1. 10 May, 2010 1 commit
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      Presenting GNOME 2.30.1 for FreeBSD. The offical release notes for this · 6a2a890c
      kwm authored
      release can be found at http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.30/ .
      This release brings initial PackageKit support, Upower (replaces power
      management part of hal), cuse4bsd integration with HAL and cheese, and a
      faster Evolution.
      Sadly GNOME 2.30.x will be the last release with FreeBSD 6.X support. This
      will also be the last of the 2.x releases. The next release will be the
      highly-anticipated GNOME 3.0 which will bring with it a new UI experience.
      Currently, there are a few bugs with GNOME 2.30 that may be of note for our
      users. Be sure to consult the UPGRADING note or the 2.30 upgrade FAQ at
      http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/docs/faq230.html for specific upgrading
      instructions, and the up-to-date list of known issues.
      This release features commits by avl, ahze, bland, marcus, mezz, and myself.
      The FreeBSD GNOME Team would like to thank Anders F Bjorklund for doing the
      initual packagekit porting.
      And the following contributors & testers for there help with this release:
      Eric L. Chen
      Vladimir Grebenschikov
      Sergio de Almeida Lenzi
      Kevin Oberman
      Michal Varga
      Pavel Plesov
      and ITetcu for two exp-run
      PR:	ports/143852
  2. 28 Mar, 2010 1 commit
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      - update to 1.4.1 · e8efdd21
      dinoex authored
      Reviewed by:	exp8 run on pointyhat
      Supported by:	miwi
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      Presenting GNOME 2.28.1 for FreeBSD. The official release notes for this · 08ef0f72
      marcus authored
      release can be found at http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.28/ .
      Officially, this is mostly a polishing release in preparation for GNOME 3.0
      due in about a year.
      On the FreeBSD front, though, a lot went into this release.  Major thanks
      goes to kwm and avl who did a lot of the porting work for this release.
      In particular, kwm brought in Evolution MAPI support for better Microsoft
      Exchange integration.  Avl made sure that the new gobject introspection
      repository ports were nicely compartmentalized so that large dependencies
      aren't brought in wholesale.
      But, every GNOME team member (ahze, avl, bland, kwm, mezz, and myself)
      contributed to this release.
      Other major improvements include an updated HAL with better volume
      probing code, ufsid integration, and support for volume names containing
      spaces (big thanks to J.R. Oldroyd); a new WebKit; updated AbiWord;
      an updated Gimp; and a preview of the new GNOME Shell project (thanks to
      Pawel Worach).
      The FreeBSD GNOME Team would like to that the following additional
      contributors to this release whose patches and testing really helped
      make it a success:
      Andrius Morkunas
      Dominique Goncalves
      Eric L. Chen
      J.R. Oldroyd
      Joseph S. Atkinson
      Pawel Worach
      Romain Tartière
      Thomas Vogt
      Yasuda Keisuke
      Rui Paulo
      Martin Wilke
      (and an extra shout out to miwi and pav for pointyhat runs)
      We would like to send this release out to Alexander Loginov (avl) in
      hopes that he feels better soon.
      PR:		136676
      		138872 (obsolete with new epiphany-webkit)
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      Update to 2.26.3. · aea26bfd
      avl authored
      Reviewed by:	mezz (GNOME team)
      Approved by:	tabthorpe (mentor)
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      Presenting GNOME 2.26 for FreeBSD. See · 06fff123
      marcus authored
      http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.26/ for a list of what's new.
      On the FreeBSD front, we introduced a port of libxul 1.9 as an alternative
      for Firefox 2.0 as a Gecko provider.  Almost all of the Gecko consumers
      can make use of this provider by setting:
      The GNOME 2.26 port was done by ahze, kwm, marcus, and mezz with
      contributions by Joseph S. Atkinson, Peter Wemm, Eric L. Chen,
      Martin Matuska, Craig Butler, and Pawel Worach.
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      Presenting GNOME 2.24 for FreeBSD. · 6d8ed8f7
      marcus authored
      See http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.24/ for the general
      release notes.  On the FreeBSD front, this release introduces Fuse support
      in HAL, adds multi-CPU support to libgtop, WebKit updates, and fixes some
      long-standing seahorse and gnome-keyring bugs.  The documentation updates
      to the website are forthcoming.
      This release features commits by adamw, ahze, kwm, mezz, and myself.  It would
      not have been possible without are contributors and testers:
      Alexander Loginov
      Craig Butler [1]
      Dmitry Marakasov [6]
      Eric L. Chen
      Joseph S. Atkinson
      Kris Moore
      Lapo Luchini [7]
      Nikos Ntarmos
      Pawel Worach
      Romain Tartiere
      TAOKA Fumiyoshi [3]
      Yasuda Keisuke
      aZ [4]
      bf [2] [5]
      Florent Thoumie
      Peter Wemm
      PR:		125857 [1]
      		126993 [2]
      		130031 [3]
      		127399 [4]
      		127661 [5]
      		124302 [6]
      		129570 [7]
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      Bump portrevision due to upgrade of devel/gettext. · 1bf8375f
      edwin authored
      The affected ports are the ones with gettext as a run-dependency
      according to ports/INDEX-7 (5007 of them) and the ones with USE_GETTEXT
      in Makefile (29 of them).
      PR:		ports/124340
      Submitted by:	edwin@
      Approved by:	portmgr (pav)
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      The FreeBSD GNOME team is proud to annunce the release of GNOME 2.22.0 for · 7f7d1cea
      marcus authored
      FreeBSD.  The official GNOME 2.22 release notes can be found at
      http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.22/ .  On the FreeBSD front,
      this release features an updated hal port with support for video4linux
      devices, DRM (Direct Rendering), and better support of removable media.  Work
      is also underway to tie webkit more closely into GNOME.  As part of the
      GNOME 2.22 upgrade, GStreamer received a rather large upgrade as well.
      Be sure to consult UPDATING on the proper steps to upgrade all of your
      GNOME ports.
      This release would not have been possible without the contributions and
      testing efforts of the following people:
      Pawel Worach
      Peter Ulrich Kruppa
      J. W. Ballantine
      Yasuda Keisuke
      Andriy Gapon
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      Presenting GNOME 2.20.1 and all related works for FreeBSD. The official · 43bd9f14
      marcus authored
      GNOME 2.20 release notes can be found at
      http://www.gnome.org/start/2.20/notes/en/ .  Beyond that, this update
      includes the new GIMP 2.4 (courtesy of ahze).
      The GNOME 2.20 update also includes a huge change in the FreeBSD GNOME
      hierarchy.  We are now using the more standard DATADIR of ${PREFIX}/share
      rather than ${PREFIX}/share/gnome. The result is that fewer patches and
      hacks are needed to port GNOME components to FreeBSD.  This will mean some
      user changes may be required, so be sure to read /usr/ports/UPDATING for
      more details.
      This release and the things we accomplished in it would not have been
      possible without mezz's crazy idea to collapse DATADIR, and his persistence
      to make it happen successfully.  Ahze and pav also deserve thanks for
      their work on porting modules and testing the whole ball of wax on
      pointyhat (respectively).
      The FreeBSD GNOME team would also like to thank our various testers and
      Yasuda Keisuke
      Frank Jahnke
      Pawel Worach
      Brian Gruber
      Franz Klammer
      Yuri Pankov
      Nick Barkas
      Cristian KLEIN
      Tony Maher
      Scot Hetzel
      Martin Matuska (mm)
      Benoit Dejean
      Martin Wilke (miwi)
      (And anyone else I may have missed)
      PRs fixed in this release:
      111272, 113470, 115995, 116338
  25. 19 May, 2007 1 commit
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      - Welcome X.org 7.2 \o/. · 87f4d471
      flz authored
      - Set X11BASE to ${LOCALBASE} for recent ${OSVERSION}.
      - Bump PORTREVISION for ports intalling files in ${X11BASE}.
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      Presenting GNOME 2.18 for FreeBSD. GNOME 2.18 is a departure from recent GNOME · e83248f2
      marcus authored
      releases in that it focuses more on stability and functionality than on
      new features.  Not that it doesn't have its share of new and exciting
      items.  See http://www.gnome.org/start/2.18/ for all the goodies in
      this release.
      GNOME 2.18 for FreeBSD would not have been possible without the hard work
      of the FreeBSD GNOME Team and our intrepid band of testers including
      J. W. Ballantine, Pawel Worach, Yasuda Keisuke, Pascal Hofstee, miwi,
      Yoshihiro Ota, Vladimir Grebenschikov, Jukka A. Ukkonen,
      Phillip Neumann, Franz Klammer, and Neal Delmonico.
  29. 28 Jan, 2007 1 commit
  30. 14 Oct, 2006 2 commits
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      Add a LATEST_LINK of gnome-orca to avoid a conflict with · 0a509e5b
      marcus authored
      Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, kris)
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      Presenting GNOME 2.16.1 for FreeBSD. This release represents a massive · 9b9c9029
      marcus authored
      amount of work by the FreeBSD GNOME Team and our testers.
      On top of the usual GNOME update, we have taken this opportunity to move
      GNOME from X11BASE to LOCALBASE.  This means roughly 600 ports NOT part of
      the GNOME Desktop also need to be changed.  The bulk of the move was carried
      out by ahze, mezz, and pav, but it would not have been possible without
      cooperation from the FreeBSD KDE team who worked with us to make sure
      GNOME and KDE can still coexist happily.  We would also like to send a
      shout out to kris and pointyhat for putting up with multiple test runs
      until we got something that was solid.
      Back to GNOME 2.16.  This release brings a huge amount of new functionality
      to FreeBSD.  The standard release notes can be read at
      http://www.gnome.org/start/2.16/ .  But on top of what you will read there,
      jylefort and marcus have completed work on a port of HAL to FreeBSD.  This
      will allow FreeBSD to take advantage of closer hardware interaction such
      as auto-mounting CD-ROMs, USB drives, and music players; auto-playing
      audio CDs; and managing laptop power consumption.
      But where would this all be without our loyal testers and contributors?
      Therefore, the FreeBSD GNOME team would like to thank the following users:
      Phillip Neumann <pneumann@gmail.com>
      Yuri Pankov <yuri.pankov@gmail.com>
      Thomas <freebsdlists@bsdunix.ch>
      Brian Gruber <knightbg@yahoo.com>
      Franz Klammer <klammer@webonaut.com>
      Dominique Goncalves <dominique.goncalves@gmail.com>
      Pascal Hofstee <caelian@gmail.com>
      Yasuda Keisuke <kysd@po.harenet.ne.jp>
      backyard <backyard1454-bsd@yahoo.com>
      Andris Raugulis <endrju@null.lv> <endrju@null.lv>
      Eric L. Chen <d9364104@mail.nchu.edu.tw>
      Pawel Worach <pawel.worach@gmail.com>
      QuiRK on #freebsd-gnome
      Shane Bell <decept0@gmail.com>
      sajd on #freebsd-gnome
      Chris Coleman <chrisc@vmunix.com>
      kaeru on #freebsd-gnome
      crsd_ via irc.freenode.org/#FreeBSD-GNOME
      Joel Diaz <joeldiaz@mac.com>
      Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, kris)