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      Hook git-cola and libpololu-avr to the build · 6f6a9f5a
      antoine authored
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      New port: devel/sope · b740581b
      pi authored
      SOPE is an extensive set of frameworks which form a complete Web
      application server environment. Besides the Apple WebObjects
      compatible appserver extended with Zope concepts, it contains a large
      set of reusable classes: XML processing (SAX, DOM, XML-RPC),
      MIME/IMAP4 processing, LDAP connectivity, RDBMS connectivity, and
      iCalendar parsing.
      WWW: http://sogo.nu/
      PR:		200749
      Submitted by:	Euan Thoms <euan@potensol.com>
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      Update Mesa port to 10.6.6 and add Clover. · de6c3348
      kwm authored
      Add beignet 1.1.0.
      Add clinfo, clblas, clfft and clrng.
      The major change is that all Mesa ports are now configured the same way.
      This fixes several problems and enables new features.  The details
      are described in this blog post:
      The second important change is the OpenCL support.  Mesa's
      implementation, Clover, is enabled as well as Beignet.  Clover
      targets all Gallium drivers, only Radeon GPUs in our case.  Beignet
      is for Intel GPUs starting with Ivy Bridge.  Thanks to Johannes
      Dieterich, O. Hartman, and Koop Mast for their work on OpenCL!  As a
      bonus, there are several OpenCL-based math ports added (clblas,
      clfft and clrng). For more information and known issues, please see
      The third change is the removal of Mesa 9.1.7 which was installed on
      FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE.  There is now only one version of Mesa in the Ports
      tree (10.6.6) for all supported versions of FreeBSD.
      Other, smaller changes:
      * Include libosmesa into the Mesa framework; this changes libOSMesa
        shlib version.
      * bsd.mesalib.mk was renamed and split up in two files namely
        Makefile.common and Makefile.targets.  So ports can overwrite variables
        set by Makefile.common and are used by Makefile.targets.
      * Some text in the pkg-descr files was wrong, clean it up.  While here,
        update the WWW to the main mesa3d.org upstream page.
      * devel/clinfo was added, a glxinfo like program but for OpenCL.
      Non-x86 hardware reports are very welcome since we changed the framework
      quite a bit.
      Obtained from:	Graphics team development repo.
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      Add ocl-icd - OpenCL Installable Client Driver. · 668ef943
      kwm authored
      This library provides a way that OpenCL programs can open several
      ICD's. The Intel (beignet) and AMD/ATI (Clover for Mesa) OpenCL
      implimentations will be build as ICD's. This has as benefit
      that programs will not link directly against the OpenCL
      implimentation but against ocl-icd. The user needs to manualy
      install the OpenCL implimentation they want to use.
      PR:		181244
      Submitted by:	ohartman@zedat.fu-berlin.de
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      devel/py-evdev: add new port · 8df49627
      jbeich authored
      This package provides bindings to the generic input event interface in
      Linux. The evdev interface serves the purpose of passing events
      generated in the kernel directly to userspace through character
      devices that are typically located in /dev/input/.
      This package also comes with bindings to uinput, the userspace input
      subsystem. Uinput allows userspace programs to create and handle input
      devices that can inject events directly into the input subsystem.
  10. 16 Sep, 2015 2 commits
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      devel/libmtdev: add new port · 62209de0
      jbeich authored
      PR:		196978
      Approved by:	hselasky
      mtdev is a stand-alone library which transforms all variants of
      kernel MT events to the slotted type B protocol. The events put into
      mtdev may be from any MT device, specifically type A without contact
      tracking, type A with contact tracking, or type B with contact
      tracking. See Linux kernel documentation for further details.
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      devel/libevdev: add new port · 6c4daf40
      jbeich authored
      PR:		196978
      Submitted by:	hselasky
      libevdev is a wrapper library for evdev devices. It moves the common
      tasks when dealing with evdev devices into a library and provides a
      library interface to the callers, thus avoiding erroneous ioctls, etc.
      The eventual goal is that libevdev wraps all ioctls available to evdev
      devices, thus making direct access unnecessary.
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      Remove cross compiled libraries for CloudABI. · 11cb20ec
      ed authored
      These libraries are now provided by the CloudABI Ports collection -- not
      just for FreeBSD, but a number of other operating systems. For FreeBSD,
      they are provided in the form of a pkg mirror, so there is no need to
      also have them in the FreeBSD Ports tree.
      Approved by:	bapt
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3643
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      Remove expired ports: · 3e829e35
      rene authored
      2015-08-31 www/p5-WWW-Shorten-NotLong: notlong.com is now dead
      2015-08-31 games/linux-majesty-demo: Broken for more than 6 months
      2015-08-31 games/linux-coldwar-demo: Broken for more than 6 months
      2015-08-31 games/linux-hdb-demo: Broken for more than 6 months
      2015-08-31 devel/rubygem-igraph: Broken for more than 6 months
      2015-08-31 games/linux-candycruncher-demo: Broken for more than 6 months
      2015-08-31 games/linux-gorky17-demo: Broken for more than 6 months
      2015-08-31 sysutils/syslog-ng33: No longer supported by Balabit cince November 2014.
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      devel/geany: · ffef5fd3
      makc authored
      - Update to 1.25
      - Use install-strip target to strip binaries
      - Update to 1.25. geany-plugin-gproject was renamed to
        New plugins added:
      - Drop obsolete patches
      - Use install-strip target to strip binaries
      - Enable verbose build on package cluster
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      devel/luarocks: add new port · b2dfefec
      jbeich authored
      LuaRocks allows you to install Lua modules as self-contained packages
      called rocks, which also contain version dependency information. This
      information can be used both during installation, so that when one
      rock is requested all rocks it depends on are installed as well, and
      also optionally at run time, so that when a module is required, the
      correct version is loaded. LuaRocks supports both local and remote
      repositories, and multiple local rocks trees.
      WWW: https://luarocks.org
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      - Update devel/ninja to 1.6.0 · 2c69af02
      gblach authored
      - Remove devel/ninja16
      - Replace files/patch-configure.py with REINPLACE_CMD
      - Move share/doc/ninja/COPYING
        to share/licenses/ninja-${PKGVERSION}/APACHE20
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      New port: devel/pcre2 · 31b62628
      feld authored
      PCRE2 is the name used for a revised API for the PCRE library, which is
      a set of functions, written in C, that implement regular expression
      pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as Perl, with just
      a few differences.
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