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      textproc/scancode-toolkit: Update to 3.0.2 · 85d6a49a
      kai authored
      * Update the patch for "setup.py" to relax the version ranges
      * Update the paths for the plugin "extractcode-libarchive" in the
        do-{build,install} targets
      * Remove the patch for "extractcode_libarchive2.py" that is no longer
      Changelog (since 2.9.7 / summary):
      API changes:
      * Streamline Package models. In particular the way checksums are managed has
      * In Package models, rename normalized_license to license_expression and add
        license detection on the declared_license to populate the
      Improvements for license / package detections:
      * Add new and improved licenses and license detection rules
      * Improve package summaries. Add new plugin to improve package
      Command line:
      * Always delete temporary files when no longer needed.
      * Add a new --keep-temp-files option to keep temp files which is false by
      * Improve reusing resource.VirtualCode
      * Place all third-party packages under thirdparty and update ABOUT files
      * The html-app output is marked as DEPRECATED. Use the AboutCode manager app
      * Ensure HTML outputs can deal with non-ASCII file paths without crashsing
      * JSON outputs now use a "headers" attributes for top-level scan headers
      * SPDX output is now possible even without "--info" SHA1 checksums. This
        creates a partially valid document
      * LicenseRef for non-SPDX ScanCode licenses are named as
        "LicenseRef-scancode-<scancode key>"
      * license_expression are correctly included in the CSV output
      * Do not crash with multiple outputs
      * Ensure CSV output include packages
      Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
  4. 29 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      textproc/scancode-toolkit: Fix runtime errors · 52201607
      kai authored
      Relax the version requirements for devel/py-future and textproc/py-pygments.
      scancode-toolkit is not (yet) compatible with devel/py-click 7.x thus switch
      back to devel/py-click6 for a while.
      Also while I'm here:
      * Pet portlint (whitespace)
      Approved by:	mentors (implicit)
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