1. 26 Jul, 2012 5 commits
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      new devel/pkgconf added to replace devel/pkg-config. new version of pkg-config · 8a3f534c
      bapt authored
      are no more self hosting so we are stuck with 0.25 version while pkgconf provide
      the same set of features as 0.27 and a compatible frontend. A symlink to
      pkg-config has been added for convenience and compatibility
      This also introduces a new macro to use pkgconf in your ports:
      it can take the following arguments:
       - yes (meaning build only dep)
       - build (meaning build only dep)
       - run (meaning run only dep)
       - both (meaning run and build dep)
      From now USE_GNOME= pkgconfig is deprecated in favour of USE_PKGCONFIG
      The old gnome macro has been modified to use pkgconf but still the sameway: run
      and build dep to avoid large breakage.
      While here fix some ports relying on pkg-config but not specifying it, fix some
      ports broken because testing wrong .pc files, and fix ports using pkg-config
      --version to determine pkg-config version instead of
      pkg-config --modversion pkg-config like recommanded by pkg-config
      With Hat:	portmgr
      Exp-runs by:	bapt (pointhat-west), beat (pointyhat)
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      fixed mozc-el build fail · ccde37a9
      daichi authored
      PR:		170131
      Submitted by:	Seiji Ariga <freebsd@khaotic.net>
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      - Update to 1.2.9. · e196e67d
      stephen authored
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      - Update to 1.0.2. · 25d653e7
      stephen authored
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      - Update to 1.1.0. · c8f3211b
      stephen authored
  2. 25 Jul, 2012 33 commits
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