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      Add py-cli-helpers 0.2.1 · c5113d19
      sunpoet authored
      CLI Helpers is a Python package that makes it easy to perform common tasks when
      building command-line apps. It’s a helper library for command-line interfaces.
      Libraries like Click and Python Prompt Toolkit are amazing tools that help you
      create quality apps. CLI Helpers complements these libraries by wrapping up
      common tasks in simple interfaces.
      CLI Helpers is not focused on your app’s design pattern or framework – you can
      use it on its own or in combination with other libraries. It’s lightweight and
      easy to extend.
      What’s included in CLI Helpers?
      - Prettyprinting of tabular data with custom pre-processing
      - [in progress] config file reading/writing
      WWW: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/cli-helpers
      WWW: https://github.com/dbcli/cli_helpers
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      Add py-backports.csv 1.0.5 · d1014afc
      sunpoet authored
      The API of the csv module in Python 2 is drastically different from the csv
      module in Python 3. This is due, for the most part, to the difference between
      str in Python 2 and Python 3.
      The semantics of Python 3's version are more useful because they support unicode
      natively, while Python 2's csv does not.
      WWW: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/backports.csv
      WWW: https://github.com/ryanhiebert/backports.csv
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      Add papilio-loader to the build. · 8260ef08
      mr authored
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      Add rubygem-ddplugin 1.0.1 · 4684239f
      sunpoet authored
      ddplugin is a library for managing plugins.
      Designing a library so that third parties can easily extend it greatly improves
      its usefulness. ddplugin helps solve this problem using plugins, which are
      classes of a certain type and with a given identifier (Ruby symbol).
      This code was extracted from Nanoc, where it has been in production for years.
      WWW: https://github.com/ddfreyne/ddplugin
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      devel/racer: add new port · b88d5744
      jbeich authored
      PR:		210614
      Submitted by:	Timothy Beyer
      MFH:		2017Q3
      RACER = Rust Auto-Complete-er. A utility intended to provide Rust code
      completion for editors and IDEs. Maybe one day the 'er' bit will be exploring +
      refactoring or something.
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      Remove expired ports: · 094ca1c6
      rene authored
      2017-06-30 misc/p5-Geo-Coder-Many: deprecated and no longer maintained by upstream
      2017-07-01 graphics/gimp-elsamuko-script: Broken for more than 2 years
      2017-07-01 devel/anjuta-extras: Last release in 2013 and doesn't build with recent GTK+
      2017-07-01 www/apache22-worker-mpm: Upstream propose EoL of apache 2.2.x during the next 12 months
      2017-07-01 www/apache22-itk-mpm: Upstream propose EoL of apache 2.2.x during the next 12 months
      2017-07-01 www/apache22-peruser-mpm: Upstream propose EoL of apache 2.2.x during the next 12 months
      2017-07-01 www/apache22-event-mpm: Upstream propose EoL of apache 2.2.x during the next 12 months
  14. 29 Jun, 2017 2 commits