1. 25 May, 2017 14 commits
  2. 24 May, 2017 1 commit
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      PyDispatcher is an enhanced version of Patrick K. O’Brien’s original · 557158cd
      skreuzer authored
      dispatcher.py module. It provides the Python programmer with a robust mechanism
      for event routing within various application contexts.
      Included in the package are the robustapply and saferef modules, which provide
      the ability to selectively apply arguments to callable objects and to reference
      instance methods using weak-references.
      PR:		219310
      Submitted by:	Eric Camachat <eric@camachat.org>
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  5. 18 May, 2017 4 commits
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      Add py-gitdb2 2.0.0 · 40174e2e
      sunpoet authored
      GitDB allows you to access bare git repositories for reading and writing. It
      aims at allowing full access to loose objects as well as packs with performance
      and scalability in mind. It operates exclusively on streams, allowing to handle
      large objects with a small memory footprint.
      WWW: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/gitdb2
      WWW: https://github.com/gitpython-developers/gitdb
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      Add py-smmap2 2.0.1 · c45b7e6b
      sunpoet authored
      Smmap wraps an interface around mmap and tracks the mapped files as well as the
      amount of clients who use it. If the system runs out of resources, or if a
      memory limit is reached, it will automatically unload unused maps to allow
      continued operation.
      To allow processing large files even on 32 bit systems, it allows only portions
      of the file to be mapped. Once the user reads beyond the mapped region, smmap
      will automatically map the next required region, unloading unused regions using
      a LRU algorithm.
      WWW: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/smmap2
      WWW: https://github.com/gitpython-developers/smmap
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      Add py-rwt 2.15.1 · 4c14b968
      sunpoet authored
      RWT (Run With This) provides on-demand dependency resolution.
      - Allows declaration of dependencies at runtime.  - Downloads missing
        dependencies and makes their packages available for import.
      - Installs packages to a special staging location such that they're not
        installed after the process exits.
      - Relies on pip to cache downloads of such packages for reuse.
      - Supersedes installed packages when required.
      - Relies on packages already satisfied.
      - Re-uses the pip tool chain for package installation and pkg_resources for
        working set management.
      WWW: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/rwt
      WWW: https://github.com/jaraco/rwt
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      Add devel/rubygem-oj2 (copied from devel/rubygem-oj) because www/gitlab · f10bc58f
      jrm authored
      requires it.
      - Add PORTSCOUT
      Approved by:	swills (mentor, implicit)
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      - Add new port: devel/R-cran-rgexf · c3a8a71a
      tota authored
        Create, read and write GEXF (Graph Exchange XML Format) graph files
        (used in Gephi and others). Using the XML package, it allows the
        user to easily build/read graph files including attributes, GEXF
        viz attributes (such as color, size, and position), network dynamics
        (for both edges and nodes) and edge weighting. Users can build/handle
        graphs element-by-element or massively through data-frames, visualize
        the graph on a web browser through "sigmajs" (a javascript library)
        and interact with the igraph package.
        WWW: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/rgexf/
  12. 07 May, 2017 2 commits
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      Add p5-Syntax-Keyword-Gather 1.003001 · 6066b38c
      sunpoet authored
      Perl 6 provides a new control structure -- gather -- that allows lists to be
      constructed procedurally, without the need for a temporary variable. Within the
      block/closure controlled by a gather any call to take pushes that call's
      argument list to an implicitly created array. take returns the number of
      elements it took. Syntax::Keyword::Gather implements that control structure.
      WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Syntax-Keyword-Gather/
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      Remove expired ports: · 7b887439
      rene authored
      2017-04-30 devel/ccons: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has gone away)
      2017-04-30 chinese/fortune: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has gone away)
      2017-05-05 benchmarks/gobench: Builds each time it runs
      2017-04-30 sysutils/grok: Unfetchable for more than six months (google code has gone away)
  13. 06 May, 2017 1 commit