1. 06 Mar, 2017 1 commit
  2. 05 Mar, 2017 1 commit
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      New port: devel/ksql · df01ac8a
      tobik authored
      Ksql is a "lazy man's" wrapper for the SQLite C API.  It is written to
      make sure sloppy programming won't cause your SQLite database to be
      inconsistent (transactions and statements open on exit and certain
      signals).  Specifically, it exits on any database errors; and upon
      exit (or signal), cleans up open statements, transactions, and
      WWW: https://kristaps.bsd.lv/ksql/
      Approved by:	lme (mentor)
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9896
  3. 04 Mar, 2017 1 commit
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      Remove expired port: · 8a4d1ece
      rene authored
      2017-03-04 devel/py-ll-core: Long unmaintained, abandoned upstream
  4. 03 Mar, 2017 4 commits
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      Remove expired ports: · 5485c0bf
      rene authored
      2017-03-03 devel/py-mez_xml: Was only needed for deprecated www/py-GinGin
      2017-03-04 www/py-GinGin: Upstream disappeared, last release from 2009
      2017-03-03 www/py-scriptaculous: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 devel/py-Jinja: Development of this branch ceased. Use devel/py-Jinja2 instead
      2017-03-03 mail/py-turbomail: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 www/py-turbogears: Development of this branch ceased. Use devel/py-turbogears2
      2017-03-03 devel/py-turbojson: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 devel/py-TurboJinja: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 devel/py-TGScheduler: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 devel/py-turbokid: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 www/py-tgwebservices: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 devel/py-turbojson11: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 devel/py-turbocheetah: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 devel/py-tgMochiKit: Development of this branch ceased
      2017-03-03 www/py-Lightbox: Development of this branch ceased
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      A collection of C++ and CMake utility libraries. · a34f2ca0
      amdmi3 authored
      WWW: https://github.com/puppetlabs/leatherman
      PR:		213624
      Submitted by:	jslagle@gmail.com
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      Add py3-prompt_toolkit 1.0.13 (slave port of py-prompt_toolkit) · ea4e4f76
      sunpoet authored
      - While I'm here, add SLAVEDIRS
      PR:		217478
      Submitted by:	Danilo G. Baio (dbaio) <dbaio@bsd.com.br>
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      New port: devel/awless · 61f94682
      krion authored
        awless is a fast, powerful and easy-to-use command line interface (CLI) to
        manage Amazon Web Services. It will help you
        - Run frequent actions by using simple commands
        - Easily explore your infrastructure and cloud resources via CLI
        - Ensure smart defaults & security best practices
        - Manage resources through robust runnable & scriptable templates
        - Explore, analyse and query your infrastructure offline
        - Explore, analyse and query your infrastructure through time
        WWW: https://github.com/wallix/awless
      PR:		217474
      Submitted by:	dg@syrec.org
      Approved by:	mat (mentor)
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9868
  5. 02 Mar, 2017 6 commits
  6. 01 Mar, 2017 6 commits
  7. 28 Feb, 2017 6 commits
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      New port: devel/fifechan · d513f306
      tobik authored
      Fifechan is a lightweight cross platform GUI library written in C++
      specifically designed for games.  It has a small yet powerful built-in
      set of extendable GUI Widgets allowing users to create virtually
      unlimited types of widgets.
      Fifechan supports rendering in SDL, OpenGL, or Allegro out of the box
      or it can be adapted to use any rendering engine the user requires.
      Events are pushed to Fifechan which allows users to use any input
      library they wish or they could use the built in input handling
      through either SDL input or Allegro input.
      The primary goal for Fifechan is to keep it extendable, lightweight
      and still be powerful enough to use in all types of games out of the
      WWW: http://fifengine.net/
      PR:		217322
      Submitted by:	fiziologus@gmail.com (based on)
      Approved by:	lme (mentor)
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9837
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      devel/py-python-dtrace: create port · fb8e330f
      swills authored
      DTrace consumer for Python based on libdtrace.
      Currently this package provides two modules: one wraps libdtrace using ctypes.
      The other one uses cython.
      WWW: http://tmetsch.github.com/python-dtrace/
      PR:		217419
      Submitted by:	Graeme Jenkinson <gcj21@cl.cam.ac.uk> (with changes)
    • acm's avatar
      - New port: devel/dub · 26c991af
      acm authored
      DUB emerged as a more general replacement for vibe.d's package manager. It does
      not imply a dependency to vibe.d for packages and was extended to not only
      directly build projects, but also to generate project files (currently VisualD).
      Mono-D also supports the use of dub.json (dub's package description) as the
      project file.
      The project's philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible. All that is
      needed to make a project a dub package is to write a short dub.json file and
      put the source code into a source subfolder. It can then be registered on the
      public package registry to be made available for everyone. Any dependencies
      specified in dub.json are automatically downloaded and made available to the
      project during the build process.
      WWW: https://github.com/dlang/dub
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      devel/py-widgetsnbextension: create port · 823dfdc5
      swills authored
      Interactive HTML widgets for Jupyter notebooks
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      Remove expired ports: · 27ba5327
      rene authored
      2017-02-28 textproc/rubygem-nokogiri14: Use textproc/rubygem-nokogiri instead
      2017-02-28 textproc/rubygem-liquid2: Use textproc/rubygem-liquid instead
      2017-02-28 www/rubygem-rack14: Use www/rubygem-rack or www/rubygem-rack16 instead
      2017-02-28 www/rubygem-mechanize26: Use www/rubygem-mechanize instead
      2017-02-28 www/rubygem-net-http-persistent25: Use www/rubygem-net-http-persistent2 instead
      2017-02-28 devel/rubygem-builder32: Use devel/rubygem-builder instead
      2017-02-28 www/rubygem-net-http-digest_auth11: Use www/rubygem-net-http-digest_auth instead
      2017-02-28 devel/rubygem-bson1: Use devel/rubygem-bson instead
      2017-02-28 devel/rubygem-minitest4: Use devel/rubygem-minitest instead
      2017-02-28 java/jdk16-doc: Should have been removed with linux-sun-jdk16 (2014-05-11)
      2017-02-28 java/jdk7-doc: Should have been removed with linux-sun-jdk17 (2016-04-24)
      2017-02-28 textproc/rubygem-sass-rails4: Use textproc/rubygem-sass-rails5 instead
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  8. 26 Feb, 2017 3 commits
  9. 25 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      Add Argdata. · 096f2af4
      ed authored
      The existing cloudabi-utils package has a copy of a library called
      Argdata integrated. Future versions of cloudabi-utils will no longer
      ship with it, as Argdata can be used independently of CloudABI.
      This change introduces a new devel/argdata port, which can be used by
      future versions of cloudabi-utils.
      Approved by:	bapt
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9799
  10. 24 Feb, 2017 2 commits
    • dim's avatar
      After r434738, also remove devel/xlocale, as it uses devel/libc++ as its · 1df1f5ea
      dim authored
      MASTERDIR.  The port itself is not used by anything else.
      Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
      PR:		217257
    • dim's avatar
      Remove the devel/libc++ and devel/libcxxrt ports. · 92fe6f7e
      dim authored
      Since all supported versions of FreeBSD now have libc++ and libcxxrt in
      the base system, and these ports were outdated, remove them, and update
      any ports that still depended on them:
      * graphics/gnash
      * textproc/hs-double-conversion
      * x11-toolkits/hs-wxc
      * math/parmetis
      Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
      Exp-run by:	antoine
      PR:		217257
      MFH:		2017Q1
  11. 22 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      New port: devel/memleax · 6b1cb129
      tobik authored
      Memleax debugs memory leaks of running processes by attaching to them,
      without recompiling or restarting. It hooks the target process's invocation
      of memory allocation and free and reports the memory blocks which live
      long enough as memory leak, in real time.
      It is convenient to use, and suitable for production environments.
      There is no need to recompile the program or restart the target process.
      You can run memleax to monitor the target process, wait for the real-time
      memory leak report, and then kill it with ctrl-c to stop monitoring.
      WWW: https://github.com/WuBingzheng/memleax
      PR:		217105
      Submitted by:	Guy Tabrar <guy.tabrar@me.com>
      Approved by:	lme (mentor)
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9725
  12. 21 Feb, 2017 4 commits
  13. 20 Feb, 2017 3 commits
    • sunpoet's avatar
      Add go-crc32 1.1 · 73c7ea9b
      sunpoet authored
      CRC32 hash with x64 optimizations
      This package is a drop-in replacement for the standard library
      hash/crc32 package, that features SSE 4.2 optimizations on x64
      platforms, for a 10x speedup.
      WWW: https://github.com/klauspost/crc32
      - While I'm here:
        - Add LICENSE_FILE
        - Add missing RUN_DEPENDS
        - Remove GH_PROJECT
      PR:		217211
      Submitted by:	Guy Tabrar <guy.tabrar@me.com>
    • sunpoet's avatar
      Add go-cpuid 1.0 · e013da58
      sunpoet authored
      The cpuid package provides information about the CPU running the
      current program.
      CPU features are detected on startup, and kept for fast access
      through the life of the application. Currently x86 / x64 (AMD64)
      is supported, and no external C (cgo) code is used, which should
      make the library very easy to use.
      You can access the CPU information by accessing the shared CPU
      variable of the cpuid library.
      WWW: https://github.com/klauspost/cpuid
      - While I'm here:
        - Add LICENSE_FILE
        - Remove GH_PROJECT
      PR:		217210
      Submitted by:	Guy Tabrar <guy.tabrar@me.com>
    • jbeich's avatar
      devel/libevent2: drop historical suffix after r362796 · 37fb9cac
      jbeich authored
      PR:		216777
      Approved by:	mm (maintainer)
  14. 19 Feb, 2017 1 commit
    • dumbbell's avatar
      sysutils/rubygem-bosh_cli: Depend on devel/rubygem-progressbar09 · ec9d3ae3
      dumbbell authored
      sysutils/rubygem-bosh_cli is incompatible with devel/rubygem-progressbar
      (1.8.2 at the time of this commit). This causes BOSH commands, such as
      `bosh upload release` to fail with an obscure Ruby exception.
      devel/rubygem-progressbar09 is svn-copied from devel/rubygem-progressbar
      and downgraded to 0.9.2. sysutils/robygem-bosh_cli `PORTREVISION` is
      bumped to reflect the change of dependency.
      Approved by:	antoine (mentor), sunpoet
      Differential Revision:	https://reviews.freebsd.org/D9651