1. 02 Apr, 2004 29 commits
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      - Allow processing of info files in non-standard locations; the · e2d890ce
      kris authored
        INFO_PATH variable may be used to specify their location.  It defaults
        to 'share/info' for the standard PREFIX, and 'info' when PREFIX ==
        /usr. [1]
      - Remove the <category>/pkg/COMMENT files in favour of a COMMENT
        variable in <category>/Makefile [2]
      - Prevent patch breakage with VERSION_CONTROL=numbered [3]
      - Fix some instances of incorrect WRKDIRPREFIX handling. [4]
      - remove useless ${MKDIR} ${WRKSRC} in config target [5]
      - remove reference to OpenBSD [6]
      - Exempt devel/p5-Module-Build from the self-dependency in
        PERL_MODBUILD so that this port may use the option without getting an
        infinite dependency list [7]
      - The default PERL_ARCH is currently determined as a function of
        OSVERSION. It should however be a function of PERL_LEVEL since the
        correct value depends on what Perl version one has installed (older
        Perl versions use ${ARCH}-freebsd, newer versions use mach). [8]
      - Fix PORTDOCS on older (4.7, 5.0) systems [9]
      - Allow 'make parallel' to generate a working makefile when not all
        categories are present (this does not mean you'll be able to build all
        ports, unless you make sure they don't have external dependencies) [10]
      - Don't report symlinks as world-writable in the security check [11]
      - Fix a comment that was broken by a mismerged patch [12]
      - Clarify the meaning of USE_*, WANT_*, WITH_* and WITHOUT_* [13]
        empty and DIST_SUBDIR is set. [14]
      - Fix comment for DISTDIR [15]
      - Update the documentation of the USE_GL variable [16]
      - Check to see if NONEXISTENT exists, and fail with an error if it does [17]
      - Fix fetching of new distfiles in 'make makesum' when SIZE is set [18]
      - Consistently set MAKE_ENV when USE_GCC=3.2 or 3.3 are set [19]
      - Rework INDEX builds: [20]
        * Fix the bsd.port.subdir.mk code that is supposed to report index
          breakage (the fallback code wasn't actually being run because make
          would halt immediately following the error).  This should help with
          INDEX error reports because it will immediately show the cause of
          failure, so we won't have to pull teeth to extract it from the
        * Streamline the 'make describe' code a bit.
        * Provide some basic instructions to the user when an index build
          fails, on when and how to report index build failures (turn this off
          with INDEX_QUIET=1)
        * Removed INDEX_NOSORT, because I couldn't imagine it to be very
          useful and it doesn't cost very much anyway.
        * Don't prevent INDEX builds from seeing the local host environment.
          Since a lot of users are using 'make index' thesedays they should get
          an index that reflects their local settings and installed ports.  If
          you want to build a 'default' index that isn't influenced by local
          settings (e.g. for release builds), set the INDEX_PRISTINE variable.
        * Allows parallel INDEX builds (using make -j).  The most obvious way
          of doing this doesn't work, because I/O from child makes is broken up
          into 2k chunks, and output lines from 'make describe' that exceed this
          length (*cough* GNOME *cough*) will be intertwined with the output of
          other makes, leading to a corrupted INDEX.  The I/O interleaving
          can be disabled using 'make -P', but this inserts extraneous output of
          its own, and redirects stderr, making it useless for our purposes.
          Instead, I collect the output from the child make processes in
          temporary files and recombine them at the end.
        * The number of concurrent make processes to spawn can be set using
          INDEX_JOBS.  By default this is set to 2, which seems to be a sweet
          spot for both single and dual-processor systems.  On my tests I do not
          see any significant performance changes on UP, but on a dual 4.x
          system the build time drops by 47% (6 minute index builds on one test
          machine!).  Depending on your disk and CPU hardware you might see
          further gains with INDEX_JOBS=4 or higher, so you might like to
          experiment to see what works best.  On a dual 5.x system the
          performance gains do not seem to be as great (20-30%), but this is
          still a significant net win.
      PR: 		55493 [1], 59651 [2], 61552 [3], 62247 [4], 62329 [5],
      		62337 [6], 62422 [7], 62441 [8], 62627 [9], 62983 [10],
      		63112 [11], 63297 [12], 63335 [13], 64029 [14], 64069 [15],
      		64236 [16], 64519 [17], 62958 [18], 64237 [19]
      Submitted by:	lev [1],
      		Matthew Seaman <m.seaman@infracaninophile.co.uk> [2],
      		Joel Ray Holveck <joelh@piquan.org> [3],
      		ade [4], Sergey Matveychuk <sem@ciam.ru> [5],
      		markus [6], mat [7], des [8], eik [9],
      		Dmitry Morozovsky <marck@rinet.ru> [10],
      		Andrew <andrew@ugh.net.au> [11], vs [12], linimon [13],
      		edwin [14][15], gerald [16], marcus[17][18], kris [19][20]
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      cdbkup --> ports/sysutils/cdbkup · 4c26fd70
      pav authored
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      Add cdbkup, perl utility to do tar based backups to CD-R. · 4ee9daa1
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/64651
      Submitted by:	Kay Lehmann <kay_lehmann@web.de>
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      Fix syntax error in NOPORTDOCS case · 0900915e
      kris authored
      Noticed by:	Frank Knobbe <frank@knobbe.us>
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      - Add patch to make this work on loopback · 91ce6fd5
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/64580
      Submitted by:	Radim Kolar <hsn@netmag.cz>
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      update CVSROOT/modules · 60ac23af
      daichi authored
        - add fusenshi
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      add new ports deskutils/fusenshi · fdbb08a9
      daichi authored
        - Fusenshi is a Post-it(R) like application. You can take notes
          on your desktop and send them to others with it.
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      - Fix CONFIGURE_ARGS handling · 9645de54
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/64823
      Submitted by:	Serge Gagnon <gagnon_s@sympatico.ca>
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      - Update to 4.29.7 · f46ccf40
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/65039
      Submitted by:	Jan-Peter Koopmann <j.koopmann@seceidos.de> (maintainer)
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      - Mark IGNORE for amd64, it builds but does not work properly. · f23fed44
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/64964
      Submitted by:	tjr
      Approved by:	maintainer
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      - Update to version · 73dbee83
      krion authored
      PR:		ports/65058
      Submitted by:	maintainer
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      - Update to version · 53ba0164
      krion authored
      PR:		ports/65057
      Submitted by:	maintainer
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      acidrip --> ports/multimedia/acidrip · 9bbe9035
      pav authored
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      Add acidrip, a Perl/Gtk2 frontend for mencoder for ripping DVDs into DivX. · a8b0ad0f
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/65012
      Submitted by:	michael johnson <ahze@ahze.net>
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      - Bring back a part of revision 1.4 which was correct · f45da30e
      pav authored
      Submitted by:	maintainer
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      - Unbreak build: correct WRKSRC · be81e07d
      pav authored
      Pointy hat to:	ijliao
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      - Revert my previous commit, it was completely bogus [1] · aaa8cc7b
      pav authored
      - Respect CFLAGS [2]
      Requested by:	maintainer [1]
      Submitted by:	maintainer [2]
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      - Fix MSN nickname display problem · 02788076
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/65056
      Submitted by:	Cheng-Lung Sung <clsung@dragon2.net> (maintainer)
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      upgrade to 0.3.5 · 930af243
      ijliao authored
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      - Respect CC · 0faa6a9d
      pav authored
      - DOCSDIR in pkg-plist
      PR:		ports/65049
      Submitted by:	michael johnson <ahze@ahze.net>
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      - Kill trailing whitespace · fd014211
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/65053
      Submitted by:	Xin LI <delphij@frontfree.net>
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      pdftk --> ports/print/pdftk · 0d76d1b4
      pav authored
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      Add pdftk, a simple tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents. · 0f74e9d5
      pav authored
      Keep one in the top drawer of your desktop and use it to:
      Merge PDF Documents
      Split PDF Pages into a New Document
      Decrypt Input as Necessary (Password Required)
      Encrypt Output as Desired
      Burst a PDF Document into Single Pages
      Report on PDF Metrics, including Metadata and Bookmarks
      Uncompress and Re-Compress Page Streams
      Repair Corrupted PDF (Where Possible)
      PR:		ports/64555
      Submitted by:	Patrick Dung <patrick_dkt@yahoo.com.hk>
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      upgrade to 5.07.1 · c415669b
      ijliao authored
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      - Change tcl dependency from :build to :extract · 0bbf4210
      pav authored
      - Add WITH_THREADS knob
      PR:		ports/64324
      Submitted by:	Seva Gluschenko <gvs@rinet.ru>
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      ljclive --> ports/deskutils/ljclive · 553ea92b
      pav authored
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      Add ljclive, a command line client for posting LiveJournal entries. · 9753cb96
      pav authored
      LiveJournal is an online journal (blog/friends) community, see
      www.livejournal.com. This program does basically the same as
      (graphical) tools like ljcharm, kluje and logjam - already in ports.
      PR:		ports/64669
      Submitted by:	Johan van Selst <johans@stack.nl>
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      - Update to 2.7.0 · 3f136c50
      pav authored
      PR:		ports/63265
      Submitted by:	Gerhard Schmidt <estartu@augusta.de>
      Approved by:	crowds on python@ via perky (in general)
  2. 01 Apr, 2004 11 commits