1. 23 Sep, 2011 40 commits
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      - Add LDFLAGS to CONFIGURE_ENV and MAKE_ENV (as it was done with LDFLAGS) · e61d6a70
      amdmi3 authored
      - Fix all ports that add {CPP,LD}FLAGS to *_ENV to modify flags instead
      PR:		157936
      Submitted by:	myself
      Exp-runs by:	pav
      Approved by:	pav
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      Fix installation with PORTSDOCS · 124c6dca
      pawel authored
      PR:		ports/160942
      Submitted by:	Grzegorz Blach <magik@roorback.net> (maintainer)
      Approved by:	miwi, wen (mentors implicit)
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      - Update to 0.4.0. · f2715626
      shaun authored
      - Use DIST_SUBDIR since the distfiles are just version numbers.
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      - update to 5.61TEST1 · 758a1b79
      ohauer authored
      Here is the (partial) CHANGELOG since 5.59BETA1:
      Nmap 5.61TEST1 [2011-09-19]
      o The changelog entries below for this test release are not yet
        finished or comprehensive.  We'll update them soon.
      o [Ncat] Updated ca-bundle.crt (primarily to remove DigiNotar).
      o Fixed compilation on OS X 10.7 Lion. Thanks to Patrik Karlsson and
        Babak Farroki for researching fixes.
      o [NSE] Fixed SSL compressor names in ssl-enum-ciphers.nse, and
        removed redundant multiple listings of the NULL compressor.
        [Matt Selsky]
      o [NSE] Added cipher strength ratings to ssl-enum-ciphers.nse.
        [Gabriel Lawrence]
      o Added Common Platform Enumeration (CPE, http://cpe.mitre.org/)
        output for OS and service versions. These show up in normal output
        with the headings "OS CPE:" and "Service Info:":
          OS CPE: cpe:/o:linux:kernel:2.6.39
          Service Info: OS: Linux; CPE: cpe:/o:linux:kernel
        These also appear in XML output, which additionally has CPE entries
        for service versions. [David, Henri]
      o [NSE] Added new default credential list for Oracle and modified the
        oracle-brute script to make use of it. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Added xmpp-info.nse as a replacement for xmpp.nse. This updated version
        brings new features and fixes. [Vasiliy Kulikov]
      o Fixed RPC scan for 64-bit architectures by using fixed-size data
        types. [David]
      o Relaxed the XML DTD to allow validation of files where the verbosity
        level changed during the scan. [Daniel Miller]
      o Made a service confidence of 8 (used when tcpwrapped) and indeed any
        number between 0 and 10 be legal in XML output according to the DTD.
        [Daniel Miller]
      o [NSE] Added three scripts that do host discovery on local IPv6
        subnets. Each of them uses a different multicast technique, meaning
        that even very large networks have host discovery done without
        needing to probe every address individually.
        + targets-multicast-ipv6-echo: Sends a multicast echo request, like
          broadcast-ping does for IPv4.
        + targets-multicast-ipv6-invalid-dst: Sends an invalid packet that
          can elicit an ICMPv6 Parameter Problem response.
        + targets-multicast-ipv6-slaac: Sends a phony router advertisement,
          which causes hosts to allocate a temporary address and then send a
          packet to discover if anyone else is using the address.
        [Weilin, David]
      o [NSE] Added functions to packet.lua to make it easier to build IPv6
        packets. [Weilin]
      o [NSE] Added new script http-vuln-cve2011-3192 which checks whether an instance
        of Apache is vulnerable to a DoS attack exploiting the byterange filter.
        [Duarte Silva].
      o [NSE] Fixed authentication problems in the TNS library that would prevent
        authentication from working against Oracle XE [Chris Woodbury]
      o Removed some restrictions on probe matching that, for example,
        prevented a RST/ACK reply from being recognized in a NULL scan. This
        was found and fixed by Matthew Stickney and Joe McEachern.
      o Rearranged some characters classes in service matches to avoid any
        that look like POSIX collating symbols ("[.xyz.]"). John Hutchison
        discovered this error caused by one of the match lines:
          InitMatch: illegal regexp: POSIX collating elements are not supported
        [Daniel Miller]
      o [NSE] Added the address-info.nse script, which shows extra information about IP addresses.
      o [NSE] Added scripts http-joomla-brute, http-wordpress-brute, http-wp-enum and
        http-awstatstotal-exec. [Paulino]
      o [Zenmap] Fixed zenmap deleting ports based on newer scans which did
        not actually scan the port in question. Additionally ncat now only
        updates ports with new information if the new information is the same
        protocol. Not just the same port. [Colin Rice]
      o [Ncat] Fixed ncat crashing with --ssl-verify -vvv on windows. [Colin Rice]
      o [NSE] Added script http-waf-detect. This script tries to determine
        if an IDS/IPS/WAF is protecting a web server. [Paulino]
      o [NSE] Added the bittorrent library and bittorrent-discovery script which
        enables us to discover peers and nodes for a particular torrent file or
        magnet link.
      o [NSE] Added basic query support to the Oracle TNS library making it possible
        for scripts to query the database server using SQL. [Patrik]
      o [Ncat] Added --append-output option, that when used along with -o and/or -x
        prevents clobbering(truncating) an existing file. [Shinnok]
      o [NSE] Added script broadcast-listener that attempts to discover hosts by
        passively listening to the network. It does so by decoding ethernet and IP
        broadcast and multicast messages. [Patrik]
      o Fixed a bug that would make Nmap segfault if it failed to open an interface
        using pcap. The bug details and patch are posted here:
        http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2011/q3/365 [Patrik]
      o Ncat SCTP mode supports connection brokering now(--sctp --broker). [Shinnok]
      o Nmap now defers options parsing until it has read through all the command line
        arguments. You can now use options like -S with an IPv6 address before
        specifying -6 at the command line, which previously got you an error.
      o [NSE] Added the library xmpp.lua and the script xmpp-brute that performs
        brute force password auditing against XMPP (Jabber) servers. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Fixed a bug in the ssh2-enum-algos script that would prevent it from
        displaying any output unless run in debug mode. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Fixed the nsedebug print_hex() function so it does not print an
        empty line if there are no remaining characters, and improved its NSEDoc.
        [Chris Woodbury].
      o [NSE] Added the scripts http-axis2-dir-traversal and
        http-litespeed-sourcecode-download that exploits a directory traversal and
        null byte poisoning vulnerabilities in Apache Axis2 and LiteSpeed Web Server
        respectively. [Paulino]
      o [Ncat] Ncat now no longer blocks while an ssl handshake is taking place or
        waiting to complete. [Shinnok]
      o [NSE] Added the script broadcast-dhcp-discover that sends a DHCP discover
        message to the broadcast address and collects and reports the network
        information received from the DHCP server. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Added the script smtp-brute that performs brute force password
        auditing against SMTP servers. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Updated SMTP library to support authentication using both plain-text
        and the SASL library. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Added the script imap-brute that performs brute force password
        auditing against IMAP servers. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Updated IMAP library to support authentication using both plain-text
        and the SASL library. [Patrik]
      o [NSE] Added SASL library created by Djalal Harouni and Patrik Karlsson
        providing common code for "Simple Authentication and Security Layer" to
        services supporting it. The algorithms supported by the library are:
        PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5 and NTLM. [Patrik Karlsson, Djalal Harouni]
      o [NSE] Added scripts cvs-brute.nse, cvs-brute-repository.nse and the cvs
        library. The cvs-brute-repository script allows for guessing possible
        repository names needed in order to perform password guessing using the
        cvs-brute.nse script. [Patrik]
      o [Zenmap] The Zenmap crash handler now instructs you to mail in crash
        information to nmap-dev. [Colin Rice]
      o Added IPv6 Neighbor Discovery ping. This is the IPv6 analog to IPv4
        ARP scan. It is the default ping type for local IPv6 networks.
      o [NSE] Added smtp-vuln-cve2011-1764 script, which checks if the Exim
        SMTP server is vulnerable to the DKIM Format String vulnerability
        (CVE-2011-1764). [Djalal]
      o Added the broadcast-ping script which sends icmp packets to broadcast
        addresses on the selected network interface, or all ethernet interfaces if
        none is selected. It has the option to add the discovered hosts as targets.
      o [NSE] Applied patch from Chris Woodbury that adds the following additional
        information to the output of smb-os-discovery:
        + Forest name
        + FQDN
        + NetBIOS computer name
        + NetBIOS domain name
      o [Ncat] Ncat now supports IPV6 addresses by default without the -6 flag.
        Additionally ncat listens on both :: and localhost when passed
        -l, or any other listening mode unless a specific listening address is
      o [NSE] Split script db2-discover into two scripts, adding a new
        broadcast-db2-discover script. This script attempts to discover DB2
        database servers through broadcast requests. [Patrik Karlsson]
      o Fixed broken XML output in the case of timed-out hosts; the
        enclosing host element was missing. The fix was suggested by Rémi
      o [NSE] Added ftp-vuln-cve2010-4221 script, which checks if the ProFTPD
        server is vulnerable to the Telnet IAC stack overflow vulnerability
        (CVE-2010-4221). [Djalal]
      o [NSE] Added ftp-vsftpd-backdoor, which detects a backdoor that was introduced
        into vsftpd-2.3.4 source code distributions. [Daniel Miller]
      o [NSE] ldap-brute.nse - Multiple changes:
        + Added support for 2008 R2 functional level Active Directory instances
          to ldap-brute.
        + Added detection for valid credentials where the target account was
          expired or limited by time or login host constraints.
        + Added support for specifying a UPN suffix to be appended to usernames
          when brute forcing Microsoft Active Directory accounts.
        + Added support for saving discovered credentials to a CSV file.
        + Now reports valid credentials as they are discovered when the script
          is run with -vv or higher.
      	[Tom Sellers]
      o [NSE] ldap-search.nse - Added support for saving search results to
        CSV.  This is done by using the ldap.savesearch script argument to
        specify an output filename prefix.  [Tom Sellers]
      o [NSE] Updated smb-brute to add detection for valid credentials where the
        target account was expired or limited by time or login host constraints.
        [Tom Sellers]
      o [NSE] Updated account status text in brute force password discovery
        scripts in an effort to make the reporting more consistent across
        all scripts.  This will have an impact on any code that parses these
        values.  [Tom Sellers]
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      - Update to 0.04 · 6509d816
      sunpoet authored
      - Use CPAN :id subdir macro
      Changes:	http://search.cpan.org/dist/URI-Encode/Changes
      PR:		ports/160584
      Submitted by:	az
      Approved by:	maintainer (timeout, 14 days)
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      - Update to 2.11.2 · 644db41b
      sunpoet authored
      Changes:	http://www.lemke-it.com/cego_blog.html
      PR:		ports/160944
      Submitted by:	Kurt Jaeger <fbsd-ports@opsec.eu> (maintainer)
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      - Fix the copy/paste space/tab portlint warning · 0f0754b1
      sunpoet authored
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      - Set py-simplejson as conditional dependency · 1fc3ca20
      sunpoet authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION for dependency change
      - Update pkg-descr
      PR:		ports/160859
      Submitted by:	Ruslan Mahmatkhanov <cvs-src@yandex.ru>
      Approved by:	khsing <khsing.cn@gmail.com> (maintainer)
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      Properly mark version range for horde-imp. · d8deac0d
      delphij authored
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      add an option to use GNU make for those who wish · 5b28de9f
      bf authored
      to perform parallel builds[1]; add a few mirrors to
      Requested by:	h.h. [1]
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      - Update to 3362 · a15cd457
      sunpoet authored
      Changes:	http://search.cpan.org/dist/CSS-Inliner/ChangeLog
      PR:		ports/160950
      Submitted by:	sunpoet (myself)
      Approved by:	Vick Khera <vivek@khera.org> (maintainer)
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      - Remove conditional ExtUtils::MakeMaker dependency · 5751fa8b
      sunpoet authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION for dependency change
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      Update to Wine 1.3.29. This includes the following changes: · 3849befa
      gerald authored
       - Extensive support for VBScript.
       - Various improvements to the calendar common control.
       - A number of XRender fixes and optimizations.
       - Several new functions in the MSVCP runtime.
       - A number of audio fixes.
       - DirectDraw cleanups.
       - Various bug fixes.
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      - Remove conditional ExtUtils::MakeMaker dependency · 35d50294
      sunpoet authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION for dependency change
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      - Add p5-Protocol-XMLRPC 0.09 · d9a4c9c3
      sunpoet authored
      Protocol::XMLRPC is an XML-RPC protocol implementation. Method parameters types
      are guessed just like in JSON, but you can pass explicit type if guessing is
      wrong for you. Read more about parameter creation at
      It differs from other modules because it doesn't provide any mechanism for
      making actual HTTP requests. This way it can be used either in async or sync
      modes with your favorite http client or a web framework.
      WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Protocol-XMLRPC/
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      - Add p5-URI-Query 0.09 · bc426f4d
      sunpoet authored
      URI::Query provides simple URI query string manipulation, allowing you to create
      and manipulate URI query strings from GET and POST requests in web applications.
      This is primarily useful for creating links where you wish to preserve some
      subset of the parameters to the current request, and potentially add or replace
      others. Given a query string this is doable with regexes, of course, but making
      sure you get the anchoring and escaping right is tedious and error-prone - this
      module is simpler.
      WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/URI-Query/
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      - Remove conditional ExtUtils::MakeMaker dependency · 0cfef012
      sunpoet authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION for dependency change
    • sunpoet's avatar
      - Mark DEPRECATED · a7a0b5d5
      sunpoet authored
      - Set EXPIRATION_DATE to 2011-09-30
      PR:		ports/160904
      Submitted by:	Matthew Seaman <m.seaman@infracaninophile.co.uk> (maintainer)
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      Add sfnt2woff · b7399280
      ache authored
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      There are no entries for FC4 ports: · 1fa22f1c
      bsam authored
      cups-libs, gnutls, libgcrypt, libgpg-error, libtasn1.
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      - Remove conditional ExtUtils::MakeMaker dependency · ee81c36a
      sunpoet authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION for dependency change
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      - Add p5-Image-Base 1.16 · 1f2458be
      sunpoet authored
      Image::Base is a base class for loading, manipulating and saving images. This
      class should not be used directly.
      WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Image-Base/
    • sunpoet's avatar
      - Add p5-Math-Prime-XS 0.24 · 0c7d9a19
      sunpoet authored
      Math::Prime::XS detects and calculates prime numbers by either applying Modulo
      operator division, the Sieve of Eratosthenes, a Summation calculation or Trial
      WWW: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Math-Prime-XS/
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      - Remove conditional ExtUtils::MakeMaker dependency · 39e9112a
      sunpoet authored
      - Bump PORTREVISION for dependency change
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      - update to version 1.0 · 01454e76
      eadler authored
      - remove stale mastersite
      - bump USE_PYTHON to 2.5+
      - use databases/py-sqlite3 instead of databases/py-pysqlite2x
      - set WITHOUT_PSYCO if python 2.6+ since py-psyco doesn't work with it
      - switch from custom do-build and do-install targets to USE_PYDISTUTILS
      - add INSTALLS_ICONS, remove INSTALLS_EGGINFO (pydistutils will handle it)
      - update WWW
      - update pkg-plist
      - patch out documentation build
      PR:		ports/160072
      Submitted by:	Ruslan Mahmatkhanov <cvs-src@yandex.ru>
      Approved by:	maintainer timeout (30 days)
      Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
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      - Update to 1.40 · d0bb1bbf
      sunpoet authored
      Changes:	http://search.cpan.org/dist/Net-SSLeay/Changes
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      Small utilities to convert TTF/OTF fonts to WOFF web embeddable · 3281f100
      ache authored
      format and back.
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    • sunpoet's avatar
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      - Add depends · 9856102e
      swills authored
      Submitted by:	az
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      Add linux-f10-gnutls 2.4.2, GNU Transport Layer Security library. · f8c4e37c
      bsam authored
      Changes over original shar file at the PR:
      . change the maintainer to emulation@ (since it's an infrastructure linux port);
      . use the latest version of the package (2.4.2-5.fc10);
      . fix pkg-plist.
      PR:		ports/159007
      Submitted by:	Stas Timokhin <devel@stasyan.com>
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      Fix version for libgcrypt: 11.5.1 -> 11.5.2. · 6c99e136
      bsam authored
    • bsam's avatar
      Add linux applications: · 97e101a8
      bsam authored
      . cups-libs;
      . gnutls;
      . libgcrypt;
      . libgpg-error;
      . libtasn1.
      PR:		ports/159007
      Submitted by:	Stas Timokhin <devel@stasyan.com>
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      Add linux-f10-libgpg-error 1.6, common error values for all GnuPG · 16559cff
      bsam authored
      Changes over original shar file at the PR:
      . change the maintainer to emulation@ (since it's an infrastructure linux port);
      . add BRANDELF_FILES;
      . fix pkg-plist.
      PR:		ports/159007
      Submitted by:	Stas Timokhin <devel@stasyan.com>
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      Add linux-f10-libgcrypt 1.4.4, general purpose crypto library based on · 2e5dfa09
      bsam authored
      code used in GnuPG.
      Changes over original shar file at the PR:
      . change the maintainer to emulation@ (since it's an infrastructure linux port);
      . use the latest version of the package (1.4.4-1.fc10);
      . use PLIST_FILES, PLIST_DIRSTRY and post-install target instead of pkg-plist.
      Notes: the port uses ${PREFIX}/etc/gcrypt directory for configuration files
      (i.e. /compat/linux/etc/gcrypt). We usually try to use FreeBSD directories.
      But there is no [/usr/local/]/etc/gcrypt directory.
      I'm open to ideas on what to do here.
      PR:		ports/159007
      Submitted by:	Stas Timokhin <devel@stasyan.com>
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      Add linux-f10-libtasn1 1.5, ASN.1 structure parser library. · b33317d4
      bsam authored
      Changes over original shar file at the PR:
       . change the maintainer to emulation@ (since it's an infrastructure linux port);
       . remove commented out lines;
       . use PLIST_FILES, DOCSDIR_REL and PORTDOCS instead of pkg-plist.
      PR:		ports/159007
      Submitted by:	Stas Timokhin <devel@stasyan.com>
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      Fix build of qtcsh on with utmpx.h in 9.0. · 295a2c0d
      brooks authored
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      - Repocopy 3.0 to pgpool-II-30 and upgrade pgpool-II to 3.1. · eb0cb89b
      kuriyama authored
      - Install user-defined c-functions ([1], partial).
      - Add reload command to startup script [2]
      PR:		ports/156578 [1], ports/156818 [2]
      Submitted by:	Anton Yuzhaninov <ayuzhaninov@team.vega.ru> [1],
      	  	Anton Yuzhaninov <citrin@citrin.ru> [2]