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      2012-11-27 java/jmp: Java 1.5 is EOLed · 654f964c
      bapt authored
      2012-11-26 irc/tr-ircd: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 lang/imp-interpreter: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 games/xquarto: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 games/six: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 finance/gfp: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 games/44bsd-hunt: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 graphics/ale: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 german/digibux: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 java/eclipse-clay-core: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 games/xbloody: No more public distfiles
      2012-11-26 dns/sqldjbdns: No more public distfiles
      Feature safe:	yes
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      - new port german/bugzilla42 · 57b81f5b
      ohauer authored
      - add patch to german/bugzilla so it reflects the security update
      - adjust version number in tempplates (3,6,10 / 4.0.7)
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      - upgrade to 3.5.2 · 086aaa70
      bapt authored
      - switch and force compiler to clang using the one from base on 9 and CURRENT, the one
        from ports if not found in base
      - now only build en_US version, all localisation are available through separated
      - Graphite smart font is now used by default
      - Rebundle boost to easier upgrading boost
      - Rebundle mdds the one from the ports seems incompatible with clang
      - Unbundle all the fonts
      Thank you to jgh and Kuan-Chung Chiu <buganini@gmail.com> for testings and
      Thank you to iXsystems for providing resources to build/test libreoffice
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      Remove expired ports: · 737e9f68
      rene authored
      2011-05-01 german/citrix_xenapp: "crashes with f10"
      2011-05-01 japanese/citrix_xenapp: "crashes with f10"
      2011-05-01 net/citrix_xenapp: "crashes with f10"
      2011-05-11 comms/gammu-python: since version 1.29.0 comms/gammu uses python by default
      2011-05-01 java/gj: Upstream disapear and distfile is no more available
      2011-05-09 net/ipv6socket_scrub: Upstream disapear and distfile is no more available
      2011-05-13 graphics/lodju: depends on rep-gtk, which doesn't build anymore.
      2011-05-01 www/mod_pubcookie: will be unsupported by ASF when 2.4.0 is release, migrate to 2.2.x+ now
      2011-05-01 ftp/prozilla: Upstream disapear and distfile is no more available
      2011-05-01 www/py-django11: Unsupported (no longer receive security updates or bugfixes)
      2011-05-13 x11-toolkits/rep-gtk: missing rep-config from librep port broke the build.
      2011-05-01 games/tnl: Upstream development has ceased, it doesn't work with newer CEGUI and is generally broken
      2011-06-01 net/vnc2swf: Development is now superseded by deskutils/vnc2flv
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      - Mass Cleanup/Update to 5.0.3 of MovableType (MT) · 50eed262
      pgollucci authored
      - Add languages (french, german)
      - Pass MAINTAIENR to submitter
      PR:             ports/139303, ports/142374, ports/146536, ports/149819, ports/150419
      Submitted by:   Takefu <takefu@airport.fm> (maintainer)
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      2009-07-07 audio/gai-album: abandoned project, does not build · d9190520
      miwi authored
      2009-07-07 audio/gai-visual-audio: abandoned project, does not build
      2009-07-05 devel/linxt: Use devel/roboctl instead.
      2007-08-22 german/citrix_ica: Use net/citrix_ica
      2007-08-22 japanese/citrix_ica: Use net/citrix_ica
      2009-06-30 mail/bogofilter-qdbm: Migrate to bogofilter-tc instead
      2009-06-27 mail/xc-mail: depends on a port that expired in 2007
      2009-07-01 www/trac-blog: Not supported anymore for trac > 0.10; use FullBlogPlugin instead
      2009-07-01 www/trac-restrictedarea: Not supported anymore; functionality included in trac since 0.11
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      This package contains a library that is able to read and write German DTAUS · 3cf915ee
      dinoex authored
      files, DTAUS is an abbreviation for DatenTraegerAUStausch and refers to a
      special file format used by German credit institutes in order to manage money
      exchanges between accounts and institutes.
      Dieses Paket enthaelt ein Programm zur Verwaltung und Erstellung von DTA- bzw.
      DTAUS-Dateien. Damit wird belegloser Datentraegeraustausch fuer Ueberweisungen,
      Lastschriften, Lohnzahlungen in Euro mit Deutschen Banken automatisiert
      realisiert. Als Grundlage dient eine leicht verstaendliche ASCII-Datei,
      die in das DTA-Format uebersetzt wird.
      LICENSE: GPL2 or later
      WWW: http://www.infodrom.org/projects/dtaus/
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      TIPP10 is a free 10 finger touch typing trainer, published under the GPL. · 56f43f58
      miwi authored
      The highlight: TIPP10 works intelligent. The dictation reacts on
      individual errors of the user. Keys, which are wrongly typed often,
      will be dictated more often.
      Visual help, various keyboard layouts, numerous settings and the
      possibility to create own exercise dictates are easing the learning
      Main features:
      - Intelligent exercise lessons
      - Free and own lessons
      - Scrolling text and virtual keyboard for help
      - Extensive customization
      - Performance appraisal
      - Support of alternate keyboard layouts
      - Multi platform
      PR:		ports/119609
      Submitted by:	Heiner <h.eichmann at gmx.de>
  27. 04 Jan, 2008 1 commit
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      Add Adobe Reader 8.1.1 and localized versions (total 15 · e1e069af
      hrs authored
      languages).  Changes from 7.x include:
      User Interface:
       * New improved UI with more real-estate in terms of page view
         space. Only the most commonly used tools are present in the
         toolbar by default (and the toolbar can be customized by the
         user according to his/her own preference.)
       * Sleek design and new stylish user interface
         elements (including toolbars, navigation tabs, panes, etc.)
         for a more rich user experience.
       * Improved launch time and overall performance. Less waiting,
         more work.
       * Support for Single Document Interface (SDI) mode for improved
         usability. Less cluttered, more intuitive.
       * Always-available search toolbar (includes find and access to
         search pane)
      New Features:
       * Support for playing Multimedia-enabled PDF documents for
         supported media types (linux). Play Real media and more!
       * Support for participating in Shared Reviews along with other
         users of Adobe Reader 8.x on Unix, and Adobe Reader/Acrobat
         8.x on Win/Mac. Collaborate right inside the Reader.
       * Improvements in Commenting and Drawing Markup tools.
       * New tools such as Loupe Tool, Pan and Zoom. Expand your
         horizons, and control what you want to see.
       * Support for dynamically rendered bar code generation in forms.
       * Updated Review Tracker with inbuilt support for RSS feeds. Use
         the Reader as your RSS feed reader!
       * New 2D and 3D measuring tools for more accurate control of
         architectural drawings.
       * Printing: New support for Booklet Printing and Low Resolution
         printing of secured documents.
       * Significant performance improvement for certain types of forms
         via direct rendering for Dynamic Forms.
       * Support for documents created with Adobe Acrobat 3D including
         navigation, cross-section and rendering.
       * Accessibility: Support for Orca.
       * Various new additions to the Manage Digital ID feature,
         including support for Roaming Credentials, support for
         Cryptographic Tokens and Smart Cards (PKCS#11 compliant).
       * Support for adding a Digital Signature Field in documents
         which have been "Reader Enabled" through Acrobat Professional
         on Win/Mac.
       * Support for viewing PDF Packages - get an organized view of
         your PDFs in a single well-defined interface.
       * Support for the PRC format for 3D data.
       * Beyond Reader: New help resources that contains up-to-date
         information on Adobe products, Adobe Reader and how it can be
         used with Adobe¡Çs other products.
       * Adobe Help Viewer - a self-contained, one-stop shop for all
         help related to the Reader
       * Improved Search capabilities, including searching of
         sub-documents in a PDF Package, improved searching of
         attachments, etc.
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      All dictionaries can be installed separately: · 5eef858c
      thierry authored
        - by default, textproc/aspell installs the English dictionaries (no
        - thereafter you can install any foreign dictionary;
        - when you install a foreign dictionary, i.e. french/aspell or
          textproc/da-aspell, it installs only the dictionaries, and depends
          upon textproc/aspell for the programs;
        - if you don't need the English dictionaries, you can define
          WITHOUT_DICTEN or install textproc/aspell-without-dicten;
        - add a new port for textproc/en-aspell: if aspell had been installed
          without the English dictionaries, they can be added thereafter;
        - add a missing port for german/alt-aspell;
        - foreign dictionaries are almost independent from textproc/aspell,
          and their maintainership is available.
      Credits:	special thanks to Serge Gagnon <ser_gagnon (at) sympatico.ca>
  37. 05 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      German-localized version of wordpress. · 8ae6e09e
      miwi authored
      WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform
      with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
      More simply, Wordpress is what you use when you want to work
      with your blogging software, not fight it.
      PR:		ports/98448
      Submitted by:	miwi
      Approved by:	krion (mentor)
  38. 13 May, 2006 1 commit