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      Add p5-JSON-Parse 0.55 · 800f3061
      sunpoet authored
      JSON::Parse is a module for parsing JSON. (JSON means "JavaScript Object
      Notation" and it is specified in "RFC 7159".)
      JSON::Parse offers the function "parse_json", which takes a string containing
      JSON, and returns an equivalent Perl structure. It also offers validation of
      JSON via "valid_json", which returns true or false depending on whether the JSON
      is correct or not, and "assert_valid_json", which produces a descriptive fatal
      error if the JSON is invalid. A function "json_file_to_perl" reads JSON from a
      file, and there is a safer version of "parse_json" called "parse_json_safe"
      which doesn't throw exceptions.
      For special cases of parsing, there are also methods "new" and "run", which
      create a JSON parsing object and run it on text. See "METHODS".
      JSON::Parse accepts only UTF-8 as input. See "UTF-8 only" and "Handling of
      WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/JSON-Parse
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      Remove expired ports: · 833eb79d
      rene authored
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine33: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles38: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine39: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles37: NO longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine37: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 net/morebalance: Abandonware and depends on expiring games/libggz
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine36: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles36: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine34: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine35: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles39: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 devel/py-typed-ast12: Use devel/py-typed-ast instead
      2019-06-30 devel/rubygem-devise-rails50: Use devel/rubygem-devise (depends on Rails 5.0) instead
      2019-06-30 security/rubygem-devise-two-factor-rails50: Use security/rubygem-devise-two-factor (depends on Rails 5.0) instead
      2019-06-30 emulators/qemu-riscv: The development has been moved to the upstream
      2019-06-30 games/libggz: Abandonware
      2019-06-30 games/ggz-txt-client: Abandonware
      2019-06-30 games/ggz-sdl-games: Abandonware
      2019-06-30 games/ggz-client-libs: Abandonware
      2019-06-30 games/ggz-gtk-client: Abandonware
      2019-06-30 games/ggz-gtk-games: Abandonware
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine38: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 devel/llvm40: Obsolete and unmaintained
      2019-06-30 www/axis: Abandonware; use www/axis2 instead
      2019-06-30 sysutils/cfengine32: No longer supported upstream
      2019-06-30 devel/py-msgpack05: Use devel/py-msgpack instead
      2019-06-30 devel/rubygem-fastthread: Does not build for all supported Ruby version
      2019-06-30 www/rubygem-responders-rails50: Use www/rubygem-responders (depends on Rails 5.0) instead
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      Regular categories Makefile sorting. · 10eb2a99
      mat authored
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      devel/nextpnr: Add new port · 451e1f6e
      manu authored
      nextpnr is a place and route tools for FPGA.
      It uses configuration files from icestorm (for ICE40 FPGAs) or trellis
      (for ECP5 FPGAs).
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      devel/trellis: Add new port · d4bd717d
      manu authored
      Project trellis document the bitstream for Lattice ECP5 FPGAs.
      Used with yosys and nextpnr it can create a full bitstream with only
      open source tools.
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      - Add new port: devel/R-cran-Rdpack · a5447a7e
      tota authored
        Functions for manipulation of R documentation objects, including
        functions reprompt() and ereprompt() for updating 'Rd' documentation
        for functions, methods and classes; 'Rd' macros for citations and
        import of references from 'bibtex' files for use in 'Rd' files and
        'roxygen2' comments; 'Rd' macros for evaluating and inserting
        snippets of 'R' code and the results of its evaluation or creating
        graphics on the fly; and many functions for manipulation of references
        and Rd files.
        WWW: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/Rdpack/
    • tota's avatar
      - Add new port: devel/R-cran-gbRd · 478f92fa
      tota authored
        Provides utilities for processing Rd objects and files. Extract
        argument descriptions and other parts of the help pages of functions.
        WWW: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/gbRd/
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      [NEW] devel/pytest-relaxed: Relaxed test discovery/organization for pytest · 42769da2
      koobs authored
      This pytest plugin takes a page from the rest of Python, where you don't
      have to explicitly note public module/class members, but only need to
      hint as to which ones are private.
      By default, all files and objects pytest is told to scan will be considered
      tests; to mark something as not-a-test, simply prefix it with an underscore.
      WWW: https://pytest-relaxed.readthedocs.io/
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      Add p5-Locale-XGettext 0.7 · 11429304
      sunpoet authored
      When using GNU gettext you often find yourself extracting translatable strings
      from more or less exotic file formats that cannot be handled by xgettext from
      the GNU gettext suite directly. This package simplifies the task of writing a
      string extractor in Perl, Python, Java, Ruby or other languages by providing a
      common base needed for such scripts.
      Locale::XGettext is the base class for various string extractors. These string
      extractors can be used as standalone programs on the command-line or as a module
      as a part of other software.
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