architecture of Obfsproxy.
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      * Update devel/lua-lgi to version 0.7.1 · c630329d
      mandree authored
      * Install corelgilua51.so to proper directory (otherwise
        x11-wm/awesome cannot load it)
      Note that due to the commit r315210 (ports/176834), major merging of the
      two PRs' patches were necessary.
      PR:		ports/176896
      Submitted by:	Herbert J. Skuhra <h.skuhra@gmail.com>
      Approved by:	maintainer timeout (andreevmaxim@gmail.com, 14 days)
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      - new port www/apache24 · c72847ab
      ohauer authored
      The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an
      open-source HTTP server for various modern desktop and server operating
      systems, such as UNIX and Windows NT. The goal of this project is to
      provide a secure, efficient and extensible server which provides HTTP
      services in sync with the current HTTP standards.
      The 2.x branch of Apache Web Server includes several improvements like
      threading, use of APR, native IPv6 and SSL support, and many more.
      WWW: http://httpd.apache.org/
       Since apache24 does not enable every module by default in httpd.conf the
       list of modules to build was preselected to match build param
       MPM selection is now an OPTION also if the MPM is build statically or
       dynamically. In the later case all modules are build/installed but only
       the selected MPM has an entry in httpd.conf (see apache issue 53882)
       Per default the MPM prefork (static) will be build, to get the best
       Custom variants like itk/peruser are not supported at the moment.
       Port based on my work prototype from the apache@ list and patch from
       PR 174617
      with hat apache@
      PR:		174617
      Submitted by:	<swall@redcom.com>
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      Add new port audio/lua51-mpd, a Lua client library for MPD, · cbc7e614
      mandree authored
      the music player daemon.
      Note that the submission has been modified to set the submitter as the
      port maintainer, and to use UNIQUENAME in the DOCSDIR, to avoid clashes
      with mpd.
      PR:		ports/177334
      Submitted by:	David Demelier <demelier.david@gmail.com>