1. 30 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      Unbreak the build on FreeBSD 11 which still has old OpenSSL in the base. · 877e58d7
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      Pointy hat to:	danfe
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      Resolve contradiction between BROKEN_SSL=openssl and advice to add · 1113236d
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      DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl to /etc/make.conf as a workaround.
      Squid 3.5 requires pre-1.1 versions of OpenSSL, and that can be only
      satisfied by the base system on 11.x versions of FreeBSD; doing the
      DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=openssl would not work.  Unfortunately, making
      proper conversion from CRYPTO_LOCK_SSL_* to new multi-threading API
      does not look feasible.  Fortunately, LibreSSL could be used as a
      drop-in replacement.
      That said, change the advice to use DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=ssl=libressl
      instead, and add a couple of minor patches to unbreak the build.